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Powered by AWS, Amazon Chime Voice Connector is the advanced SIP trunking offered by Amazon. It offers lower calling costs, and advanced features for easier monitoring and management, and is reliable and secure. Amazon Chime Voice Connector is now fully supported by 3CX and is available for selection from within the management console. When you sign up for Amazon Chime Basic for the first time, you can use Amazon Chime Pro features for the first 30 days at no cost. Amazon Chime Basic Features. Attend voice (VOIP, dial in., call me.) or video meetings; Start meeting, share screen & control remote desktop (1:1 only). Looking for easy-to-use online meetings and video conferencing? Download and try Amazon Chime for a new meeting experience across devices.

My employer is in the process of signing up for Amazon Chime. The challenge for me is that means I need to be able to communicate with them using the tool on my Ubuntu Desktop. At this point, I’m not sure how that’s going to happen!

My First Reactions

I haven’t had the opportunity to use the tool very much, but we have had a couple of meetings so far. We have been using Zoom and Go To Meeting. Zoom has a client app that you have to install, but they do have a nice Linux client. Go To Meeting does have a nice Web Client. I can share my desktop and connect with my headset just from the webapp with out installing anything. Chime has a webapp, but it is very limited. I can’t use my headset nor share my screen. To me, that’s not acceptable for using with clients.

Attempt on Wine

Amazon Chime For Linux

Amazon Chime For Linux

I tried Scivision’s commands:

I get this error message:

I tried installing these items:

None of those seem to have made much difference. It does actually install here:
C:usersskpApplication DataChimeChime.exe
I can try to launch it with this:


But, it fails to run the app itself.

I tried with mono: Bartender.

2nd attempt:

3rd attempt (I found that there is some issue with Winetricks, and it wasn’t really installing dotnet 4.0)

I had to download the dotnet framework from here:

I also tried PlayOnLinux. I got a few more meaniful error messages and it let me try different Wine versions better.

Warning: This seems to have broke my system! XWindows wouldn’t work after this, so I think it was these two packages.

Amazon Chime For Linux Os

In the end, I was not successful. I can’t get any part of Chime to work! Please comment if you get anything.

Amazon Chime For Linux Operating System


Amazon Chime For Linux Command