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  • Funny Cute Cows with flowers, bows and Calves, flat style, seamless pattern. Cartoon Texture with heads bulls and cows symbol Happy New Year, Merry Christmas holiday celebration. Vector colorful illustration with Happy Animal. Drawing of cow face template stock illustrations.
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How to Draw a Cow Face?

Cow Face Pose is an intermediate hip opener that stretches the groin, hips, glutes, arms, chest and shoulders. Cow Face Pose has some preparatory postures such as Bound Angle Pose, Reclining Hero Pose and Wide-Legged Forward Fold. To do Cow Face Pose, sit with legs straight out then bend the knees and put the feet on the floor. Slide the left foot to the right hip, under the right thigh. Find cow face draw stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day.

Cow Face Step by Step Drawing for Kids

Kids, learn how to draw the Cow-face by following the steps below.


Draw a circle.


Inside the top left of circle, draw a small oval and put a dot inside it. This is the left eye.


Repeat the step 2 to draw the right eye.


Below the eyes, draw a curve touching the outline of circle.


Now draw 2 small ovals below the curve. This is the nose of the cow.

Step:6 Cow Face Drawing

On top of the head, draw a 'c' like curve.


Draw another 'c' like curve, connecting one end. This is the horn of the cow.


Repeat the steps 6 and 7 to draw another horn.


On right side, below the horn, draw a 'u' horizontaly. This is the right ear.

Cow Face Drawing Step By Step


Repeat the step 9 to draw left ear. We have completed a simple cow face drawing.

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Mooooo! Cows are a domesticated farm animal that farmers use for milk and for meat. A baby cow is called a calf. A young female cow is called a heifer. And a male cow is called a bull. A group or herd of cows is usually called cattle. Cattle is left out to graze on grass..this means that they eat the grass. In India, cows are not eaten, as they are supposed to be respected as much as your own mother. On this page, you will find many cow crafts.

Making Stand-Up Paper Cows

All you need to make this paper model of a cow is a printer, some paper, and a scissory. Print out this paper cow diagram here. Now cut out the diagram. Then fold the cow in half. You can either paste the head and tail together or use a paper clip to hold the cow together. You just spread the legs a bit and it stands on its own.Very easy.

How to Make Spool Cows

Learn how to make these spool cows with the following craft instructions. Paint a spool white and let completely dry. Then paint black shapes on the cow's body. Let dry. Use either card stock, felt, or crafts foam to cut out some of the following items. Trace the circle part of the spool onto white felt/ card stock/ foam and then cut it out and paste onto the front of the cow for his face. Cut out white leaf shapes and glue to the spool for ears. Paint or use a marker to make the bottom part of the face pink. Then draw on 2 black ovals for seen in figure #2 above. Use white felt/ card stock / foam to make 2 rectangles like the one seen in figure #3. Draw 2 black rectangles on both sides for hooves. Glue googly eyes on spool front (or draw the eyes). Glue legs on bottom of spool. Glue on a pipe cleaner for tail.

Paper Stand-Up Cows

Print out these 2 templates - cow body template and cow leg template Like any 3D paper template, it would work out better if you printed it out on card stock, but this is optional. Then cut the shapes out (you can keep a white outline around the tail ). Then cut slits where you see the dotted lines on the cow. Next put the front and back legs into the 2 slits. Now the cow should stand up on its own.

Cows from Chenille Stem Bumps

Click on the above picture to see it larger. These cows are made with a special type of pipe cleaner called Chenille Stem Bumps. They are like pipe cleaners but with varying widths. Cut 2 bumps (from Chenille Stem Bumps) for body and head (sketch a). Fold 'head' bump under as shown in sketch b. Cut 2 bumps each for front and back legs. Twist around body so that each pair of leg bumps forms a back and a front leg (sketch c). Bend 1 1/2' length of wire in a U shape and press underneath head, then squeeze into place for ears. Glue sequins to head for eyes. Tie a bow around neck.

How to Make Paper Cow Masks

To make this paper cow mask, just print out the following cow mask template.

Learn How to Draw Cows

Learn how to draw cartoon and realistic cows with the above drawing tutorials..just click on the thumbnail that you want to try.

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Cow Face Drawing Kindergarten Art

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Unit 2: atoms and elementsmr. mac's page sheet. Resources for History of the Atom assignment: 1. Texas Science Fusion Textbook p. Video: History of the Atom 3. Video: This is NOT what an atom looks like 4. The above posted power poin. MACS10SOLUTIONSU2 1 Get Ready for Unit 2 Chemical Reactions Answers for page 48 Multiple Choice 1. A Answers for page 49 9. Physical properties can be observed without changing the identity of the substance being studied. Chemical properties can only be observed after a chemical change, which changes.

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