Best Vacuum Seal Bags For Blankets


Most people who have used vacuum-based storage bags find them indispensable. From saving space to protecting your garments and beddings, vacuum storage bags have been quite useful. But some of you might still be wondering what exactly are vacuum sealer storage bags and how do they work?

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Vacuum storage or space saver bags are a great way to store and protect clothing and other materials. These vacuum bags for clothes are designed to keep their contents airtight after the air has been vacuumed out of them. Removing the air means that the contents occupy much less space and store clothes free from odors, dust, and dirt. These bags usually work with vacuum cleaners or manual pumps which are used to suck out the air in them.

Vacuum storage bags are great for packing items when traveling as they allow you to compress more items into suitcases and backpacks. They are great for long-term storage of clothes as they protect clothing from moisture, mold, and mildew. People who don’t have a lot of storage space in their homes also find them quite useful.

Vacuum Seal Bags For Comforters

Vacuum storage or space saver bags are a great way to store and protect clothing and other materials. These vacuum bags for clothes are designed to keep their contents airtight after the air has been vacuumed out of them. Removing the air means that the contents occupy much less space and store clothes free from odors, dust, and dirt. These bags usually work with vacuum cleaners or manual pumps which are used to suck out the air in them.

Vacuum storage bags are great for packing items when traveling as they allow you to compress more items into suitcases and backpacks. They are great for long-term storage of clothes as they protect clothing from moisture, mold, and mildew. People who don’t have a lot of storage space in their homes also find them quite useful.

Different Types of Vacuum Storage Bags

To find the best vacuum storage bag to suit your needs, it’s imperative to know the different types available and the purposes they serve. Though all these bags follow the same principle, they come in different sizes and styles and are used for storing different items. So let’s look at the various types of vacuum sealer bags for clothes that you can buy.

Standard Vacuum Storage Bags

You can store various items in the standard vacuum storage bags. After the bags are filled up, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the air within them. These bags come with a zip and a valve on the side. You open the zip and place the items you want to store in the bag and zip it up. Then, you open the valve cap and put the vacuum hose in the valve. Next, you start up the vacuum and the bag shrinks until all the air is removed.

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Standard vacuum bags are available in various bag sizes to store different items. For items such as shirts, thin blankets, linens, and towels, medium-sized clothes storage bags are fine. Large storage bags are used for larger items such as most small blankets, children’s jackets, and most shirts and pants.

Extra-large bags can handle even larger items including pillows, jackets, sweaters, bed sheets, and blankets. For really big items such as comforters and sleeping bags, you’ll have to get a jumbo vacuum storage bag. Keep in mind that leather items shouldn’t be stored in a vacuum bag, since the fabric may crease or wrinkle and get damaged as a result.

Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags

These types of vacuum seal bags for clothes are designed to store items that are better kept unfolded such as jackets, dresses, and other full-length articles of clothing. Hanging bags usually come with hangers so you can easily hang up the items.

You can even compress a couple of jackets or dresses in the space of one garment. This makes hanging storage bags a great option for getting more space out of your wardrobe by storing clothes together.

Roll Up Vacuum Storage Bags

Roll up vacuum storage bags are very useful for packing clothes and other materials when traveling. These bags have a very basic way of function. You can just place your clothes in the bag, roll it up to expel the air within, and then seal it. Thus, no manual pumps or vacuum cleaners are required.

Once rolled up, the bags can be placed in suitcases or into other tight compartments. These bags are usually medium or small-sized and are very easy to use. Their easy-handling properties have made them popular among travelers as they can efficiently pack more items into a suitcase.

TIP: If you’re looking to vacuum food items instead of clothes, then consider getting a vacuum food sealer. This way you can store and freeze different types of food, which is also very convenient for some households. Also, make sure you check out our comparison between ziploc vs foodsaver vacuum sealer, which are two of the top brands in the food vacuum sealer industry.

The Best 5 Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum Storage Bags Reviews

Now that we’ve discussed what vacuum sealer bags do and the different types you can get depending on your needs, let’s have a look at the top five vacuum bags out there and what makes them great.

#1. SpaceSaver Premium Reusable Vacuum Storage Bags (Jumbo 6 Pack)

These bags from SpaceSaver are some of the most popular vacuum storage bags out there. Whether you’re in need of space saver bags for storing big items or for packing conveniently when traveling, these bags can be your companion everywhere.

  • The six bags included in the packing are jumbo-sized and can carry practically anything you want to keep in them.
  • The SpaceSaver Premium bags work as perfect vacuum bags for blankets, big towels, and pillows.
  • The bags are also manufactured with antimicrobial materials.
  • This ensures that your clothes stay free from odors, mildew, and bacteria.
  • Thanks to the Double Zip seal and Triple Seal Turbo valve, you can be sure that the air will not find a way-in again.
  • A travel hand pump is also included in the packaging which comes handy for travelers.

Many consumers praise the product for its large size and excellent performance. If you need jumbo-sized bags for storing large items, there’s nothing better than the SpaceSaver Premium pack of bags.

#2. Amazon Basics Vacuum Compression Bags with Hand Pump (Variety Pack)

The Amazon Basics Vacuum Compression Bags is a great option for people who need different sizes of space saver bags for different items.

  • The bundle consists of 12 multiple sizes of bags: small and medium, large, and jumbo-sized space saver bags, and more. This bundle comes as the right fit for any item you want to store.
  • These bags compress their contents to one-third of their original sizes.
  • They also protect your clothes from mold, dust, insects and humidity to ensure that your clothes, blankets, and duvets are protected.
  • The bundle also includes a free hand pump.

The variety of sizes offered in this bundle has made it a favorite among vacuum bag users. The zippers and valve are quite effective in keeping the bags airtight. If you need to store items of any sizes – from blankets to lingerie, you should definitely check out this Vacuum Storage Bag Bundle by Amazon Basics.

#3. Ziploc Jumbo Big Bags

Ziploc is a well-known brand popular for its impeccable vacuum sealer bags for years. One of their top products is the Ziploc Jumbo Big Bags pack.

  • The jumbo-sized space saver bags are quite big as well as versatile.
  • They can be used to store bedding, clothing, sports equipment and anything else.
  • The Ziploc jumbo bags feature a double zipper seal that keeps the air out while built-in works for added convenience.
  • The bags are made out of heavy-duty plastic which makes them durable and a flexible shape with pleated bottom makes them easy-to-handle.

Many consumers praise the bags for being very large and durable. Therefore, you should consider getting the Ziploc Jumbo Big Bags pack for the convenient handling of large clothing items.

#4. TAILI Hanging Vacuum Space Saver Bags for Clothes

The TAILI Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags contains a pack of four bags. They are a preferred option for people with limited closet space, and are great for suits and jackets.

  • This package of 4 bags is made from durable plastic and is much stronger than other bag materials out there.
  • They also have heavy-duty hangers installed in them to allow users to hang in their closet as many as five jackets or clothes in each bag.
  • The bags are waterproof and have double zip seal to keep your clothes protected.
  • Another advantage is that they’re reusable saving you time and money in the long run.
  • The bags come with a double layer zipper which makes for a strong seal.
  • You don’t need to use a home vacuum cleaner or a pump for the suction process. All you have to do is use a pillow or your hands to press the air out of the bag as you fold it.

These high-quality and durable bags are another easy way to save space in your wardrobe. So if you are looking for a good hanging space saver bag, the TAILI pack can be the best pick for you.

#5. SpaceSaver 8 x Premium Travel Roll Up Compression Storage Bags

If you need great vacuum sealer bags for travel, then the SpaceSaver 8 x Premium Travel Roll Up Compression bags are a great option.

  • The pack contains four large and four medium-sized vacuum bags.
  • These bags let you pack your items as efficiently as possible as you can easily roll up the bags to get the air out without using a vacuum cleaner or a hand pump.
  • Like most SpaceSaver bags, these travel roll-up bags are made with anti-bacterial materials and have good zippers and valves.
  • You also get SpaceSaver’s lifetime replacement guarantee which gets you a free replacement if any of these bags don’t hold their seal.

These high-quality bags are some of the best travel roll-up bags out there and are a must if you have limited luggage space, especially during your return trip. Roll them up while expelling the air and place them in your suitcase or backpack and you’re ready to go. If you need to repack, you can do so anytime, anywhere using the same process. The lifetime replacement guarantee is also a big plus for this product. It’s definitely worth considering if you need a roll-up travel bag.

Other Great Vacuum Storage Bags

The space saver bags reviewed above are the best vacuum seal bags you can buy. They come with useful features and perform excellently. There are also other great options from other brands. Here are five other great vacuum sealer bags you might want to consider:

#6. Ziploc Space Bag Vacuum Seal Bags

#7. SpaceMax Premium Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum Seal Bags For Foodsaver

#8. Spedalon Vacuum Storage Bags

#9. SimpleHouseware Space Saver Bags

#10. Vacwel Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags

Factors to Consider When Buying a Vacuum Sealer Bag

What are the factors to consider before shopping for a vacuum storage bag and how can you get the best out of your buy? We have compiled a list of some crucial points and features to look for before buying a space saver bag.


Of course, the size of the items to be stored in the bag plays a vital role in making your purchase. These best vacuum storage bags are available in a big range of sizes allowing you to pick a size that will suit most of your items. In case you are planning to store bulkier items, make sure to get a bag large and sturdy enough to handle.

Small or medium-sized bags are usually the most convenient options for traveling purposes. Most packages of vacuum storage bags are packed with multi-sized bags covering all types of the most basic clothing elements.


Till now, we discussed how various types of space saver bags and different functions they perform can help you make a good buy. Types of clothes storage bags are the next thing to consider before buying one. If you are looking to free up some extra space in your wardrobe or prevent your clothes from getting wrinkles, then you should consider buying a hanging space saver bag.

For storing clothes of different sizes, a standard under-the-bed vacuum storage bag will work fine. Moreover, for traveling, you should consider a standard travel bag that uses a vacuum or manual pump. A roll-up vacuum sealer bag is another great option to fit in your traveling backpacks. You can make a wise decision over the type of bag to purchase if you are clear about the purpose of using it.


No one wants to spend their money on a product that fails to last even a few months. Therefore, it is imperative to look for a product that is resilient and durable. Though most plastic bags can get torn or punctured, a good quality one will last better and withstand hits from even sharp items. It is also important that the bag be very water-resistant so as not to get damaged when it comes in contact with water or other liquids.

So look for a bag that is made of good material with a sterile interior. This will ensure that the clothes you store in it will remain free from bacteria and mold. Get a value for your money by picking a sturdy, durable bag.

Best Vacuum Seal Bags For Blankets Made In Usa

Zipper and Valve Quality

The quality of the zippers and valves is the next thing to look for while making a purchase of vacuum bags for clothes. A bag with double zippers can offer the best durability as far as zippers or valves are concerned. These produce a double seal to keep the air out and maintains the vacuum.

The valves also determine how long and how well a space saver bag can keep its contents airtight. A bad valve will let the air back in defeating the whole purpose of keeping the clothes moisture-free. So, make sure that the vacuum storage bag you buy contains good quality valves and zippers.

Ease of Use

Though most vacuum seal bags for clothes are pretty easy to use. However, there are some bags that may give you headaches when you want to use them. Also, if you have to use your bag at any time and place, consider going for a bag with travel pumps. This accessory comes handy while packing clothes if you don’t have access to a vacuum cleaner nearby.


You’ll save time and money if you get a bag that can be used multiple times without hassles. These bags are certainly durable and typically cost more than others. However, the fact that you get the convenience of reusing it, makes it really worth all the bucks. So keep this in mind and be sure to get a reusable bag if you need one.


Get a bag that has the right size for what you want to store; well suited for storing it; durable, and is easy to use. The combination of all these features makes for great space saver bags like the ones listed above. Of course, you’ll also consider your budget before buying. Investing in a durable, reusable bag is worth it in the long run, even though it may have a high upfront cost. Also, make sure to get a bag with a reasonable warranty.


So we’ve discussed the different types and the best vacuum storage bags you can get in the market. We also went through some important factors to consider and the features to look out for when buying space saver bags.

Best Vacuum Seal Bags For Blankets

After careful research our number one recommended product is the Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags. They have a double zip seal and triple seal turbo valve so you can remove every bit of air out of the bag and reduce the original volume by 80%. This product also comes with a free travel pump, so you can use it for traveling.

At the end of the day, get a bag that has the right size for what you want to store; well suited for storing it; durable, and is easy to use. The combination of all these features makes for great space saver bags like the ones listed above in this guide. So be sure to check out all products on this list and to read their reviews.

Vershinin89 / Shutterstock

When you’re looking to store bulky bedding in a closet or squeeze more clothing into your suitcase, the best vacuum storage bags are made from thick, durable plastic with a heavy-duty double zipper seal and an airtight valve to ensure they won’t rip or bust open as you use them. Vacuum storage bags come in many different sizes in order to fit everything from small items like clothing and thin linens to jumbo-size items like winter coats and bulky comforters. You can usually buy them in sets with one size only or multipacks with a few sizes to choose from, so consider the size of the items you need to store and choose the most suitable option accordingly.

Most vacuum storage bags utilize the suction hose on a vacuum to quickly and easily remove air from around your stuff, compressing the bag to a much smaller size, but if you’re using your storage bags for travel, look for ones that can be used with a compact hand pump (sometimes included with the vacuum bags) or opt for a bag that rolls to get rid of excess air, rather than a traditional vacuum bag. If you’re tight on space in your closet or wardrobe, some vacuum storage bags are actually designed to be hung on a rod thanks to a hanger hook at the top. Hanging bags with several tiered loops inside of them will allow you to easily hang multiple items in each one.

These four vacuum storage bags all have rave reviews on Amazon, with reviewers confirming that they’re sturdy, durable, and — most importantly — effective at compressing the items that are stored inside. These picks cover a variety of sizes, so you’ll totally be able to find the appropriate options for your stuff.

1. A Pack Of Fan-Favorite Vacuum Storage Bags

With an incredible 37,000 and growing reviews on Amazon and a 4.4-star rating overall, these vacuum storage bags from Spacesaver are highly regarded on the site, and reviewers report they’re effective at maximizing storage space. The manufacturer claims the bags can reduce the volume of items stored inside by up to 80%! They’re also super durable since they’re made from a thick plastic material and seal with a sturdy double zipper.

The storage bags are also super simple to use. Once your items are sealed inside, you simply suck out the air using any standard vacuum. This pick includes a compact hand pump that you can utilize while on the go, too.The triple-seal valve is designed to get every bit of air from the bag.

Choose from Small, Medium, Large, and Jumbo size options, or a variety pack with different sizes as well. Spacesaver advises that the Small size can fit around six to eight sweaters, Medium can fit eight to 10 sweaters, Large can fit 10 to 12 sweaters or one pillow, and Jumbo can fit a queen-sized bedding set or four pillows.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Love this product and can't believe I waited so long to buy this. Right now with the summer heat I have been trying to find the best solution for all my winter comforters/blankets/throws and these bags have been a miracle. We have a huge fuzzy winter comforter that is tucked away perfectly now and completely air tight sealed so I don't have to worry about anything happening to it. These bags have given so much free space in my home I would for sure recommend this product to anyone trying to save up some space.”

2. A Budget-Friendly Set Of Vacuum Storage Bags

While this bulk set of vacuum storage bags from Simple Houseware is a bargain at under $30, the quality is totally there. But don’t just take my word for it; Amazon reviewers are thrilled with this pick, too, hence the solid 4.3-star rating overall they give it on the site, after more than 16,000 reviews.

The vacuum storage bags are made from sturdy, clear plastic with a double seal zipper closure that’s airtight and waterproof. Suck out the air using any vacuum cleaner, and you’ll find that the volume of your items can be reduced by up to 80% (according to the manufacturer). This pick doesn’t come with a hand pump, though it can be used with one.

This particular set comes with 15 bags in four different sizes (two Jumbo, five Extra Large, four Large, and four Medium). However, this pick is also available in other budget-friendly sets with all Jumbo, Extra Large, or Large bags, and even a set with both Extra Large and Large bags.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Excellent quality, great price and excellent storage capacity. I was hesitant to purchase these but when they arrived I couldn't have been happier with my purchase. I packed them full of stuff and they all sealed well and were of better quality than I could have ever expected!”

3. A Pack Of Gigantic Vacuum Storage Bags

Measuring 47 by 35 inches per bag (uncompressed), you’ll be seriously shocked by how much you can fit in these vacuum storage bags from Vacwel. Reviewers on Amazon indicate that they’ve been able to utilize the set of three bags for everything from multiple bulky comforters to even an entire closet’s worth of clothes during a long-distance move (yes, really).

The bags are made from an ultra-durable plastic material, and the dual zipper ensures they won’t bust open even when packed to the brim. Use any vacuum cleaner with a standard nozzle to remove the air from the bags — the manufacturer claims that you can expect up to a 75% reduction in volume. While this pick doesn’t come with a hand pump, it can be used with one.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “These bags are HUGE!! I was able to fit 2 comforter sets in one bag and still had plenty of space left. I love how the bag shrank to being almost flat. With 3 bags in this order, I can vacuum seal all my comforters.”

4. A Set Of Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags

If you need to store jackets, sweaters, suits, or other hanging clothing items, these vacuum storage bags from TAILI are the perfect solution, since they’re designed to hang directly on a rod. The sturdy plastic bags each feature a hanger hook at the top that rotates 360 degrees, plus five loops within each bag that allow you to hang multiple items. The double zipper seal will keep moisture and critters away from your stuff, while the one-way suction valve ensures a good, airtight seal. This pick is compatible with any standard vacuum cleaner, and it doesn’t come with a pump.

This set comes with four vacuum storage bags — two are 53 inches long, while the others are 41.3 inches long. Choose from three color options — clear, blue, or white.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!Every time when I straighten my closet, I am very desperate, because I can’t save more space from my closet. There are too many bulky coats and out of seasonal clothes in my closet. I needed more space to [store] my clothes. After searching for solutions and finally decided that these hanging bags were my best choice. After using them, they work [successfully]. What a supreme product!”

Also Nice: A Pack Of Roll-Up Compression Bags For Travel

While not a traditional vacuum storage bag, these compression bags from Hibag accomplish something similar by allowing you to roll out excess air — no pump or vacuum required. This can be especially convenient if you’re traveling and don’t want to carry a pump. This set includes 12 bags — six medium and six large — multiple Amazon reviewers have reported using the large size to successfully store a bulky winter jacket.

These double-zip bags have a 4.4-star overall rating on Amazon from more than 2,400 reviews, and users suggest that while it does take some effort to roll all the air out, the bags really do save space (up to 80%, according to the manufacturer). Some reviewers found that air started to leak into these bags over time, but others suggest that the key to a good seal is not overfilling the bags.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “These were a life saver for our trip to Hawaii with our 10 month old baby. My husband, baby and I shared two carry ons and thanks to these bags we were able to fit everything we needed! They come with multiple sizes, they are very easy to use and even reuse! Not only were they great for saving space but they were great for storing any dirty clothes leaving no smell or mess in our luggage. Since being back I have stared using the unused bags for storage saving me so much space!”