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Jitsi is 100% free and open source software. In this video we explore the Jitsi interface and experience.Learn more about Jitsi here (or start your own video. Jitsi Meet is an online platform that makes conference calls, lectures and meetings easy despite the distance. Suitable both for the business and academic environment, it allows users to hold conferences, lectures, presentations, tech support sessions and virtual meetings with as many people as they want.

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we just started to use Jitsi for our international partnership project and wonder if it is possible to save the messages of two-users and multi-users chats after conversations are finished. I have activated 'save messages' in the options panel but now cannot find the messages from yesterday anymore.

Apart from a discussion about saving messages versus security<https://github.com/nylira/prism-break/issues/291#issuecomment-23770120> I could not find any information about this in the internet. Would be glad to get some hints from you to make our switch from Skype to Jitsi possible


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Eisenacherstr. 103a
10781 Berlin
Tel: +49-30-23 63 48 40
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    • Method Summary

      All MethodsInstance MethodsAbstract Methods
      Modifier and TypeMethod and Description
      voidaddMessageListener(AdHocChatRoomMessageListener listener)
      Registers listener so that it would receive events every time a new message is received on this ad-hoc chat room.
      voidaddParticipantPresenceListener(AdHocChatRoomParticipantPresenceListener listener)
      Adds a listener that will be notified of changes in our participation in the ad-hoc room such as us being join, left..
      MessagecreateMessage(java.lang.String messageText)
      Create a Message instance for sending a simple text messages with default (text/plain) content type and encoding.
      Returns the name of this AdHocChatRoom.
      Returns a reference to the provider that created this room.
      Returns a List of Contacts corresponding to all participants currently participating in this room.
      Returns the number of participants that are currently in this ad-hoc chat room.
      voidinvite(java.lang.String userAddress, java.lang.String reason)
      Joins this ad-hoc chat room with the nickname of the local user so that the user would start receiving events and messages for it.
      voidremoveMessageListener(AdHocChatRoomMessageListener listener)
      Removes listener so that it won't receive any further message events from this ad-hoc room.
      voidremoveParticipantPresenceListener(AdHocChatRoomParticipantPresenceListener listener)
      voidsendMessage(Message message)
      Sends the Message to this ad-hoc chat room.