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  • Support: [email protected] Drumforge is an award-winning developer of drum sample libraries and plug-ins designed to improve the quality of audio that is being produced in both the home and professional studio. We design tools to take the technical process out of making music so that you can connect better to.

Drumforge Vst Jst Plugin

Drumforge DrumShotz Joel Wanasek v1.1 WAV
Size 14 Mb

Drumshotz Taylor Larson & Luke Holland Signature Pack. Producer/mixer Taylor Larson (Asking Alexandria, I See Stars, Periphery, and Within Temptation) and youtube star/session drummer Luke Holland (Independent, Jason Richardson, The Word Alive) have teamed up to bring you their best one shot drum samples from all of their years working together. Drumflex by Drumforge is a Virtual Effect Audio Plugin for macOS and Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin, an Audio Units Plugin, a VST 3 Plugin and an AAX Plugin. Drumforge European Metal Grooves: Vol. Drumforge Bergstrand $139 $149. Drumshotz Joel Wanasek No Small Time Edition $24 $29. Drumshotz Joey Sturgis.


These are some of Joel’s most used and loved drum samples from his career mixing. Joel is best known for his work mixing artists like Miyavi, Machine Head, Monuments, Vinyl Theatre, Attila, blessthefall, Righteous Vendetta, Anakin and many more. This DRUMSHOTZ pack is focused towards the rock and metal genres. Mix and match your favorite sample libraries or raw drum recordings with the Joel Wanasek signature DRUMSHOTZ today and discover a fresh take on your sound.


  • One Shot signature sample collection from producer/mixer Joel Wanasek.
  • 36 samples total in 44.1, 24 bit format.
  • For use with your favorite triggering program or in any DAW.
  • 5 Kick Direct, 5 Kick Room samples, and 1 Kick Sub sample.
  • 5 Snare Direct and 8 Snare Room samples.
  • 2 Tom sets with 6 Tom Direct Samples with 6 Room samples.


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One shot samples are powerful weapons for enhancing your drum mixes as they provide you with the extra punch and consistency you need to cut through any mix. Many professional mixers have highly coveted collections of one shot drum samples which are refined over years of mixing. This is how they achieve their signature drum sound no matter the quality of the source recording. DRUMSHOTZ is a series of highly coveted drum samples from professional mixers to enhance, blend, or replace drum sounds in your mixes. Inject heavy gainz into your drum mixes today with DRUMSHOTZ and experience a whole new level of punch, impact, and power.

Drumforge Vst Jst Free


DF-CLARIFY lets you define your own unique drum processing sound with a series of creative and innovative mixing tools.

Use powerful instruments designed to unleash the full potential of your drum sound. Speed ​​up your workflow and get more creative with drum mixing
Making your drums sound great doesn’t have to be difficult. Here at Drumforge, we started with a simple goal: How can we make drum mixing easier and more creative for audio engineers and musicians? The result of our efforts is the DF plug-in series, a complete drum processing solution. No longer will you have to spend hours on endless tuning to find the drum sound you want.

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Few have tried to push the boundaries of audio plug-in technology. Classical equipment has been modeled and redesigned, but the creators of the music are asking for something new. We are proud to think about the future and create unique tools. The result is faster mixing, more musical drum sounds, and an unobtrusive workflow for transferring sounds from your head to your computer. Define your sound and create something that sets you apart from the crowd.