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Chithi 2
GenreSoap opera
Screenplay bySekizhar
Story byStory : SekizharDialogues : Pa. Raghavan
Directed bySundhar K. Vijayan (Episodes 1-31)
K. Sulaiman (Episode 32-present)
StarringRadikaa Sarathkumar
Preethi Sharma
Nandan Loganathan
Theme music composerDhina
Opening theme'Kanninmani'
Country of originIndia
Original languageTamil
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes300
Executive producerR. Raadhika Sarathkumar
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeapprox. 21-23 minutes
Production companiesSun Entertainment
Radaan Mediaworks
Original networkSun TV
Original release27 January 2020 –
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Chithi 2 is an Indian Tamil-language soap opera which premiered on 27 January 2020 on Sun TV.[1] It is a reboot of the 1999 series Chithi.[2] Produced by Radaan Mediaworks, it stars Radikaa Sarathkumar, Preethi Sharma, Nandan Loganathan.


The story opens with a family, Shanmugam, his wife Padma and their children Kalai and Anbu. Padma secretly has a lover and decides to elope with him. Mallika, a lady from the village madly in love with Shanmugam wishes to marry him. Padma elopes with her lover with the help of Mallika. Padma's younger sister Sharadha has the responsibility of managing the family. A dejected Shanmugam vows to move on and raise his children on his own. Padma's parents however are embarrassed by the incident. The villagers collectively decide that to erase this shame, Padma's sister Saradha should marry Shanmugam. Saradha accepts it wholeheartedly and takes the responsibility of the family, thereby eventually becoming the root of the family.

In a past event, Saradha meets with an accident after returning from her delivery during which Dharmaraj (Mallika's older brother) exchanges his daughter with Saradha's thinking his daughter is dead which Shanmugam notices but fails to arrest him.

Twenty-two years later, Kalai is married to Deepa with a child who fails to get a job while Deepa works at an IT company and handling the expenses of their school-going child. Anbu works in a construction company and just married his lover Nandini who has a vengeance against Saradha and Venba for their act by messing her name. Sevanthi wanted to marry Anbu, but Sharadha and Shanmugam disagree as Anbu and Nandini were in a deep relationship. Owing to this, Lakshmi and her husband Gomathinayagam have vengeance against them. Nandini befriends Lakshmi to destroy Sharadha's family. Sharadha faces every havoc created by them and handles the family in a comfortable couch. Soon, despite Venba knowing about her adoption, she respects Sharadha and Shanmugam as her parents.

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Venba works in a company under Kavin (Mallika's son). Mallika has educational institutions which involves illegal activities to bring good results and a name for the institute. Kavin has a relationship with Diana, who is later killed by Mallika as she planned his marriage with Yazhini (Dharma's so-called daughter). Venba helps Kavin overcome his sorrow of losing Diana. As Yazhini with her family returns from abroad, Kavin and Yazhini's marriage is fixed. Yazhini loves Kavin and Kavin has no interest in Yazhini but Mallika has him engaged to Yazhini. Dharma follows Venba and gets to know that she is his biological daughter and wishes to have her married to Kavin as he feels she deserves all the love and to live a lavish life. Meanwhile, Kavin realizes his love for Venba and he proposes to her but Venba refuses Kavin's proposal owing to his upcoming marriage with Yazhini. But Kavin tries his best to persuade her. He then takes her to a temple and ties the nuptial chain when she closes her eyes to pray. Venba hides this unexpected marriage from the family. She continues to ignore Kavin and suggests him to get married to Yazhini despite having feelings for him. Meanwhile, Sharadha learns that Yazhini is her real daughter and discovers that Venba is Dharma's daughter. Sharadha threatens Mallika to destroy her empire for indulging in illegal activities but promises to wait till Yazhini's marriage with Kavin before handing over Arun to police. Due to mishaps the wedding gets halted and blame falls on Sharadha creating rift between Yazhini and Sharadha. Later, Sharadha finds out the truth behind the Mallika's arrest which was cleverly executed with Nandini's complaint. Meanwhile, Kavin meets with an accident which helps Venba open up her feeling she's had for Kavin all along. Shanmugam is arrested for illegal brown sugar business according to Mallika's plan. Venba exposes Malliga's dark secrets to Kavin after which he realizes his mother is not who he sees. Yazhini notices little behavioral changes in Kavin, who favors and cares for Venba over her, soon she gets to know of their love which irks her and she vows to separate them. Yazhini informs about Kavin and Venba's love to Sharadha who later sends Venba away to keep her promise to Yazhini. Amidst all of the chaos, Kavin stands firm in his love for Venba and stops her from moving to another city and arranges a home where they live together until Shanmugam is bailed out.

The situation worsens after a suitor is arranged for Venba, the truth about Kavin and her being married breaks out and creates rifts between the family and Venba. Kavin smartly puts Venba in a tough situation where Venba willingly chooses her family over him showing Sharadha on how much Venba's loyalty, love and respect for her family. After Sharadha realises this, she gets Kavin and Venba register their marriage officially thereby uniting them. Sharadha, Shanmugam, Kalai, Deepa and their child move to Singapore since they get good jobs there.

Later Venba moves to Kavin's house much to the hatred of Mallika, Yazhini and Gowri. The three try their best to separate Kavin and Venba and get Yazhini married to Kavin again. Dharma, who after the accident is paralysed tries his best to let Venba know that she is his biological daughter but fails. Meanwhile, Venba saves Gowri from drinking a poisoned milk despite the latter hating her. This leads to Gowri having a change of heart and genuinely accepting that Venba is not at fault. She grows closer to Venba and feels a deep connection with her. Gowri helps Venba to correct Yazhini and help her move on in her life, while Yazhini solely focuses on separating Kavin and Venba. Yazhini manipulates Venba to not unite with Kavin for 6 months, and during that time she will separate Kavin and Venba, and marry Kavin herself. Venba gets carried away with her manipulation but also asks if Yazhini loses, she would get her married to someone else. Kavin finds out about this promise and feels betrayed that Venba was willing to not unite with him for 6 months. He goes to beach and attempts to commit suicide, but meets his long-lost twin brother Navin here, much to Kavin's surprise. Navin is in search of his mother Malliga, and Kavin brings him home. There, Navin falls for Yazhini but she treats him as Kavin because of his strikingly similar appearance.



  • Preethi Sharma as Venba Kavin, Kavin's Wife, Saradha and Shanmugapriyan's adopted daughter, Dharma and Gowri's biological daughter.
  • Nandan Loganathan as in Dual Role,
    • Kavin: Venba's husband, Mallika Devi and Mohanraj's elder twin
    • Navin: Mallika and Mohanraj's younger twin.
  • Radhika Sarathkumar as Shardha: Venba's chithi and yazhini's biological mother(2020-2021)


  • Meera Vasudevan (episodes 1–43) as Mallika Devi; Mohanraj's former wife, Kavin & Navin's mother and Venba's mother-in-law, Sharadha's enemy.
    • Sirisha Sougandh replaced Vasudevan (episodes 44–58) and Meera Krishna replaced Sougandh (episode 60–present)
  • Dharshana Sripal Golecha as yazhini: Dharma's adopted daughter and shardha's biological daughter.
  • Uma Padmanaban as Gowri Dharmaraj, Dharma's wife, Venba's biological mother and Yazhini's adoptive mother.
  • Bombay Sridhar as Dharmaraj: Mallika's brother, Venba's biological father and Yazhini's adoptive father.
  • Bharath Kalyan as Mohanraj: Mallika Devi's former husband; Kavin & Naveen's father.
  • Ponvannan (episodes 1–58) as Shanmugapriyan (Shanmugam): Saradha's husband
    • Nizhalgal Ravi replaced Ponvannan
  • Sakthi Saravanan as Kalaiselvan Shanmugapriyan
  • Mahalakshmi as Deepa Kalaiselvan
  • Ashwin Kumar as Anbuselvan Shanmugapriyan
  • Nikhila Rao (episode 1-58) as Nandini Anbuselvan
    • Gayathri Yuvraj replaced Nikhila
  • Shilpa Mary Teresa (episodes 1–58) as Lakshmi Gomathinayagam
    • B. Jayalakshmi replaced Shilpa
  • Santhanu Arulmani as Gomathinayagam
  • Rupini (Episode 1) and Rajashree (Episode 71-93) as Padma Shanmugapriyan: Shanmugapriyan's first wife, Sharadha's elder sister , Kalai and Anbu mother
  • Neha Menon as Sevandhi Gomathinayagam
  • Murali Krish as Ravi
  • 'Saathappan' Nandakumar as Saathappan
  • Prathiksha Sankar as Ammulu Kalaiselvan
  • Vijayalakshmi as Deivanayagi
  • Vinitha Jaganathan as Vinitha aka Vini
  • Jairam as Praveen
  • Jeganathan (episodes 6-48) as Nandhini’s and Praveen's father
    • Ravi Chandran replaced Jeganathan
  • Mithun Raj as Jeeva
  • Gemini as Deepa's father
  • Smrithi as Deepa's mother
  • Sasikala Shree as Thamaraiselvi, Kavin Institute Principal
  • Meesai Rajendran as Education Minister

Special appearances[edit]

  • Jeeva Ravi as Padma's second husband
  • Vincent Roy as Padma and Saradha's father
  • S. N. Parvathy as Padma and Saradha's mother
  • K. Bhagyaraj as himself
  • Samuthirakani as himself
  • Bharatha Naidu as Sandhya
  • Venkat Subha as Sandhya's grandfather
  • Ambika as Sargunam
  • Papri Ghosh as Kayal Kuttisundaram: Kavin's friend
  • Naresh Eswar as Kuttisundaram Pandavar: Kayal's husband
  • Guhan Shanmugam as Anbusundaram Pandavar: Kayal's brother-in-law
  • Aarthi Subash as Malliga Anbusundaram: Kayal's co-sister
  • Surendran as Azhagusundaram Pandavar: Kayal's co-brother
  • Madhan Bob as himself
  • Vinodhini as herself
  • Anuradha Krishnamoorthi as herself: Sharadha's close friend
  • Sanjeev as Thirunavukarasu aka Thiru
  • Harika Sadu as Anjali Raja (Mahasangam with Thirumagal)
  • Surendar Shanmugam as Raja (Mahasangam with Thirumagal)
  • Prakash Rajan as Kesavan (Mahasangam with Thirumagal)
  • Kovai Babu as Manikandan (Mahasangam with Thirumagal)
  • Sangeetha as Sulokshana Manikandan (Mahasangam with Thirumagal)
  • Sushma Nair as Pregathi Manikandan (Mahasangam with Thirumagal)
  • Venkat Subha as Jameen Sathyamurthy Ayya (Mahasangam with Thirumagal)
  • Suja Varunee as herself



The 1999 series Chithi having a reboot was first announced in June 2019.[3] It was first reported to premiere in September 2019.[4] Then, it was reported again as October 2019.[5] However, in December 2019, Radikaa announced the making of the reboot version during Sun Kudumbam Viruthugal and it premiered on 27 January 2020.[6][2] The first promo was released on 15 January 2020.[7]

Speaking about the series, Radikaa said, 'I'm playing the title role and the story gathers steam from the first episode. In this family drama, the heroine is neither rich nor poor. She is a middle-class woman, who takes a vital decision, which leads to many consequences. It'll be interesting to watch how she faces them.'[8]


Owing COVID-19 outbreak, the production and filming of all the Indian television series and films were halted on 19 March 2020 and was to resume from 1 April 2020.[9] But it could not resume due to the imposed nationwide lockdown which was extended on increasing cases and the series aired its last new episode on 3 April 2020.[10][11] The 1999 series Chithi took its slot since then until its production and airing resumed.[12] The production resumed in July 2020 and the new episodes began airing on 10 August 2020.[13][14] Initially scheduled to resume on 3 August 2020, it was postponed a week to 10 August 2020.[15]


Raadhika reprises her lead role of Saradha from the original series Chithi.[8]Preethi Sharma was cast as female lead Venba due to which she had quit the series Thirumanam.[16]Nandan Loganathan was cast as the male lead Kavin.[17] Later, VJ Dharshana was cast as another female lead role for Saaradha's daughter. Shilpa and Vincet Roy who played Daniel, Brindha and Vishwanathan also reprise from the former series.[18][19] Besides Ponvannan, Rupini, Meera Vasudevan Neha Menon,[20] Mahalakshmi,[21] Sakthi Saravanan, Ashwin Kumar, Arulmani,[19] Nandhakumar, and Jeeva Ravi were cast then.

K. Bhagyaraj and Samuthirakani were cast for guest roles in a few episodes.[22][23]

Post COVID-19 break when the production resumed in July 2020 after three months, Ponvannan was replaced by Nizhalgal Ravi, Shilpa was replaced by Jayalakshmi, Nikhila was replaced by Gayathri and Sirisha Sougandh, who replaced Meera Vasudevan weeks after premiere, was replaced by Meera Krishnan owing the pandemic.[24][25] In February 2021, lead Raadhika quit the series.[26]




The series was dubbed in Telugu and was released as Pinni 2 on Gemini TV[27]from 29th June 2020 to 20th February 2021.


Critical reception[edit]

The Indian Express quoted, 'The song of Chithi itself makes everyone move back 22 years, creating a feel of nostalgia.'[28]


It became the fifth most watched Tamil television programme in its debut week with 8.220 million impressions.[29][30]

Airing History[edit]

The Shows start airing on 27 January 2020 at 9:00 PM. Later on after re-telecast of current telecast serials the serial pushed to 9:30 PM on 10 August 2020. Again the serial pushed to 10:00PM on 15 February 2021.

Special and Crossovers Episodes[edit]

Chithi 2 promo tomorrow
  • It had a 1hr episode aired on 10th October to 1st November 2020
  • It had a 1hr episode aired on 27th December 2020
  • From February 25th January to 31th January 2021 it had a Mahasangam with Thirumagal


Chithi 2 Promo

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