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AWS offers a complete range of services for you to store, access, govern, and analyze your data to reduce costs, increase agility, and accelerate innovation. Select from object storage, file storage, and block storage services, backup, and data migration options to build the foundation of your cloud IT environment.

Amazon S3 storage usage is calculated in binary gigabytes (GB), where 1GB is 2 30 bytes. This unit of measurement is also known as a gibibyte (GiB), defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Similarly, 1TB is 2 40 bytes, i.e. For Reduced Redundancy Storage pricing please visit the S3 Reduced Redundancy detail page. Amazon will no longer offer an unlimited storage plan. Instead, we'll offer annual storage plans of 100 GB for £16.99 and 1 TB for £79.99, up to 30 TB for an additional £79.99 per TB. Any customer that signs up for storage with Amazon gets 5 GB of storage, and Prime members receive unlimited photo storage.

AWS Storage services

Object storage

File storage

Block storage


Data transfer

Edge computing and storage

'With Lyft running on AWS since 2012, we take advantage of the extensive cloud infrastructure to support our exponential growth and support our goal of improving people’s lives with the world's best transportation. Teams across the company use thousands of machines on Amazon EC2 and petabytes of data stored in Amazon S3 to ensure our users have the best experience possible.'

Case studies

Read the blog posts below that feature all AWS Storage services to learn more about key use cases, best practices, thought leadership, and how to take advantage of important features.


To read more AWS storage blogs, visit the storage blog channel.

To read more AWS storage posts, visit the storage blog channel.

Amazon Cloud Drive is a web-based online storage web service in the cloud. Cloud Drive is a consumer front-end to Amazon’s popular Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) platform to store digital music, videos collections , photos, and documents online. All you need is a free account to upload your files to the cloud storage. Download free ohio food stamp program eligibility.


Amazon Cloud Drive free online storage

You get 5 GB of storage for free to store your files, paid plans are available for storage up to 1,000 GB.

Amazon Cloud Drive Pricing

Amazon MP3 Purchases

You can automatically store your Amazon MP3 Purchases into Amazon Cloud Drive which is available to download from any computer, anytime.

If you are U.S. customer, you are eligible for a free upgrade to 20 GB of Cloud Drive space for 1 year when you purchase an album from the Amazon MP3 Store

What files can I store on Amazon Cloud Drive?

Cloud Drive is designed specifically for music, photos and documents, but you can also upload any files. All you need is a web browser to upload, download, and access your files from any computer from the cloud server.

Amazon Photo Cloud Storage


You get 5 GB of storage for free(you can store upto 1000 songs)
you can purchase additional storage plans from 20 GB to 1000 GB

Cloud Drive Storage PlanCloud Drive Cost
5 GBFree
20 GB$20 per year
50 GB$50 per year
100 GB$100 per year
200 GB$200 per year
500 GB$500 per year
1000 GB$1000 per year

Amazon Prime Cloud Storage Pricing Plans

Amazon Prime Cloud Storage Pricing

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