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  • Global Nav Open Menu Global Nav Close Menu; Apple; Shopping Bag +.
  • MacTeX also the GUI programs TeXShop and LaTeXiT. Two additional GUI programs are often used with TeX Live, BibDesk and TeX Live Utility. But these programs have not been updated for notarization by their authors, so they cannot be included in MacTeX-2020.

Campus Computing offers access to hundreds of software packages for the U-M Ann Arbor Community.

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Access Groups (Ann Arbor)

  • Students & Faculty: Access to all software.
  • Staff: Access is limited to titles available for both administrative & research-based use.
  • Staff (Research): For staff involved in non-profit/publishable research, some additional titles are available but require an exception. See the list of titles for which an exception may be permitted filtering on the 'Staff (Research)' role below.
  • Alumni & Guests: Limited access to software. Dearborn & Flint campus affiliated users are considered guests.

Access Method

  • Sites Mac
    Full Campus Computing Sites Mac desktop with a broad range of Campus Computing provided software pre-installed in the application menu.
  • Sites PC
    Full Campus Computing Sites Windows desktop and the widest range of Campus Computing provided software via the AppsAnywhere web portal.
  • Virtual Sites (Many Platforms)
    Provides the full Campus Computing Sites Windows desktop experience virtually via remote sessions and you can choose from the full range of Campus Computing provided software on the AppsAnywhere web portal.
  • Personal PC (AppsAnywhere & Sites @ Home)
    Using the AppsAnywhere web portal directly you can download many ready-to-run campus-provided software titles to your personal Windows device.

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Don't see the software you need? Check out more options for accessing software.