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If your Mac's not supported that doesn't mean you can't run it - doing so is just a little more complicated (and risky). Read: How to install macOS Big Sur on an old unsupported Mac. Back up your Mac. The long-rumored Apple Car could use a 'C1' chip based on the A12 Bionic processor and boast in-cabin AI capabilities such as eye-tracking, according to a highly-speculative report by analyst.

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That twitter thread is very useful. You could keep the link, but also copy the programs not working into your answer. For example 1Password is a big one, so is the fact Go doesn't work yet (or, more correctly, hasn't been released for the M1 yet) – stevec Nov 18 '20 at 23:26. I downloaded this app just yesterday because the 2nd quarter is over soon. I needed to have my grades with me without having to use my dad’s computer all the time. When I got this app I found it was just like edline, when you can enter a grade into a not yet graded assignment to see your overall grade in that class, if that was the score you got.

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Two central forces re-shaping education in the 21st century in the United States are the increasingly diverse and rich multilingual practices of students, as well as our growing use of digital technologies to communicate and make meaning (Deumert, 2014; García, Bartlett & Kleifgen, 2007; Jewitt, 2008; New London Group, 1996). Even if much scholarship has focused on the trends of multilingualism and multimodalities as separate entities, there are many intersections. Digital tools like machine translation software are being used in schools by multilingual students, and their often-monolingual teachers. Frameworks for multilingual teaching and learning involving intentional use of machine translation tools, however, are not yet fully incorporated into curriculum, school policies and practice. In this chapter, we analyse a case study of how an emergent bilingual who had arrived recently in the United States from China used machine translation software (Google Translate) in a sixth-grade general education classroom during writing activities.

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