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Compare subjective and objective data. New metrics including Training Impact Score. Individualized training zones. Create and analyze Smart Segments. Automatically syncs with TrainingPeaks. Actionable insights page with new chart packs. Phenotyping highlights strengths and limiters. Iorad has given us the ability to quickly create on-screen tutorials to help our sales team master the use of our sales tools without having to click away from the screen they are viewing. Enabling contextual learning through Iorad has been instrumental in helping our sales team adopt ctritial business workflows. Run your firm remotely with a centralized, real-time view of your work, clients and staff. Put your Lacerte or ProSeries software on the cloud for built-in security, automatic backups and less IT stress. Get any document signed securely from any online device, all done with quick clicks inside your tax software. Instructor-Led Training Sign up for our instructor-led courses. Our professional instructors, who have diverse backgrounds from basic research to clinical laboratory experience, provide you with the optimal combination of flow cytometry theory and hands-on training to allow you to stay current with this changing technology and take full advantage of our products.


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  • Individualized Training

    No two athletes are the same, so individualize your training by identifying your unique physiological profile with the Power Duration Curve Model. Learn how you compare to other athlete types, find your strengths and limiters, and see the different ways your body creates and uses energy. You’ll get better results in less time with personalized training zones and optimized intervals tailored to your physiology.

  • Deeper Insights

    WKO5 uses your data to surface valuable insights, turning analysis into answers that help guide your training decisions. WKO5 allows you to compare subjective feedback metrics from TrainingPeaks with objective data points to discover trends in your training. Ever wonder how perceived exertion affects your power, or how sleep quality influences your training intensity? Discover trends in your training by comparing subjective and objective data points.

  • Breakthrough Science

    Know if you're overtraining—or if you're leaving too much on the table with powerful new metrics like the Training Impact Scores (TIS) and Dynamic Functional Reserve Capacity (dFRC). You can also create and analyze specific courses, intervals or segments to track how you perform over time using Smart Segments. Malwarebytes msi download.