Dropbox Slowing Down Mac


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DownDropbox slowing down mac desktop

Under most configurations, the Dropbox desktop application will automatically receive and apply new updates. For Macs, the success of these updates depends on the level of privileges your user has in the system.

Dropbox Slowing Down Mac Computer

Administrators who are running the application and haven't changed their system user name shouldn’t have any issues with automatic or manual updates. Standard users need to follow a different set of instructions to proceed with a manual update. You can find out if you're an administrator or a standard user with the instructions on this page.

To update your application from a standard account:

Does Dropbox Slow Down Mac

  1. Download the latest version of the installer.
  2. Go to your Downloads folder and find the installer.
  3. Open another Finder window and go to ~/Applications (/Users/yourUserName/Applications).
    • Note: If this folder doesn't currently exist, go to your user directory, create a new folder, and name it Applications
  4. Double click the Dropbox icon.
  5. Click Spotlight.
  6. Click System Preferences.
  7. Click Users & Groups.
  8. Select Login Items. You'll be presented with a list of applications. If there is an existing Dropbox entry press the - (minus) button to remove it.
  9. In the same screen, press the + (plus) button and go to the location where you placed Dropbox, ~/Applications (/Users/yourUserName/Applications).