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Camtasia and Filmora, both are considered among the top video editing software. Both of them provide some handy tools, using which videos can be edited with ease. However, among users, Filmora is much more popular than Camtasia.

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Camtasia video editing tool allows you to shape your offline videos and screen recorded videos into your requirements with their essential editing tools for videos. You can import any format and enjoy implementing the specifics to it. What is better Filmora or Camtasia? If you’re getting a difficult time deciding on the best Video Editing Software product for your company, it’s a good idea to compare and contrast the available software and see which solution offers more benefits.

Through this head-to-head Camtasia vs Filmora comparison, we will try to find if Filmora is better than Camtasia or they lie on the same boat. But before moving towards the comparison, let’s have an overview of both the software.

Overview to Camtasia Studio And Wondershare Filmora

Is Filmora any good?

Filmora is a product of Wondershare and is one of the most powerful video editing tools, currently available in the market. By using this software you can quickly edit videos whether you are a noob or a pro. This software is also used and recommended by many professionals.

Is Camtasia good for video editing?

Camtasia is a product of US-based software company TechSmith. This software is primarily known for its ability to record on-screen activities. Besides this, Camtasia also comes with some intuitive tools that can help you to easily edit videos.

Camtasia Vs Filmora: Similarities

There are lots of things that you can find in common between Camtasia Studio vs Filmora like:

  • Ease of using: It is very easy to start working with both Filmora and Camtasia. Both the software come with an easy-to-use interface and both beginners and intermediates can use it with ease. You can edit videos by just dragging and dropping elements.
  • Preset Templates and Effects: You can find lots of video editing templates, themes, etc. with Camtasia and Filmora. You can easily start working on them and can also customize them accordingly.
  • Use of Transitions: The use of transitions between two frames is supported with both the software. Filmora also comes with some inbuilt transition effects that you can use.
  • Use of Audio: Camtasia supports the use of audio files. You can either upload a file or record the voice in real-time. The use of music and sound effects is also supported in Filmora. It also provides a library of some free music and sound effects.
  • Working Offline: Both Camtasia and Filmora are offline software. For using them you don’t need to have an active internet connection. However, you may require the internet at the time of installing them.
  • Devices Supported: Camtasia and Filmora, both the software are compatible with PCs. You can use them on a PC having either Windows or macOS operating systems.
  • Exporting Options: Both the software also provides multiple exporting options to a user. You can export your project in various formats including MP4, GIFs, etc. Besides this, you can also upload videos directly to some video streaming platforms like YoutTube or Vimeo.

So, these are some of the major similarities between Filmora and Camtasia. However, there are many aspects where they differ and that are mentioned further.

Camtasia Vs Filmora: Comparison Of Features

Both Camtasia and Filmora provide some amazing video editing features. Here, we have compared some of those features for you:

Filmora vs Camtasia: Usage

It is very easy to start working with both Camtasia and Filmora. However, Camtasia is a documentation software and besides this, it can be used for creating educative/instructive videos. This software can be worth it for you if you are a teacher or want to use it for webinars or presentations.

It is a professional video editing software and is also used by many YouTubers. However, the use of this software is limited to documentation purposes only.

Camtasia Vs Filmora: Video Capturing

Camtasia can also be used for capturing videos in real-time while editing videos. Through it, you can either record your on-screen activities or capture videos from Webcam.

Filmora doesn’t support video recording. The only way to work on a video is by importing it from a device or from other apps.

So, Camtasia is good if you want to make tutorials, or making presentations. Otherwise, you can opt for Filmora.

Filmora Vs Camtasia: Keyframing

One of the biggest advantages of using the Filmora is that it supports the use of keyframing. In this way, it helps users in creating frames perfectly and draw professionally. Whereas, with Camtasia, you will find this feature missing.

So, if you want to give a professional look to your videos then using Filmora is better.

Filmora Vs Camtasia: User Support

Camtasia doesn’t provide multiple options to use its support team. If you ever feel stuck while using this software then the only way to contact the support team of Camtasia is through the mail.

In terms of support, Filmora provides a better option than Camtasia. You can contact the support team of Filmora 24/7 through Emails, Live chats, and Tickets.

However, the support team of both the software is capable of solving the queries of users.

Camtasia Vs Filmora: Languages Supported

Filmora is available in around 23 languages and the major out of them are English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, etc. Whereas Camtasia only supports only 7 languages that are English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

Filmora Vs Camtasia: Integrations

The Camtasia studio software supports integration with various kinds of software including PowerPoint, TechSmith Snagit, along with some other apps like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Whereas Wondershare Filmora doesn’t support such kinds of integrations.

So, these are the major attributes that you may find different between Wondershare Filmora vs Camtasia.

Camtasia Vs Filmora: Pricing structure

How much does Camtasia cost?

If you want to enjoy the services of Camtasia then you have to spend a huge amount. Camtasia doesn’t provide any subscription-based plan and the only way to enjoy its services is by choosing its perpetual plan. The Camtasia Price of its lifetime license is $249.99 for both Windows and Mac licenses.

What Is The Cost Of Filmora?

The pricing structure of Filmora is far better than Camtasia as it provides both monthly, yearly, and lifetime licenses. And its pricing is as follows:

PriceFor Windows For Mac

These are the pricing of both of this software. This shows that Camtasia is way expensive than Wondershare Filmora. And choosing Camtasia is only suggested if you want a software for Webinars, Presentations, Meeting recordings, etc.

Filmora vs Camtasia: Free Version

Is Filmora for free?

There is an available Filmora free version, and you can use this version as long as you want. But this version comes with some limited tools and also includes watermarks.

Can I use Camtasia for free?

Camtasia doesn’t provide any free version. However, you can find a Camtasia free trial version and this version will last for only 15 days. This version also restricts commercial usage and can only be used for reviewing purposes. You can do the Camtasia download of this version from its official website.

Camtasia or Filmora: The Bottom Line

Through this comparison between Camtasia vs Filmora, we outlined both the major similarities and dissimilarities between these software. Both the software provides amazing features and can let you do work efficiently.

  • If you want to provide a professional touch to your videos then it is suggested to opt for Filmora.
  • For making educational or instructive videos, one should go for Camtasia.

Thanks to modern-day technology, video makers and video uploaders can now choose different video editing tools. One of the best video editing tools is arguably Filmora. Filmora is a professional video editing tool and will let you edit your videos without any issue. There are unlimited video tracks to choose from; you can group timeline clips, and so on. However, there are a few Filmora alternatives that one can think of.

Since we've talked about Wondershare Filmora alternatives, now we will share the top 7 alternatives along with their pros and cons. Choosing the right video editing software might not be easy for a beginner, but with the help of this guide, you will at least have a basic idea of how to choose one.

Top 1. TunesKit AceMovi
Top 2. Camtasia
Top 3. Apple iMovie
Top 4. Final Cut Pro X
Top 5. Adobe Premiere Pro
Top 6. Lightworks
Top 7. WeVideo Pro

Top 1. TunesKit AceMovi

Speaking of the best Filmora alternatives, TunesKit AceMovi is definitely one of them. Comes with the intuitive interface, you can do most of the basic editing to your video without spending a lot of time to learn this program.

You can do split screen, add sound effects, filters, and transitions to your video. All these features are friendly to beginners which will not require much expertise. What's more, you can even edit with a floating canvas, you can adjust the screen to get the best size to preview your video. After finishing editing, you can export your video based on different divices or platform you want it to be played on.

Different from many other video editing programmes that cost a lot of money. You can get TunesKit AceMovi for free trial and get all the effects and features under free plan. Starting this Christmas, you can get TuneKit AceMovi for free on TunesKit Christmas sale. What're you stll waiting for? Download this video editor with the links below and start to create.


Single user license: $59.95 as a one-time fee


• Fast screen recording.
• Multiple output formats.
• Abundant sound effects.
• Straight-forward and intuitive interface.

Top 2. Camtasia

One of the best alternatives to Filmora is Camtasia. This video editing tool works on both macOS and Windows. The good thing about this tool is that it is good for both professionals and newbies. The interface is user-friendly and clean.

One thing that is worth mentioning is that Camtasia has the best screen recorder. You can record as many videos as you want, and Camtasia lets you record high-quality videos. If you are a beginner, you can go through Camtasia tutorials


Single user license: $249 as a one-time fee

Maintenance (Optional): $49.75 as an annual fee.

Camtasia o filmora


• Fast recording and multi-device recording.
• Multiple output formats.
• Cloud connectivity.
• Good and intuitive interface.


Filmora Vs Camtasia

• Beginners might face a few challenges to use some of the features.
• Noise reduction complaints registered by users.

Top 3. Apple iMovie

Those who would like to use a video editing platform on iPadOS, iOS, and macOS can try Apple iMovie. The good thing about this video editing tool is that it is easy-to-use, simple, and free. Another advantage is that it lets you edit high-quality video and can also help you produce 4K resolution movies.

This one is Filmora 9 equivalent. You will find all the standard video editing features. However, if you are looking for advanced options, you might want to go ahead with another video editing tool. However, since Apple iMovie is a free-to-use tool, you can try it out.




• Simple to use.
• Good options for titles to choose from.
• Works well both on mobile and desktop.
• Auto-save feature.


• Not suitable for smaller desktop screens.
• No advanced video editing features.

Top 4. Final Cut Pro X

Another video editing tool that you can go for is Final Cut Pro X. However; this one is only for Mac users. The best features of Final Cut Pro X is its sophisticated and advanced features, which will allow you to edit your video without any hassle.

Final Cut Pro X offers modern machine learning tools, which allow your widescreen project to automatically transform into custom sizes. The smooth user-interface allows users to get creative with your video editing projects. You can create amazing 3D and 2D videos.

Some of the advanced features of Final Cut Pro X that are worth talking about are Flow Dissolve, Key Burns Effects, Smart Conform, and Multicam. These features will let you do magic. If you are a Mac user and looking for programs like Filmora 9, Final Cut Pro X could be the right tool to go for.


Single License: $299.99 per year.


• Efficient editing tool.
• Easy-to-use.
• Intuitive video editing interface.
• You can easily edit out background noises from a video.


• Clipping can sometimes fail to be accurate.
• Audio problems have been identified.

Top 5. Adobe Premiere Pro

Are you looking for a master of all video editing tool? Here's Adobe Premiere Pro. This perfect video editing tool is loved and preferred by everyone. If you are looking for the real contender of Filmora, this is the tool that one needs to go for.

Camtasia Filmora

This rich video editing tool comes along with some of the best features, such as Ripple Edit, rolling edit tool, and slip tool. You can use this tool on both Mac and Windows. The interface and friendly and has a responsive interface.

For beginners, however, Adobe Premiere Pro might not be the right option. But if you would like to watch tutorials to start using its features, there are tons of tutorials, to begin with. This is another plus point of Adobe Premiere Pro.

Some of the features that are worth mentioning are Audio Mixer Interface, Color Correction tools, Time Remapping, Multi-Camera Editing, and Multiple Sequence Support.


The annual plan paid monthly – US$20.99 per month

Annual plan, prepaid – US$239.88 per year

Monthly plan – US$31.49 per month


• Easy to collaborate.
• Tons of editing tools.
• Fairly easy to use.


• Not a good choice for beginners.
• Understanding all the features will take time.

Top 6. Lightworks

Is Filmora Safe

Lightworks is another great video editing tool that works seamlessly on Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. The good thing about this video editing tool is that it has a free version. Our recommendation is to try the free version before buying the full version. It is said that Lightworks is one of the most powerful video editing tools.

In the industry, Lightworks is considered to be one of the biggest contenders. If you didn't know already, Lightworks has been used to edit some of the finest films, for example, The Wolf of Wall Street. One can use this video editing tool to edit videos for social media marketing and YouTube.

When it comes to its interface, it can be quite intimidating for beginners. Professionals will have no issue using it. Some of the main features of Lightworks are- Export video for YouTube/Vimeo, SD/HD, Boris FX Plug-Ins, Rendering Effects, Drag-and-Drop interface, fantastic timeline trimming, and editing.


Single License- $24.99 per month


• Works seamlessly.
• Multichannel support
• Cross-platform features

Top 7. WeVideo Pro

WeVideo Pro is our last pick, which works seamlessly across all mobile devices and web browsers. This one is an online video editing tool. You can try both of their pro and free versions. The free version will come along with limited features, though.

M ba47 logitech mouse drivers for mac windows 7. Some of the features that you will enjoy are a rich media library, webcam and record screen together, GreenScreen, Slow Motion.


Power – $9.99 per month

Unlimited – $15.99 per month

Professional – $35.99 per month

Business – $59.99 per month


• User-friendly.
• Versatile.
• Great functions.

Summary & Extra Tip

These video editing tools are the best alternative for Filmora. Choose the one that suits your budget and is user-friendly. Also, be careful while choosing the tool because it should work with your operating system.

As listed above, you can definitely tell that TunesKit AceMovi is the best Filmora alternative for beginners and for those who can't afford those expensive products. And it's now free to use, why not go and grab one?

Camtasia Versus Filmora

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