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Citrix is an all-in-one solution that provides numerous remote access uses. VPNs can be slower while Citrix is faster and more efficient at data transmission. Citrix costs much higher in general than VPNs due to subscription fees and hardware costs. Citrix provides better security features and can be scaled up for large enterprises. Citrix Workspace is rated 8.4, while Microsoft Remote Desktop Services is rated 7.8. The top reviewer of Citrix Workspace writes 'Fast set up, easy to install, with responsive support'. On the other hand, the top reviewer of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services writes 'It's predictable but they need to develop better support for remote.

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Here’s Why Your Citrix Receiver Is Not Launching a Desktop

There are a number of possible reasons why a Citrix Receiver is not launching a desktop. To minimize lengthy user downtimes caused by desktops unable to launch, it’s important to understand the most common underlying issues and learn how to address them.

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The Citrix infrastructure is notoriously complex. Determining the cause of a seemingly simple issue can take a great deal of time.

Outdated Version of Citrix Receiver

Sometimes the problem can be as simple as having an outdated version of Citrix Receiver. This can be avoided by making sure all users have the latest version.

User Account Lacking Permissions

In some cases, users who log in with a regular domain user account can’t launch enumerated applications and desktops when using Citrix Receiver with non-elevated permissions—but can launch them when using Receiver with elevated permissions. Check if the user account has full permissions for the client-side Registry Key:

HKEY_USERSUSER_SIDSOFTWARECitrix Intel gma 4500 driver download for windows 10.

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If it doesn’t, back up and then delete the Citrix Registry Key and restart Citrix Receiver to recreate the Registry key with the required permissions.

Note: The following sections apply to Citrix infrastructures using NetScaler Gateway.

Fully Exhausted User License

Unsuccessful desktop launches can also happen when the number of users attempting to connect exceeds the maximum users allowed. You can verify this in the NetScaler configuration utility by going to NetScaler Gateway > Virtual Server. If the values for Maximum Users and Current Users are equal, your license has been exhausted. To accommodate more users, install an additional Universal License and then increase the maximum users in Global Settings > Change Authentication AAA Settings.

Mismatching STA Paths in NetScaler and StoreFront/Web Interface

Another possible cause is that the Secure Ticket Authority (STA) paths in NetScaler might not match the STA paths in either StoreFront or Web Interface. To prevent this, make sure the STA servers you add in the NetScaler Gateway wizard are also added in StoreFront and Web Interface.

These are just some of the many possible causes and solutions when Citrix Receiver is not launching a desktop.

Avoid Citrix Receiver Desktop Launch Issues for Good

Issues like Citrix Receiver not launching a desktop can severely impact user productivity. Unfortunately, the excessively sophisticated makeup of Citrix’s architecture makes it very susceptible to a lot of issues like this.

We suggest you try Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS), a virtual application and desktop delivery solution with a simplified architecture that makes it easy to pinpoint the root cause of any issue. That plus the fact that Parallels RAS provides precise information about any log-on issue/error can save IT and users much needed time.





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