Jim Carey Ukulele Songbook 2020

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The new September 2020 Songbooks are now out with a bit over 200 new songs. Jims Left Handed Ukulele Songbook Vol 2. Jim Carey on Issue around Creating. Ukulele Go - A great all round ukulele site with chords, blog, review, tuition - nice one Dave Ukulele Hunt - A massive site with forum, songs, tutorials, videos etc etc etc Ukulele Jim - A very helpful guy, great ukulele player and entertainer and happy to pass on song tabs - go there! 03 - Castles In The Sand (Jim Seals & Dash Crofts) 04 - Blue Bonnet Nation (Jim Seals & Dash Crofts) 05 - Ugly City (Jim Seals & Dash Crofts) 06 - Wayland The Rabbit (Jim Seals & Dash Crofts) 07 - Freaks Fret (Jim Seals & Dash Crofts) 08 - Truth Is But A Woman (Jim Seals & Dash Crofts) 09 - Fire And Vengeance (Jim Seals & Dash Crofts) Produced. All songs taken from the Jim's Ukulele Songbook and updated between releases. The USGB Ukulele Chord Chart. 120 chord diagrams for the most commonly used ukulele chords. For gCEA tuned ukuleles. Click here to download the.pdf file. (Put together for the USGB by Ukulele Social.

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This website is dedicated toVillager and friend Tony Taylor, who spent untold hours during 2018 andearly 2019 creating this website. It would have gone a lot faster if hehadn't tried to bring me along and let me think that I was contributingto the project. Tony was stricken with a rare form of cancerin mid-2019 and given not many months to live. He chose not to prolongthe suffering, went into Hospice care, and passed away on March 1,2020, at the age of 77. Tony had been the picture of health. He lovedriding his bike both solo and with the Bike Club. I think of Tonywhenever I use this website and very often when not using it.Accordingly, I ask, whether you knew Tony or not, to be grateful forhim and people like him who selflessly come alongside us in lifeand enrich our journey along the way.
Musichas been dubbed “The soundtrack of our lives,” and for good reason.Nothing seems to identify a particular age group more than its music.While we may enjoy the music of our children’s era or our parents’ era,it is the music of our own era that speaks to our age group as a sharedexperience - almost a shared language. More than anything for me,personally, is the music that was popular during my high school days,be it doo-wop, rock and roll, ballads, or whatever I was hearing.
Ithas also been written that each of us, unique or different or freaky aswe may be, should continue to sing our own song until that specialsomeone comes along who recognizes our song and can sing it with us.You and your soulmate may share a song that no one else can hear.“Music is what feelings sound like.”
Click on thefollowing for collections of interest (see descriptions below):



Folksterssongs (Lyrics)

Folksterssongs (Chords)

Holiday Season

John’s Jams
Lost in the 50s


SaturdaySing-a-long (Lyrics)

SaturdaySing-a-long (Chords)

UkuleleClub (Alpha)
Ukulele Club (Numeric)

Worldof Music

Jim Carey Ukulele Songbook 2020 Release

Ukulele Resources

Bluegrassis a collection of over 120 chorded songs at present, from the bluegrass, gospeland country genres.
Evergreenrefers to the Evergreen Community Center, where a combination ofVillagers and non-Villagers gathers to learn, rehearse and performsongs relating to various times of the year, such as Valentine’s Day,St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Christmas, and so forth. Some songs are taken from popular musicals, as well. These areall lyrics-only songs.
Folkstersis a collection of some 52 folk songs at present in both chorded andlyrics-only formats.
Holiday Seasonincludes one or more versions of dozens of popular holiday songs,chorded or lyrics-only or both. Some chorded songs are presented inmore than one key. The bright red color takes a bit of getting used tobut hey, the holidays come but once a year!
John’s Jamsis an eclectic selection of 45 or so fun songs, many of which were alsochosen as “advanced ukulele” songs. All are chorded.
Lost in the 50sis a lyrics-only collection of pop and early rock favorites,mostly from the 50s. All bring back wonderful memories of our 'growin'up' years.
Magic Momentsis a collection of some 55 or more “pop songs” of the 1950s and 60s.They are all chorded songs.
Saturday Morningis a collection of over 100 songs at present, chosen for theirfamiliarity and sing-along qualities. There are both chorded andlyrics-only sets of songs.
Ukulele Clubincludes both a numbered and alphabetized set of 155 songs at present.All are chorded. The collection includes holiday favorites and songsfrom the Hawaiian tradition, as well as many sing-along and popularfavorites.
World of Musicrepresents an extensive and growing collection of chorded andlyrics-only songs ranging from country and rock and roll, to “popmusic” and the standards. These are generally songs that have not beenintroduced to any of the other collections, or that have been deletedor declined by the other collections. The quality of the copies varies,but all are deemed useful.

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Humbolt Ukulele Group

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Jim Carey's Ukulele Songbook



Jim's Ukulele Songbook 2020