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Image Capture User Guide

Image Capture takes forever and makes it almost impossible to import a big bunch of images. There seems not to be much information on the Net so far. There are also issues with connecting the iPhone to the Mac, in some cases the iPhone is not recognized. Skitch is How-To Geek’s go-to favorite screenshot app for macOS, and with good reason: it has pretty much everything we need. Skitch lets you take screenshots from a selected area (with or without a timer), of the full screen, of a window, or of specific menus.

After connecting a scanner to your Mac, use Image Capture to scan images. If your scanner has an automatic document feeder, you can scan several pages at once. If you have a flatbed scanner, you can scan multiple images, straighten any that were placed crooked on the scan bed, and save each image to its own file.

The application resides in /Applications, the corresponding (app) bundle is called Image, but the Finder adapts the name to your language settings (it's listed as 'Digitale' on a (Swiss) German setting). One easy way to start it is to use Spotlight and search for 'Image Capture'.

  1. Connect your scanner to your computer, then turn on your scanner.

  2. In the Image Capture app on your Mac, select your scanner in the Devices or Shared list.

    If you don’t see your scanner in the list, see Set up a scanner.

  3. Scan your images.

    If you have a scanner with an automatic document feeder or flatbed scanner, see Scan images or documents.

Tip: Some scanners indicate how an item is positioned on the scanner, so you can adjust it on the scanner before scanning. If you don’t see the Orientation buttons in the Scanner window, click Show Details.

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When you want to transfer photos from many cameras, iOS devices, iPadOS devices, and other devices that have a camera to your Mac, you can use the Image Capture, a built-in photo management app on Mac to help you do that. Before importing photos to your Mac, you need to know the location of the Image Capture app. So, where is Image Capture on a Mac? In this post, we will show you the detailed steps to help you find the Image Capture app on Mac.

Part 1. What Is Image Capture

Image Capture is an Apple native app and comes integrated into any Mac (OS X or macOS 11). It allows users to upload images from digital cameras, iDevices, or scanners either connected directly to the Mac or the network. It allows users to manage and delete unwanted images from your iDevice.

Recommend: Best Screen Capture Tool to Take a Screenshot on Mac

For taking a screenshot on your Mac, you can use the professional screencast tool called Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder which enables you to take a screenshot on Mac with ease. It also has a built-in editor for screenshots. You can draw a rectangle, arrow, line, etc., on the screenshot, and add the captions into the picture and more.

  • 1. Take a screenshot on Mac with high image quality.
  • 2. Get screenshots of Mac with full screen or customized area.
  • 3. Save screenshots in any image format like JPG, PNG, and more.
  • 4. Powerful editing features to edit screenshots and add various elements to it.
  • 5. Record online videos, gameplay, webcam, audio calls, music and more.

After download and installing this free Mac screenshot software on your computer. Choose the Screen Capture feature in the main interface. Screen Capture is the free image capture tool.

Step 2

Then, you can capture a rectangular screen by dragging your mouse. You can also capture a full-screen screenshot or a custom window easily.

Also, you can edit screenshots provided with various editing features. For example, you can crop the screenshot, draw a rectangle, arrow, or line on the screenshot, and more.

Step 4

Click the Save button to save the screenshot.

Part 2. How to Open Image Capture on Mac Using Finder

1. Click Go on the Finder menu.

2. Choose Applications from the drop-down list.

3. Find the Image Capture icon and click on it.

Part 3. How to Open Image Capture on Mac through Launchpad

1. Run Launchpad in the Dock.

2. Open the folder named Other (this is the Image Capture default location).

Image Capture App On Mac

3. Find the Image Capture icon and click on it to open.

Part 4. How to Open Image Capture on Mac Via Spotlight:

1. Click the magnifying glass icon at the right of the menu bar, or press Command + Spacebar on the keyboard.

2. Then, type Image Capture in the search bar.

3. Click Image Capture app from the search result to launch it.

Part 5. FAQs of Image Capture on Mac

1. How to take pictures in Image Capture on Mac?

Use Image Capture to take pictures with a compatible camera connected to your Mac. First, connect your camera to your computer, then turn on the camera. In the Image Capture app on your Mac, select the camera in the Devices or Shared list. Then, choose File > Take Picture. If the Take Picture command is dimmed, your camera doesn't support this feature.

2. How do I transfer images in Image Capture on Mac?

Image Capture Application Mac Downloadsoftfreethsoft

First, connect your device to your computer. In the Image Capture, select the device in the Devices or Shared list. Use the buttons at the bottom of the Image Capture window to view the thumbnails as a list. Click the Import To pop-up menu, then choose where to save the images or which app to use to open the image. To import only some of the images, select them, then click Import. To import all the images, click Import All.

3. If my device doesn't work with Image Capture on Mac?

Make sure your device is securely connected to your computer and is turned on. If you're transferring images from an iOS device or iPadOS device, you may be asked to unlock your device with a passcode or to trust the device. If your camera uses an SD card and your Mac has an SD card slot, insert the SD card into the slot on your Mac to transfer images without connecting the camera. Or check the documentation that came with your device to see if it works with Mac computers.

4. Why my device shuts down while transferring images using Image Capture on Mac?

Image Capture Application On Mac

Some devices shut down if you don't press a button or dial within a specified amount of time. Downloading a large number of images can exceed that amount of time and the transfer of images can be interrupted.

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