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Many people never think about changing their brake fluid. But it is still an important aspect of maintaining your vehicle.At Woodchester Nissan, we simplify.

From drum brakes to disc brakes, calipers and rotors, to shoes and pads, the highly trained technicians at Jiffy Lube® know your brake system and can perform brake inspections and brake pad replacements on almost every make and model. This includes models equipped with ABS, otherwise known as an Anti-Lock Braking System. So you can drive with confidence and Long Live Your Car®.


This is the tactic of Jiffy Lube and its clones, and you would be well advised to AVOID them at all costs. If you do some searching on this site, you will find literally scores of posts from people whose (pick one or more): engine, transmission, differential, brake hydraulic system, cooling systemwas ruined by the untrained charlatans at those quick lube places. Brake fluid(at least the not silicon ones) are hygroscopic. That means that they absorb water over time, and water boils at 100C. Your brakes and brake fluid can get much hotter than that, causing the water in the fluid to boil and create vapour locks and other nasty things. Reason to change it every now and then. – Bart Nov 9 '16 at 9:29.

  1. Jiffy Lube® provides brake replacement without stopping your day. Whether you need pads, shoes, rotors or drums, a Jiffy Lube® brake service helps get your vehicle brake system back to manufacturer specifications. How much are brakes at Autozone?
  2. Let’s face it: stopping your car when you want to is one of the most important parts when it comes to driving. Making sure your brake fluid levels are filled.

It’s a good idea to have your brakes inspected every 12,000 miles or about once a year. A Jiffy Lube® Technicians will conduct an inspection of the brake system’s linings and other key components and provide you with a written evaluation, including a detailed diagnosis of the findings. Service recommendations will be based on your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and the condition of the brake components that impact system performance.


If your brakes require service, you’ve come to the right place. We have a certified brake technician who performs or oversees every Brake Repair. They’ll make sure that your brakes are serviced in accordance with your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, including all replacement parts like pads, hardware and if necessary drums and/or rotors.


Ultrastat tb7220u1046 manual. Your Jiffy Lube® Technicians can tell you whether a brake fluid exchange is due for your vehicle, based on your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. If it is, the technician will remove the old fluid and replace it with new fluid that meets or exceeds your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

Please note: Not all Jiffy Lube® service centers offer all Brake Services. Please call ahead to ensure the service is available.

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Jiffy Lube Brake Fluid Flush Price

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Does Jiffy Lube Add Brake Fluid

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