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Pneumatiques spéciaux à crampons de 16 pouces (BF Goodrich All Terrain), garde au sol rehaussée (+ 9 cm), les CrossOver Hymer ML-T 570 et Hymer Camper Van Grand Canyon S ne manquent pas d’allure pour aller affronter les pentes enneigées ou les chemins sablonneux. Tous deux reposent sur un châssis Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 (version 419 CDi) de 190 ch avec boîte automatique 7G-Tronic à 7 rapports.

Comfortably equipped, suitable for off-roading and designed to be self-sufficient, the HYMER ML-T 570 CrossOver edition model is your gateway to a world of adventure. Combined with the customary level of Hymer comfort, the “CrossOver” editions of the Hymer ML-T 570 and Grand Canyon S ensure a truly magical travel experience – even when off-roading and far away from luxurious camping grounds. Hymer’s smallest camper to receive a CrossOver treatment is the still very sturdy Hymer Grand Canyon S at 5.93 meters. The camper will be equipped with four-wheel drive and a few centimeters higher than the regular Grand Canyon S on its legs. Off-road tires are folded around the wheels, but there is more. HYMER Grand Canyon S and HYMER ML-T 570 now available as CrossOver edition models. Your perfect partners for trips into the unknown: the self-sufficient HYMER Grand Canyon S CrossOver and HYMER ML-T 570 CrossOver edition models have everything you need for an epic adventure.

Le Hymer ML-T 570 utilise une variante châssis cabine et le Hymer Camper Van Grand Canyon S un modèle tôlé. Le profilé affiche une longueur de 6,89 m, pour 3,05 m de haut, afin de disposer d’une chambre arrière confortable avec des lits jumeaux. Le fourgon se contente de 5,93 m de long, pour 2,85 m de haut (sans toit relevable) grâce à un lit arrière placé transversalement. Avec le poids de leur transmission intégrale et la richesse de leurs équipements (roue de secours, Pack autonomie avec chauffage à carburant de 6 000 W couplé à une résistance électrique, kit altitude, Hymer Smart System avec panneaux solaires, onduleur et deux batteries au lithium), ces deux modèles exigent pour leur conduite un permis poids lourd (ou son équivalent).

Hymer crossover

Le ML-T 570 revendique un PTAC de 4 100 kg, pour 3 880 kg au Grand Canyon S (avec possibilité de passer gratuitement à 3 500 kg).

Leurs tarifs se montrent naturellement en rapport avec leurs aptitudes en off-road. Ils sont homologués avec quatre places carte grise, mais ne disposent que de deux couchages permanents.

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Comptez à partir de 109 365 € pour le Hymer Camper Van Grand Canyon S CrossOver et 123 315 €, pour le Hymer ML-T 570 CrossOver.


Infos : www.hymer.com

It’s time for a get away.

If you’re in the market for the perfect overland build we’ve found the Mercedes for you. Thanks to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, more and more people are opting to take secluded camping trips in their own vehicles creating a massive demand for capable vehicles. The team at Hymer has created two off-road capable Camper Van product lines for customers who want a capable and comfortable off-roader perfect for a family vacation.

Hymer understands that modern overland camping enthusiasts want comfort, convivence, and capability. For customers seeking a smaller but capable build, there’s the Hymer Grand Canyon S, but if you’re looking for the largest build then the ML-T 570 offers extra room and more features. To fulfill these needs Hymer starts off with the familiar Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, which has become the gold standard in Overlanding builds. The interior is built to house everything you could possibly need to feel comfortable on a long journey including a kitchen, bathroom with shower, and separate bedroom area.

Hymer Grand Canyon Rv Usa

To make sure your Hymer-built overlander can reach just about any campsite the team goes to work on a well-rounded off-road package. A small 9.0-centimeter lift kit gives way to aggressive off-road tires which offer more grip and durability on tough trails. To account for these larger tires, the Hymer team changed out the axel gear ratios to make sure the Mercedes diesel engine has enough grunt to tackle steep hills. There’s also a set of roof-mounted LED lights that not only look cool but illuminate even the darkest forests and trails so you can travel at any time of day.

Sadly, for American customers, the Hymer will stay in Europe for the time being. Luckily American customers have a host of offerings like the Winnebago Ekko, which offers a similar product based on a Ford Transit van.

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Hymer Crossover Ml-t 570

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