How To Authorize Computer For Itunes Mac


This is a guide on how to authorize a computer in iTunes so that you gain access to your previously purchased content. Check authorized computer count The official limit for authorized computers is currently at 5 machines, this includes any Mac or PC you may have authorized for your iTunes downloads in the past. Just enter the Apple ID and password associated with the content you’re trying to access and Apple will automatically authorize iTunes on your PC or Mac. If you’d like to manually authorize iTunes, just go to the Store menu in the OS X menu bar and select Authorize This Computer.

Authorizing a computer on iTunes can be annoying and time consuming process if you don’t have the right instructions. You could spend hour of wasted time trying to guess how to get passed the authorization feature implemented in iTunes.

When you are presented with the authorization option in iTunes. This is not optional. You must successfully authorize your device in order for your iPhone, iPad or any other Apple product to connect and work with your computer.

Today I will show you how to authorize a computer on iTunes so your device can connect to it so that you can have access to the full potential of your device and iTunes. This tutorial will work for any Mac OSX or Windows PC.

One of the many questions on your mind might be what is the point of authorizing a apple device with iTunes? Well the simple answer to this is once you authorize a computer with iTunes you are allowing the connected device to manage apps, music, videos, and other content associated with your apple device.


The following guide works for the current operating systems. Please make sure you have iTunes installed on a PC running Windows or the Mac OSX operating system.


STEP 1 – Power your computer with iTunes installed ON.

How to authorize computer for itunes match

STEP 2 – If you have a device then plug in your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into your computer via usb port. If you are presented with an option that says “Trust this computer” on your device. Make sure that you approve it.

STEP 3 – Open iTunes.

2021 calendar templates for mac. STEP 4 – If you don’t have a iTunes account please create one.

STEP 5 – On the top navigation bar. Click on “Account” and login into your iTunes account.

STEP 6 – On the top navigation bar. Click on “Account”. A dropdown menu will appear.

STEP 7 – From the dropdown menu, Tap on “Authorizations” and then select “Authorize this computer”.

STEP 8 – Confirm your password and the authorization process will be completed. Your device will now be successfully linked to the iTunes on the PC that you did these steps with.

Tip: Using these steps outlined above you can also use it to de authorize your device with your selected computer. Remember that you can only have your device linked to only 5 different computers at a time.


How To Authorize Computer For Itunes Match

It can be quite frustrating when you want to do something with your device but don’t know what to do. Hopefully the steps in this article have guided you with the exact steps to help you authorize your computer with iTunes and helped you successfully link your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch or any other apple device.