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Free VAC proof hacks for Counter-Strike og Counter-Strike Source - Gratis Vac proof cheats til CS and CS:Source! Remember, when you download cheats & hacks from Tobys CS, you agree not to use them on VAC secured servers. It is against Valves policy, and you risk getting your Steam account permanently banned from all VAC secured servers. These are my legal CSS Hacks for fixing web browser quirks or outright bugs. Please enjoy, I have been working on them for years. Retype the same code, go here for hacks to affect Safari 9 (including a hack for iOS only now): My Safari 9 CSS Hacks. You need to use the Safari hacks to target all three. In Mac, if you already installed an anti-virus then this the best thing you've done to secure notebook. To find out if your mac address has been hacked. You can easily check it out by scanning your Mac. Usually, Mac users have to scan its system regularly to know if check anything usual such as the trojan virus. VLC player/ripper supports PC and Mac. Recommend – Most people would prefer to rip DVD to Mac’s hard disk and watch. Ripping DVDs is a safe and easy way to watch any DVD on Mac; it will not ruin your Mac or DVD disc. The following section shows you how to bypass DVD region codes.

See Centricle CSS filters for a useful overview.

After I published this columnSimon Willison came up with one (and only one) case in which CSS hacksare allowed. If you actively maintain a site (because it's your personal blog, for instance) CSS hacks areless dangerous. When browser compatibility patterns shift you can easily update the offending CSS.

There are an incredible number of CSS hacks available that are said to make sure that certainstyles are or aren't parsed by certain browsers. In general I strongly feel you shouldn't use them.See my Keep CSS simple column for the complete argument against browser hacks.

The safe list


Ig logo maker. Below I started a list of safe hacks, that is, a list of hacks that are extremely unlikely to misfire in thefuture.

  1. The @import hack against Netscape 4. This browser is extremely dead by now.
    Any style sheet you import is not parsed by Netscape 4. Hence you should move all declarations that don't work in Netscape 4 to this style sheet. Netscape 4 will not read the CSS in the notForNetscape4.css file.
  2. The commented backslash hack (original) against Explorer 5 Mac. This browser, too, is dead.
    The commented backslash hack works as follows:
  3. Conditional comments, aimed at Explorer Windows only.

That's it. I don't use any more hacks. In general I advise you to do the same.

Box Model Hack?

But what about the Father of all CSS hacks, Tantek Çelik's famousBox Model Hack? I've never actually used it, mainly because I've always feltthat the whole sequence of quotes and brackets and backslashes is an eyesore. I do admire it in the abstract,though, because it showed that CSS hacks are possible.

Mac Shack Iowa

More recently I catch myself wondering if this hack hasn't opened a can of worms that should haveremained closed.