Loka Logo Maker


Click the “T” text tool to add your logo name to the canvas.

Choose your text font by selecting the text you added and choosing the font you would like above.

The ultimate tool to create your free logo. Try our logo creator today and start your brand! The Free Logo Maker. It's frustrating to be limited. That's why Online Logo Maker is simple and complete at the same time. Online Logo Maker comes in two flavors: Free and Premium. Download your logo in 300 px with the Free Pack, or in 2000 px with the Premium pack.

Use the color picker tool on the left of the canvas to change your fonts color.


Choose form millions of graphics by using the search tool on the upper left area of the canvas.Samsung tv deezer.

Use the color picker tool on the left of the canvas to change your graphic’s color.

Now you can resize and adjust your graphics and text by using the the corner squares to adjust or resize.

When done simply go to the top right corner of the screen and click the save button.

Opacity / Transparency

Looka Free Logo Maker

Add professional subtle looks to your logos by adding an opacity to your graphics or text.

Color Matching

Learn how to match all your text, shapes and graphic colors to each other.


Use shapes to add some original elements to your logo.

Duplicating objects

Learn how duplicating objects can transform your logo into a masterpiece

Graphic Layers

Move your graphics, shapes or texts from the foreground to the background.

Text outline

Add a color outline to your text. This can help to make your text pop!

Shape outline

Add outlines to your shapes to add as create spark to your design.

Custom Colors

Learn how to add multiple colors to some of your graphics.

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strategy counts. let's make it work.


(We do things differently around here.)

We start with strategy. We understand difficult markets. And, we partner with you for the long haul.
Marketing got complicated. With the rise of one online community after another, it’s easy to become overwhelmed quickly.

So, how do you cut through the noise and ensure your product or services get in front of your potential customers?

That’s where we come in. We love to craft content and find new customers for you by pushing it out via strategic social marketing plans. We help you get from overwhelmed and inconsistent to focused and effective—quickly.

Social Media

We're agile. We love to keep up with the minute-by-minute changes in the social media world, and we've put this knowledge to work for clients in tourism, economic development, the arts and for social causes. Let us put it to work for you.


Why do it if it's not built on strategy? We want to make sure you invest your time and money wisely, and the creative thinkers on our team will craft a strategy that gets results—whether it's editorial, marketing, advertising or social.

Web Solutions

These days, a website is not all it takes. We look at your entire digital persona and bring it into alignment with the strategy. E-commerce, blogging, landing pages and the metrics by which to measure success—all of this is taken into account.

Video Marketing

We work with talented videographers and producers to tell the stories of our clients. Video marketing is more important than ever.

Search Engine Marketing

We couch our clients' search engine marketing (SEM) objectives in plans that include social media, SEO, earned media and digital advertising.

Mobile Marketing

Loka Maker

Contextually targeted mobile marketing campaigns are moving the needle for many of our clients. Talk to us about how it can benefit you.

We get excited about marketing, especially when it’s rooted in strategy—that means we look at the whole picture and focus on what will move the needle for you. It might be a short-term campaign, but more often than not we design long-haul strategies that build your brand, increase your market share or launch your next great idea. When a long-term approach is called for, we stand out because we close the loop with data, and back everything up with marketing automation and lead generation software. That way, you know exactly what’s working (and why).

We work with clients on strategic plans to roll out new products, new brands, new websites and new events, and tend to work a lot in the areas listed here. We’ve logged countless hours creating content – blogs, articles, press releases, videos, podcasts and social media plans. We’ve developed large-scale retail and wholesale catalogs, annual reports and print material for years, taking care of everything from art direction to layout to pre-press finishing.

Looka Logo Maker

Like what you see? Get in touch. Let’s make your marketing more effective.