Kurohyou 2 English Patch Download


The PSP exclusive Yakuza: Black Panther (also Black Panther: Yakuza New Chapter) or as its known in Japan Kurohyou: Ryu ga Gotoku Shinshou came out way back in September 2010. The franchise got a sequel and even a TV show based on the new, younger leading character. Sadly due to low software sales in the west we never got a localization of this spin-off franchise. There has always been a really good online guide you can use but now you can play it with a fan made patch.

How complete is the patch? Well, its only translated the main story from start to end, but substories haven’t been translated yet. At least this is the feedback I’ve gotten which has made me personally made me want to wait for the full project to be translated. You can check the translation team’s GBA Temp thread.

Kurohyou: Ryu Ga Gotoku Shinshou (J+English Patched) PSP ISO ..

For those of you that have been waiting for these games to be translated, you can thank: Aegehn, Fshadow, KHHSubs, and FlyingClimber for putting years of hard work getting this released!


Kurohyou 2: Ryu Ga Gotoku Ashura-hen Yakuza Wiki Fandom

Regarding Kurohyou 2: I didn't take a single look at this game, don't even have it in physical (yet.). But once we're done with this game, if we're not weared out and if I can hack it, of course we'll do it! But no promise, and more importantly no ETA.

Japanese Only Yakuza: Black Panther On PSP Gets English Fan ..


Have both Boxing and Karate at least to level 3. Jiu Jutsu (柔術) During the events of chapter 8. Karate (空手) Complete substory 'Fujimoto's Thanks' from chapter 5. Letsencrypt wordpress godaddy. Lucha (ルチャ) Have both Brawl and Wrestling at least to level 3. MMA (総合格闘技) Have both Jiu Jutsu and Brawl at least up to level 3. Hey all, I thought I'd give a little update on this English translation patch I'm working on for a game called Yu-No PC-98 version (PCSG00996). I have a made a partial (now kind of outdated) English patch for the game's prologue which you can check out here.

Kurohyou 2 English Patch Download

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KHHsubs announced it is working on an English fan translation for Kurohyou Ryu ga Gotoku Shinsho. The PSP spin-off in the Ryu ga Gotoku series (also known as Yakuza in the West) originally released back in 2010. The translation group will upload walkthroughs of and cutscenes from the game.

KHHsubs is a non-profit fan translation group. It worked on translations for Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan and Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin in the past. The group also worked on Ryu ga Gotoku Zero and Hokuto ga Gotoku. However, it abandoned both of those projects due to official releases. According to the group’s website, it was working on a translation patch for Kurohyou Ryu ga Gotoku Shinsho as early as 2014, but halted the project sometime in 2015. The group’s current plans for Kurohyou appear to only involve releasing videos with subtitles.

Released in Japan in September 2010, Kurohyou Ryu ga Gotoku is a spin-off game in the Yakuza series. The game follows protagonist Tatsuya Ukyo, a ruffian youth framed for an assault. The title takes place in Kamurocho, where Tatsuya gets mixed up with the Tojo clan. The game never launched in western territories. Even with the growing popularity of the Yakuza series in the west, Sega still has not announced a release on modern hardware.

Kurohyou 2 English Patch Download

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