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This tutorial is a basic introduction to ModelSim, a Mentor Graphics simulation tool for logic circuits. We show how to perform functional and timing simulations of logic circuits implemented by using Quartus II CAD software. The reader is expected to have the basic knowledge of Verilog hardware description language, and the Altera Quartus. Jul 08, 2010 Download ModelSim-Altera Starter Edition from our website for free. ModelSim-Altera Starter Edition is included in Photo & Graphics Tools. The most popular versions among the software users are 16.0, 15.1 and 14.0. Modelsim.exe or RunDll32.exe are the common file names to indicate this program's installer. Quartus II 13.1 Web Edition and Modelsim 10.1d. My path in EDA Tools is set to 'C: altera 13.1 modelsimase win32aloem', when I go Tools Run Similation Tool RTL Simulation; I get this Nativelink Error: Can't launch the ModelSim-Altera software - the path to the location of the executables for the ModelSim-Altera software were not specified. Altera Corporation 1 December 2002, ver. 1.2 Application Note 204 AN-204-1.2 Introduction This application note is a getting-started guide to using ModelSim R-Altera software in AlteraR programmable logic device (PLD) design flows.

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When loading my mpf file from older ModelSim revisions into v6.6c, any compile would fail with error message: Error: library std not found. After contacting Mentor Graphics, it turns out that the path to some directories were previously hardcoded and not anymore. The solution is add the following line to either modelsim.ini (or project.mpf):std = $MODEL_TECH/./std

When installing or upgrading Modelsim, one has to recreate libraries as follows:Altera libraries:


Modelsim Altera


and our own libraries:




Now we need to compile all the models. The source files for Altera models are located in: altera/10.0/quartus/eda/sim_lib/. You need to compile the following:

220model.vhd , 220pack.vhd into lpm libraryaltera_mf_components.vhd, altera_mf.vhd, altera_primitives.vhd into altera

After you compile these once, you may change them to 'do not compile'.

If you are loading an old project and compiled all files and simulations still don't come up, you may need to disable the optimizaion option on the simulation setup and then execute. Then you can Enable Optimization again for future runs. This does not sound logical though!!

Good Luck

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To manually run simulation without using the Quartus® II NativeLink feature, perform the following steps. You can use these steps for the ModelSim®-Altera® and ModelSim SE/PE software.

Step 1: Invoke Software and Change Directory

  1. Invoke the Modelsim-Altera software.
  2. Go to File menu, select the change directory name to <project_dir>/simulation/modelsim.

ModelSim-Altera Software

Step 2: Create a New Library

  1. Go to File menu, select New, and click the library.
  2. Type work in the Library Name column, then click OK.

Step 3. Compile the Library and Design File

Modelsim Altera Edition

  1. Go to Compile, and then select Compile.
  2. Select work library then look in the <project directory> for the design file.
    Below is the library and design file needed to compile for this example.
  3. Click Done.

Note: For Modelsim-Altera software, there is a pre-compiled simulation library.

ModelSim SE/PE Software

Step 2: Create a New Library

  1. Go to File menu, select New, and click the library.
  2. Type lpm_ver in the Library Name column, then click OK.

Note: Repeat Step 2: Create a New Library for more libraries. This step will create the library folder and map the library.

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Step 3: Compile the Library and Design File

Modelsim Altera Free

  1. Go to Compile, and then select Compile.
  2. Select the specific library folder that you created in Step 2: Create a New Library and look in the <Quartus II installation folder> for the sim_lib to compile
    (e.g., c:altera90sp2quartusedasim_lib).
  3. After you select the folder and library, click Compile.
  4. Click Done.

Modelsim Altera

For more information on using the Mentor Graphics ModelSim simulator tool, refer to Mentor Graphics ModelSim software documentation and the Mentor Graphics ModelSim and QuestaSim Support (PDF) chapter in volume 3 of the Quartus II Development Software Handbook.

Table 1 provides information allowing you to choose which library is needed to compile for VHDL and Verilog.