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I have played so many soccer manager games over the years that they can all blend into one, but Football Manager 2005 is different. Not because it is the greatest football management game of all time, but because of what went down before it was released. The game is developed by Sports Interactive, the same people responsible for the Championship Manager series. They had a falling out with Eidos and while Eidos kept on making Championship Manager games, Sports Interactive teamed up with Sega and started this series. This and Championship Manager 5 went head to head!

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Making The Right Moves

I feel like I have reviewed a ton of games in this same style and the goal is always the same. You need to make sure the team you are in charge of is the best they can be. If you are a lower league team this can be stabilizing them and helping them move up the divisions. If you start Football Manager 2005 as a top team, Manchester UTD for example, expectations are different and immediate success is what you are aiming for. It may not change from game to game, but the goal of these types of games always makes them super addictive and something that I personally always get very invested in.

Playing It Straight

As this was a brand new series, Sports Interactive did play it rather safe. If you have played the Championship Manager games before you are going to feel right at home here. Not a great deal has changed. However, the changes they have made do make things better. The 2D match engine is much easier to follow now. I really liked how I could have the match engine on one side and the stats on the other. The UI is nice, clean, and very easy to get to grips with.

They have included more leagues, players, and so on so you have a much larger database of players, teams, coaches, and so on to work within Football Manager 2005 than in any of the previous games. Having success on the pitch is great, but you have to keep an eye on the way the club is running as you do not want to be overspending and getting into trouble.

Wenger vs Ferguson vs Benitez

One new feature that was added that I thought was really cool was the “mind games”. Before and after a match you can talk to the press and this can have a few different outcomes. One is that it will pump up your players and give them that extra bit of edge they need. The flip side of this is that you can say the wrong thing and they can become a bit down on themselves! Also, you can unnerve your rival managers just like the classic days of Arsenal and Manchester UTD which is a lot of fun.

I will admit that the more modern games in the series do what these older ones do better, but there is still a great deal of fun to be had with Football Manager 2005. The actual game is very solid and a great deal of fun and I was very big into my football when this was released. As well as being an actual good game, it is cool how much of an important part of history this game was as well as in many ways it changed the landscape of the soccer manager games landscape.

Final Score


  • Lots of new players and teams are included
  • I liked being able to watch the match and look at the stats
  • The way you can influence things with the press is cool
  • It is still a very addictive game
  • The history behind the release of this game is very interesting


  • I do feel the newer games are better
  • You really need to have your own music playing as you play
Overall rating: 8.5

Gamers who played FIFA 2005 especially after its early release can attest to the fact that it was a great improvement since the 2003 edition. Introduction to the game was early enough before the traditional October date in 2004 to avoid colliding with the buzz in the release dates of Pro Evolution Soccer 4 and EA FIFA’s Street edition. However, as one other great invention from EA Canada, the game is truly formidable as the slogan on the cover says. “A great player needs a great first touch.”

The Franchise

EA FIFA football series has been one of the longest-running sports franchises to have ever existed in video gaming. With just different tweaks to the series every year, FIFA 2005 can be considered as one of the best in terms of tweaks from its predecessors especially FIFA 2003.


The franchise has developed credibility in football gameplay, in particular, the advancements in each new series as well as the updated rosters of teams and players. FIFA 2005 supersedes its predecessors by having access to more modes such as the tournament mode. Also, the game gives you access to different leagues adding the Mexican league not available in the previous series.

Sinking in the Couch

Sitting back and loading the game immerses you to the serenades of a football stadium right at the comfort of your location. I am completely impressed by the ability to play teams throughout the world. The slogan on the cover justifies the actual first-touch gameplay activated by tapping the right thumbstick towards the player being passed to when the current players has not even received the ball. Once the ball gets to the current player, it is automatically passed towards the player you had pointed to using the thumbstick, confusing your opponent even before they think of tackling you. The feature makes the game flawless and exciting.

New Tools Against the Opponent

Fifa 2005 Reloaded Download Torrent

Developmental changes in the FIFA series are common. However, those made in FIFA 2005 were influential especially towards confusing the opponent. Affinity publisher app. Despite the first touch trick, you will love having the power to use the right thumbstick to pull one over your rival. The tricks you can perform using the joystick exudes excitement and entertainment when connecting a series of tricks to score.

The game controls are smoother as compared to FIFA 2004. Moving the thumbstick or pressing gameplay buttons gets an immediate response unlike the slight delays experienced in previous versions gameplay. The graphics are better off with players resembling their real-life counterparts. The ball is also realistic. The tweaked graphics coupled with the smoother controls emphasizes a smooth experience.

My Take on the Game

The various modes, games and leagues in this series remove boredom from the equation. I believe with no doubt that FIFA is EA Sports' best soccer game and 2005 is at the apex among leading series. You can download the PC version of the game online.If you are considering the game, here are some pros and cons:


  • Better controls and response time
  • Interesting ball tricks
  • Smoother graphics
  • Better soundtrack and commentary

Fifa 2005 Reloaded Download Pc


Fifa 2005 Reloaded Download Pc

  • Sluggish when using the computer mouse to play