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To watch Netflix on Mac follow these easy steps. Have a paid subscription to Netflix – if you don’t have this you can’t download or watch anything you once downloaded. Choose your movie or series. Back button – Click this to go back to the main Netflix interface. NOTE: If you are unable to watch Netflix on your computer, you may need to install Microsoft Silverlight. In that case, head over to our Microsoft Silverlight for Netflix tutorial for information on what this program is and how to install it. This is how you can use Netflix Party on Mac to watch new Netflix movies and shows with friends. This obviously is not just limited to macOS. You can use it on any computer as long as you are using Chrome. During such times, when social distancing is a must, Netflix Party is a fun way to enjoy and have a moment of virtual togetherness. Download Netflix on the Mac. If you were hoping to download a copy of a Netflix film or TV show on to your Mac - because the service does not offer a download button when viewed on a Mac. Watching 4K Netflix video on a Mac seems like it’s about to get much easier, as the forthcoming macOS Big Sur includes a Safari update that reportedly lets you watch Netflix in 4K, along with.

If there is one reason to look forward to the update to macOS Big Sur, it is because with the update to the operating system, Netflix users will finally be able to enjoy Netflix streams in 4K. Prior to that, the streams were capped at 1080p, so even if you had a 4K Netflix subscription, you couldn’t really take full advantage of it.


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However, we have some bad news on that front because it appears that there some hardware requirements for it to work. According to a report from Apple Terminal, they spotted an update to the Netflix Help Center page in which it lays out the hardware and software requirements for a Mac to stream in 4K.


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According to the requirements, it appears that select 2018 or later Mac computers with the T2 security chip will be able to stream Netflix in 4K. This means that if you have an older Mac computer that does not feature the use of the T2 chip, then even if you upgrade to macOS Big Sur, you still wouldn’t be able to stream in 4K.

It is an odd requirement and Netflix does not mention why the T2 chip is necessary. What’s even more odd is the fact that Windows machines do not require any of these types of hardware to enjoy higher resolution content. Unless they made a mistake, it’s something to take note of if you are subscribed to Netflix and watch it from your Mac.

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