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End of 16th century, and the famous Art guidebook (Hermeneia) by the Dionysios Fournensis is from 18th century. One should be aware, that the latter, in all technical and iconographic divisions, very often repeat the original Byzantine practice. But differentia-tion of byzantine elements from the later additions is a fairly complex task. The Late Byzantine period (1261–1453) is marked by a paradoxical discrepancy between economic weakness and cultural strength. The apparent enigma can be resolved by recognizing that later Byzantine diplomatic strategies, despite or because of diminishing political advantage, relied on an increasingly desirable cultural and artistic heritage. Conceived as the third of a trio of exhibitions dedicated to a fuller understanding of the art of the Byzantine Empire, whose influence spanned more than a millennium, 'Byzantium: Faith and Power (1261–1557)' follows the 1997 landmark presentation of 'The Glory of Byzantium,' which focused on the art and culture of the Middle Byzantine era. Byzantine Art and Architecture Thesis The development of early Christian religion had a significant impact on western art after the fall of the Roman Empire in the 4th century (AD). Through examining various works of art and architecture, it becomes evident that the period of Byzantium marked a significant transition in aesthetic conventions.

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A picture-driven account of this important period in the proven successful format of Egypt -- 4000 Years of Art (Phaidon 2003). Presenting 300 artworks from the years 240 to 1453, The Glory of Byzantium and Early Christendom encapsulates the development of art in eastern Europe and eastern Mediterranean from the very early days of Christianity to the fall of Constantinople. From architecture to jewellery, from coins to paintings, from mosaics to book illuminations, Byzantine art in all its forms is explored. Unique not only for its extensive variety of art forms, the book also has a vast geographic scope, including art from Britain to Syria, from Spain to Turkey, from Egypt to Georgia. A sumptuous volume with stunning illustrations and concise descriptions, it places each artwork in its social, religious and political context, with an informative survey of its significance in this history of Byzantine art. A book for dipping into, as well as an inspiring, authoritative appraisal of this magnificent millennium of artistic culture.

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Genre: Art
Author: Antony Eastmond
Publisher: Phaidon Press
Release: 2013-04-09
File: 294 Pages
ISBN-13: 0714848107

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