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The method for drawing a deer is similar to that of drawing a Horse. Of course, there are some major differences between the two animals: deer has a short and elegant trunk, a short tail and expansive antlers on a male. To draw a running deer is particularly tricky. It can be difficult to convey this animal's grace in a drawing. A deer's legs and horns are very important elements of its body, and can accentuate its majestic build when drawn properly. In this lesson, we will learn how to draw a deer in # 2 pencil.

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How To Draw A Deer Realistic

Use a series of 'U' shaped lines to sketch the deer's tail. Draw a curved line down the neck and side to indicate the color of the underbelly. Finally, draw ovals of different sizes across the deer's back to indicate the spots. Complete Baby Deer drawing. Begin your deer by drawing an ellipse for the head. CLICK IMAGE FOR BIGGER VERSION Step 2: Draw a second, bigger ellipse beginning at the right rear of the dear's head and looping around the bottom of the head. CLICK IMAGE FOR BIGGER VERSION. Deer drawing - step 19 Draw two small ovals on the nose to indicate the nostrils. Draw two teardrop shapes to outline the eyes. Draw an oval within each eye, and a tiny circle within the oval.


Step 1

Draw a basic line for the deer's torso. Draw the deer's torso along the main line at the center of your sheet of paper. We will branch out from it adding legs and neck along with the head. At this stage it is important to correctly position the legs because later we will use them to create a specific dynamic of the deer's body: the animal is alarmed standing on slightly bent legs ready to jump up any moment. Next, draw an oval for the head and add main branches of the antlers.

Step 2

Draw rough shapes of deer's torso and legs, according to our tentative lines. To do this, add the muscles to the skeleton, and then add the contours of the torso and the head. Make sure not to make your deer's legs too thick or too short - they are thin and elegant. It is safer to make them too long than too short.

Step 3

The deer's head. Now we need to draw the deer's head. Draw two small ovals for the eyes. Below the eyes add a small trapezoid for the nose. Don't forget about a subtle line for the mouth. Also, we need to draw ovals for the ears of deer. See also Drawing a Horse's Head.

Step 4

Antlers. At this point, draw the deer's antlers. To do this, you have to draw two arched thick lines. Then add twig-like or straw-like branches to those lines. Try to make the antlers symmetrical on both sides.

Step 5

Adding details and editing your sketch. Let's clarify some things to make sure our drawing of a deer is as realistic as it can possibly be. One of the deer's front legs is slimmer and bent at the knee. Draw a tiny rounded tail. Next spend some time on refining your sketch of the animal's head. Since the deer turned his head to the side, add folds in the skin to its neck.

Step 6

Shading the deer's body. At this stage we will color in the deer's body. You can simply copy the color of a deer from my images, and can add spots wherever you like to make your deer unique! The ideal background is a snowy winter's day.

In this video you will see how to draw a deer.

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  1. How to Draw a Deer

This tutorial will help you learn to draw a cartoon deer. There is no doubt that this adorable animal is loved by everyone! But not for the same reasons.

Some think they are cute and gracious while others prefer to hunt them down in order to create a delicious meal out of them! Whatever your reason is for loving this animal, let's try to draw one without trying to eat it! You can start with the video version below or scroll down to enjoy the written tutorial.

Step 1

First, draw the head of your deer by placing a circle on the left of your page. You can also add a rectangle to illustrate the jaw of your animal.

Step 2

Next, draw a long rectangle with a slight angle to form the neck. Sketch two small rectangle on top of the head to create the ears. For the horns, just draw some line for now.

Step 3

The body, the tail and the legs are created with rectangles. The tail should be small and higher than the body. The legs are made in four steps. The middle part will be larger (for the knees) and the bottom part should be bigger, to create the hoof.

Step 4

Let's refine the outline of our deer! The head and the neck are similar to the ones of a horse. You can draw the head in two parts just like illustrated above.

Step 5

Finish the head by sketching the eyes, the nose and the ears. You can also work on the horns to make them more realistic.

Step 6

Now the body! The legs should be long but thin and delicate. Also, don't make the body too big. Deers are small animals after all.

Step 7

Finish working on the body by adding some lines to create the upper part of the back leg. You can also sketch the tail more accurately. Finally, add the two legs on the far side of the deer.

Step 8

Wow! A nice cartoon deer made with simple shapes! And don't worry if your first attempt doesn't meet your expectations! Drawing such an animal isn't always easy! But if you practice, persevere and stick to it, then no doubt that one day, drawing a perfect deer will be a ride in the park for you!

Easy Deer Drawing Color

Easy deer drawing step by step

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Whitetail Deer Drawing

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