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Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBugCPP-9143Syntax error for override function with try/catch
BugCPP-5811False error for variadic function declaration when comma before ellipsis is absent
BugCPP-1295Faulty unreachable code after array initialization
TaskCPP-11811Update bundled clang-tidy version to newer one
Code: ParsingBugCPP-4314Macro call breaks parsing of types
BugCPP-11676Most vexing parse is broken
BugCPP-3526Pointer-to-function variable initialized via universal initializer is misparsed as function with body
BugCPP-7862C++ Syntax Parser Error when calling default constructor in function call
BugCPP-12015Initializer of variable templates not parsed
BugCPP-8331Parentheses in array-of-pointers argument declaration confuse CLion
BugCPP-11963Extra double-colon breaks parsing pointer-to-member declaration
BugCPP-11800cv-qualifier not parsed after decltype
BugCPP-12037Typename containing variadic function confuses parser
BugCPP-9559Invalid parsing when parameter and its type have the same name
BugCPP-9342Clion recognizes source file badly
BugCPP-11982Parser fails on parentheses around parameter declarator
BugCPP-12041constructor call mis-parsed when preceded by typename keyword
BugCPP-12011Parser cannot deal with trailing return type inside sizeof
Project ModelUsabilityCPP-8793CLion overwrites the name I put in .idea/.name with the name set in PROJECT from CMakeLists.txt
ToolchainsFeatureCPP-11408Integration with Valgrind memory analyser on WSL
TerminalBugIDEA-186950Exception on trying to evaluate java program that throws exception in terminal
User InterfaceBugIDEA-184963'Diff Viewer' switch via popup breaks focus
BugIDEA-186562Javadoc not shown for jigsaw modules in another module
UsabilityIDEA-170891Show meaningful error when IDE fails to create new project in the read only directory
UsabilityIDEA-173072Change wording in 'IDE updates are managed externally and weren't checked': message is unclear
Version ControlBugIDEA-186651Move to another changelist shortcut in Diff moves the entire file
BugIDEA-186725Changes grouping by repository: confusing results for external VCS root if group by module is used
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-186463After the valid git executable is configured for a project reopening is necessary to make Log or History displayed
BugIDEA-185964Git: Partial Commits: after turning the HighlightFilesFromNonActiveChangelists ON the behavior becomes unpredictably wrong
BugIDEA-140196Built-in SSH: does not support strong security ciphers - Cannot negotiate, proposals do not match
ExceptionIDEA-186769CME at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.conflicts.ChangelistConflictTracker.optionsChanged
Version Control. PerforceBugIDEA-186736Perforce integration is unusable with 2018.1 EAP
Code InsightFeaturePY-16412'Add comment with type hint' intention action for local variables
InspectionsBugPY-24760subprocess.check_output(.., encoding='utf-8') inspector reports unexpected argument
BugPY-22221Unresolved references option 'Ignore references' feature not working ?
BugPY-26555'function' object is not callable'
BugPY-19856Redeclared variable inside possibly empty loop
BugPY-27964Unresolved reference false positive when using register function of @functools.singledispatch
BugPY-22184False positive 'unreachable code' for while / try / break / finally
BugPY-19898Wrong return value is inferred for subprocess.check_output() in Python 3
BugPY-23632False positive: 'can't find reference in function' for mock package on Python 2.7 interpreter

CLion 2018.2 continuous high CPU usage. I'm using CLion on Linux and CLion takes 100% of my total processing power or close to it when all I am doing is code editing. This continues the entire time I work. Even when I am not using CLion and it is open in the background it is taking all my resources. I am using CLion version 2018.2.3.

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COP 3014: Spring 2018 A Guide to Using CLion January 16, 2018 1 CLion CLion is a comprehensive C Integrated Development Environment developed and maintained by JetBrains. It is very intuitive and easy to use. For this class, we will use CLion for all of our work. 1.1 Applying for a Student License In order to use CLion, you need to apply for. CLion 2018.2 Demo. Demo project for CLion 2018.2 for giving new features a try. C language support: An experimental clangd-based C language engine complements CLion’s own C language engine (on by default on Linux and macOS), helping to highlight code errors and warnings in the editor. CLion is also available as a snap package. If you’re on Ubuntu 16.04 or later, you can install CLion from the command line. Sudo snap install clion -classic. Currently, CLion 2018.1 support this VisualStudio,MinGW,Cygwin and WSL (configurations)platforms only, Where I was stuck, when it is required to given makefile absolute paths, Here a snapshot of that, Please help me on this matter! If you can support me by step by step instruction it would be a great help. I really love CLion IDE.

Hi all,

We are back from our holidays, and it’s time to start CLion 2018.1 EAP!

Our plans for this release are really promising and today we are happy to present to you a couple of great new additions to CLion:


Using Linux toolchain on Windows in CLion

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If you develop on Windows but use Linux toolchain to build your project, you can now use Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) development environment support in CLion. After configuring WSL on your machine, you can simply select WSL in Build, Execution, Deployment Toolchains, provide proper credentials and that’s it! Here you can find a detailed blog post about the configuration details (including a special script that can help you to configure the WSL in case a Ubuntu distribution is used and a list of current CLion limitations and known issues). There is a short video which demonstrates the setup and a working sample:

C++ support improvements

If and switch with initializers from C++17

When you put an initializer before an if or switch statement, it pollutes the ambient scope, or you have to introduce an explicit scope to keep the code clean. C++17 allows adding an initializer to the condition in the if and switch statements, which is a much more accurate and cleaner solution. CLion now can parse and resolve such statements correctly:

Refactor hierarchies reliably

There was an issue with some rename and change signature refactorings that were not updating functions in other inheritance branches (so completely ignoring sibling functions). That made these refactorings unreliable in such cases. The issue is now fixed. For example, Rename updates all necessary functions in all branches:

And more

As a temporary workaround until some critical issues with Unused import statement inspection are fixed, we’ve disabled it in the default inspection profile.

Besides this, the build fixes an issue with the incorrect severity highlighting (CPP-1795, CPP-8301, CPP-11257). Now, if you change the severity of the inspection (Error, Warning, Weak Warning, etc.), the color in the IDE’s right gutter will be updated accordingly.

CMake changes: open single file/open folder, load CMake

The process of decoupling CMake from CLion has started, and now you can open any folder or file in CLion (use File Open menu or Open option on a Welcome screen). Be careful, CLion still needs a project to properly understand your code and provide you with smart features (like navigation, completion, refactorings, etc.). However, if you wish to open some C/C++ files in CLion for simply reading the code, that will be enough.

CLion will notify you that the project is missing and will suggest loading the CMakeLists.txt file:

Note, that the CMake tool window and CMake tools menu won’t bother you until you load a proper CMake project in CLion – they all are hidden. When you select a CMakeLists.txt file, CLion will load it as a project file. If you select the wrong CMake file by mistake, you can always call Tools CMake Unload CMake project action.

There is also an important note about project root – when you load a CMake file into CLion, a directory containing this CMakeLists.txt is considered a new project root directory. You’ll see an IDE notification if it’s not matching your currently opened directory and you can change it via Tools CMake Change Project Root.

Alternatively, you can create a new CMakeLists.txt from scratch via Create New File (Alt+Insert on Windows/Linux, ⌘N on macOS):

For your convenience, there is a new file template for CMakeLists.txt file available in CLion, which you can edit in Editor File and Code Templates.

Scopes in Project View and Find in Path

CLion 2018.1 EAP includes the ability to use scopes to filter the project view and limit a Find in Path search. CLion comes with a few predefined scopes. For example:

  • Project Files – all files within the project root, w/o the excluded folders
  • Project Source Files – Source files from the CLion perspective (all intellisense features work)
  • Project Non-Source Files – Files located in the project directory, that are not sources from the CLion perspective, which means files that are not included into the loaded CMake (intellisense features are disabled)
  • Problems – currently empty, will show analyzer errors later (CPP-11252)
  • Changes files – in case of VCS, all changed files

Users can also create their own scopes to use in the Project View and Find in Path.

By default, Project View opens Project, which includes all project files, including generated folder (like cmake-build-debug) and other excluded folders:

In the dropdown you can now select any predefined or custom scope:

Clion 2018

In case you select any scope different from Project, in the context menu, the Edit Scopes action becomes available. It allows you to create and configure custom scopes:

You can use it later in Project view:

Mind that the colors have changed: source files became blue (previously not greyed out), non-source files now have regular colors (previously greyed out).

All predefined and custom scopes are also available in Find in Path to help you limit the search:

Performance improvements: incremental highlighter

When you edit code inside a small function body in a huge file, you will now notice a significant performance boost – CLion updates the file highlighting incrementally, and local changes (in a function body) don’t affect the whole file highlighting.

Objective-C/Objective-C++ support

In this EAP we enabled Objective-C/Objective-C++ support in CLion. Which means it’s now possible to work with files in these languages which are added to your CMake project. The following features are now available in CLion:

  • Full Objective-C/Objective-C++ languages support coming from AppCode
  • All Objective-C inspections from AppCode (with the except of clang analyzer set)
  • Key-value coding support
  • Objective-C live templates, as well as File and Code templates for Objective-C
    .m/.mm file extensions in the list of C/C++ source files extensions
  • Code style/color schemes, however one needs to enable this in the Registry in clion.enable.objc.settings


If you have Microsoft Visual C++ compiler installed on your machine, you can use it in CLion. And from now you don’t even need to turn on Registry setting for this. The functionality is available on Windows by default. Go to Build, Execution, Deployment Toolchains to select VS development environment.

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That’s it! Full release notes are available by the link. Download and try the build (181.3007.15) right now and share your feedback with us!

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