Dental Laboratory Software

Dental Laboratory Software

Real money answers for every woman pdf free download windows 10. Deciding to go digital is simple. It’s the steps that follow that may seem difficult. As a leader in comprehensive lab management software, evident Lab Management Software enables you to increase revenue and keep up with the fast changing industry. By helping you keep track of all your cases, evident helps you grow your business and keep your customers sending cases. evident tackles the most common challenges facing labs everyday living in both a traditional and digital world.

Built-in automated systems

  • Improve your lab efficiency with automated scheduling of cases

  • Increase cash flow with automatic receivables collections

  • Know what is going on in your lab with daily reports

  • Track the progress of your case through real time notifications

Since 1995, WinVoice has been at the forefront of dental lab software. First with our line of desktop programs, Lite, Pro, Net, and Junior. In 2006 we unveiled WinVoice Online, a full featured fully web based software. Started in 2002, began offering a fast and easy method for optical labs to offer advanced billing and direct. Over our years in providing software for dental laboratories, we have noted the ways dental labs have selected their software. Some have been wise, others less so. We have seen some labs go through as many as six different systems while others have been able to stick with their choice over the years through many transitions in technology.

Industry leading privacy compliant cloud storage

  • Collaborate real-time with your dentists to reduce remakes

  • Store all your files in one place

  • Easy case tracking to reduce the Rx search party

  • Make it easy for your customers to send you digital cases

  • Process receivables directly in the software instead of having to hold onto Quickbooks

Get more than just lab software

  • Access to the evident outsource network

  • Find the right employees to scale up your lab

  • Integrated with a world class design center

  • Preferred relationships with outsource milling and printing partners

  • Marketing support through the many evident partnerships

  • Receive exceptional support from a team that is dedicated to your success - not just a quick onboarding

  • Credit card processing - can potentially save you money, but if not, we’ll match it and you’ll be saving time and hassle

Dental laboratory software uk

Better cases

Reduce the number of remakes and keep track of all your production in one spot.

Better dentists

The next generation of digital dentists are looking for labs like yours that can handle their work.

Better life

Less stress and feel more in control of your business at all times.

Best Dental Laboratory Software

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