Feather Sketch


Tutorial on how to draw a feather is super easy to follow for kids and beginners. Birds are the only animal having feathers than scale and fur. Feathers are purposefully for birds having it. They help them for warmth, long and tough feathers help in flying. Few birds fly for months without landing anywhere.

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How to Draw a Feather

To begin your feather drawing, you’ll want to draw two long lines at an angle making sure that they taper off towards the top of the stem but also closing it off at the bottom with a line in an angle. Step 2: Begin Drawing The Hairs Now the next few parts may be slightly more complicated and will require your attention. All the best Feather Pencil Sketch 37+ collected on this page. Feel free to explore, study and enjoy paintings with PaintingValley.com.

Soft feathers mostly keep birds warm by not allowing air to go inside. Waterbirds like duck and penguin feathers are kept moisture out so that skin remains dry. They have similar protection functions for birds as scales for fish and hairs for mammals.

Male birds always have a brighter shade of feathers to attract female birds. They are widely used for decoration by humans. In ancient times it has used as a pen for writing.

You can learn a few more birds drawing as How to draw a chicken, how to draw a cardinal, how to draw a dove, how to draw a angel wings etc.

How to Draw Wings

Step1: Draw thin long curved lin for the shaft ie, the middle line of the feather.

Step 2: Draw a leaf-like structure, for this draw 2 more curvy lines on both side of the shaft.

Step 3: As we know feathers are fluffy, thus the structure must be broadened and then sudden narrow at the tip. Double the shaft line getting pointed at tip.

Step 4: Draw fine lines diagonally from the shaft towards the outer edge. The feather part is called as ‘vane’.

Step 5: Erase the outer line of the feather and draw pointed curvy lines, these don’t need to be even, refer to the image given below.

Step 6: Draw the lines of more closer and darken the outlines.

Step 7: Contour feather with the hatching process and draw darker lines in the outer and inner side of a feather to give it finishing.

How to Draw a Cartoon Feather


Step 1: Firstly, draw a long oval tilted towards the right side keep the length of your choice. Draw a line from the middle of it extending out as shown in the image.

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Step 2: In this step double the middle line becoming thinner on top forming a pointed tip. Draw the edges of a feather with easy strokes forming spikes or close-ended curves. Edges must be uneven as the feather is fluffy and free at the edges. Draw a stroke of lines from the middle of the feather towards the edges.

Feather Sketchup

Step 3: Erase all the extra lines from the drawing and draw the outline with a marker.

Feather Sketch Color

Step 4: Drawing is complete and you can Color it with your choice and imagination.

Feather drawing is very easy as we see many birds around us with a different type of feathers. Peacock has the most beautiful feather with many wonderful colors in it.

Images Of Feathers Sketch

You can draw Peacock feathers also from the instructions given below.

You can draw different kinds of feathers only with little changes in the above-given techniques. Feathers have only 2 parts a shaft and fur, with a similar pattern. Only a few birds as peacocks have a different style of feathers. If you liked this tutorial please follow our other drawing tutorials too.

Feather Drawing Easy