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When using Kodi you may find yourself coming across a rather unwelcome message of YouTube error check log for more information. No matter what you try and do the error will not go away. This can be incredibly annoying for people who like to watch music videos or other YouTube streams. You will begin to think that there is a problem with the add-on that you are using, or with the device that you are using. Some people might even be tempted to throw in the towel and return the device. But there’s no need to because the problem is a very easy one to solve.

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If you are an user of the streaming application Kodi, the most certain is to already have been stuck with the infame “Check the log for more information” message. This is disturbing mostly because the only clue the message gives is to check your log.

If you get the error message YouTube error check log for more information, it will take you less than two minutes to fix with this guide. Once done you can go back to enjoying your Kodi entertainment.

How To Fix Kodi Addon 'Error Check The Log For More Informations' May 2018! 5 25 18Tips & Guide with step by step instruction on how to fix your addon error. In Kodi you can check the log file without leaving Kodi by downloading Log Viewer For Kodi Addon from Kodi’s official repository. Log Viewer For Kodi Addon makes it easy to check and analyse Kodi logs.

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Before we delve too deep into this article, I think it’s ideal to remind those familiar with Kodi (and those new to it) that it is an ever-evolving system. Because of the nature of the system many add-ons come and go, most often without warning or fanfare. The majority of the time you won’t even be aware your favourite add-on has been closed down since it will often continue to operate, but as time goes by you will start to notice fewer and fewer links are functioning. This is just because of the add-on being left and fresh links not being picked up. That is why it’s super important to remain on top of the game and check here on a regular basis for new Kodi add-on releases. Again, if your favourite addon no longer functions it is not a problem with your device or Kodi, the person behind the add-on has walked away from developing it further to keep it running

YouTube error check log for more information solved

Step 1

Head to this link

Step 2

Download the latest release only to a PC hard drive or thumbdrive, or if using an Android TV Box, to a download destination that you will be able to find. It will be a file similar to plugin.video.youtube-5.x.x.zip (the x.x will be a couple of numbers)

Step 3

Open Kodi

Step 4

Click on System

Step 5

Click on add-ons

Step 6

Click on install from zip file

Step 7

Navigate to the destination folder and select the zip that you downloaded

Step 8

Kodi check the log for more information mac to sell

Wait for add-on updated notification to appear in the bottom right of your screen

You have now completed the installation of the add-on and YouTube videos will now work without a hitch on your Kodi install.

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That concludes our guide. We hope that you found it informative and helpful. Please remember to check back here on a regular basis for more guides, tips, tricks and latest news.

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Kodi Check The Log For More Information Mac To Fat32

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