Clear Ram Windows 8

  1. How To Clear Ram Windows 8.1
  2. Clear Ram Windows 7 Without Restarting

How To Clear Ram Windows 8.1

The first is to perform a soft reset of the phone. You can do this by going to settings storage sense phone temporary files delete Internet Explorer options delete history. Once you have done this, press and hold the down volume button + the power button until the phone shuts off and vibrates. To get started, open the Task Manager by searching for it in the Start menu, or use the Ctrl + Shift + Esc shortcut. Click More details to expand to the full utility if needed. Then on the Processes tab, click the Memory header to sort from most to least RAM usage. Free mac virus cleaner. Keep the apps you see here in mind, as we'll discuss more on them later.

Clear Ram Windows 7 Without Restarting

It is with Windows 8, 8.1, or seven fairly simple to adjust the settings so that the paging file (pagefile.sys, swapfile.sys) is deleted on shutdown. The solution is also for Windows 10!

To delete the paging file at PC shutdown on Windows!
1. please open the Local Security Policy, the fastest way is, when using the keyboard shortcut [Windows + R] and the command: secpol.msc /s (.. see Image-1 Arrow-1) .
2. Then simply click on 'Local Policies', 'Security Options'
3. highlight/click on the text 'Shutdown: Clear virtual memory pagefile' (.. see Image-1 Arrow-2)
4. Now a window opens called 'Shutdown: Clear virtual memory pagefile Properties'.
5. Here enable or disable clearing the paging file at shutdown of the computer (PC).
(.. see Image-1 Arrow-3)
To activate delete the pagefile.sys at shutdown via cmd.exe: .. see here
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Clear virtual memory pagefile at Windows-8 Shutdown 8.1 and Win Seven

Activate delete the pagefile.sys at shutdown via cmd.exe.

To activate delete the pagefile.sys at shutdown via cmd.exe, please start the cmd.exe in administrative mode!
See the Windows-8 FAQ-7: .. Start the Windows 8 cmd.exe in administrator mode!
Use to activate 'REG_DWORD' /d '1' it and '2' to disable it.

C:>REG ADD 'HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemoryManagement' /v
ClearPageFileAtShutdown /t REG_DWORD /d '1'
Value ClearPageFileAtShutdown exists, overwrite(Y/N)?

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