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Celebrating P-38 Lightning first flight anniversary:

from January 28th 13:00 GMT (4:00 PST) to January 29th 13:00 GMT (4:00 PST)

Seriously it gets shot once and you burst into flames while your tail and both wings fall off.

  • I said I'd be flying the P38 some more, and I finally took it out for a few matches recently. It all went fairly well, and here's the best match of the bunch. It's also very nice when you have an.
  • The Lockheed P-38G Lightning was a twin-engine heavy fighter in use by the U.S. Army Air Force distinct for its two booms housing its Allison engines and its central nacelle containing the cockpit and armament. The P-38G currently sits at Rank 2 in the American line with an upfront cost of 49,000. Design, Development, & History.

+30% RP gain for P-38G Lightning

In year 1939, Lt. Ben Kelsey would set a coast to coast speed record during testing of a new, high-performance, twin-engine interceptor. Completing the task in only 7 hours and 48 minutes and despite crashing upon landing, this flight established the reputation of the new P-38 Lightning fighter aircraft.
Many revisions and versions of the plane would be produced throughout the war. The P-38 displayed an impressive array of armament and outstanding maneuverability, earning the nickname “Fork Tailed Devil” due to its combat prowess against both air and ground targets and characteristic twin engine- twin boom design. The P-38 would serve in all theaters, and many Allied Nations during WWII. It's most famous single combat mission would be the in the Pacific, when a P-38 downed a Japanese G4M “Betty” containing the Japanese Combined Fleet commander-in-chief, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. P-38 was one of the most mass-produced US aircraft in World War 2 with over 10 000 machines put into service.

War Thunder team

21 August 2015

In this Development Blog we will present to you, two new models of the P-38 twin engine fighter.

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Richard Bong P38 War Thunder

Kirill Vostretsov, game designer:

In a future update, players will be able to take advantage of a greater range of P-38 models that will be available to research. The P-38 is a fast aircraft, known for its good survivability due to its twin engine setup. It is also considerably well armed. The E model was one of the first combat versions of the P-38, following the D series. The P-38E received new frontal weaponry, a redesigned forward landing gear configuration and new aerodynamic fairings at the juncture of the central nacelle and the wing section. The addition of this aircraft in-game will serve to act as the beginning of the P-38 line in the US research tree.

P38 War Thunder Skins

Alexander Porozov, artist:

An astonishingly beautiful aircraft! You can recognise this incredibly fast and powerful aircraft from afar, due to its streamlined shape.
Pilots of this aircraft have an excellent view from the cockpit, and the nose of the central nacelle is well armed with several machine guns and a cannon. It is impressive both in its beauty and its potential.


Kirill Vostretsov, game designer:

After developing Hamilton Standard props and them proving effective on P-47 fighters it was decided to try them on the P-38K. These were equipped with two powerful Allison V-1710-75/77 F15. The aircraft’s armour was upgraded too, as new bullet-proof glass and an armoured backrest were installed.


Answers to readers' questions:

Q: Do these aircraft have opening cockpits?
A: The controls for opening the cockpit will be not be implemented immediately.

Q: Will there be historical ordanance loadouts for the P-38 and what different loadouts will there be?
A: Yes, there will be corresponding modifications of P-38 ordanance loadouts. For example, after some time the P-38G will receive bombing armament for 2000 pounds for normal configuration and also a version with M8 rockets.

Q: Will the P-38K be premium or will it be included as an addition to the P-38 normal branch?
A: The P-38K will be a premium aircraft

Q: Does the P-38K have dive brakes as seen on the J variant?
A: No, the P-38K is just a P-38E with more powerful engines and new propellers, without any other changes.

Q: Will the P-38K replace the XP-38G in the US premium tree?
A: We will have XP-38G and P-38K in the game.

Q: Will there be an early model of the P-38 armed with the 37mm M4 cannon in the future?
A: We will try to implement this.

Q: What will be the main difference between the P-38G and the P-38K?
A: The difference is in engines and propellers. P-38K has more powerful engines.

Q: But when exactly will this aircraft become available? Next major patch? Also, where will it be slotted? T4, or T3? Thank you so much for this addition.
A: With the next major update, T3 most likely.

9.Q: Why not introduce the P-38L which was built in greater numbers, was more powerful and also imho the most iconic variant?
A: The P-38E version is no less important for the Lightning series - this modification was the earliest Lightning in WW2. Later we will introduce the advanced modifications of the P-38.

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The War Thunder Team

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