Pres A Ply Label Template 30603


PRES-a-ply labels are economical, can be used for almost every addressing or identification need and are great for high volume, low-cost printing. Easy to use templates for Microsoft Word; White labels for sharper print quality; 8-1/2' x 11' sheets for laser and inkjet printers. 100 sheets with 10 labels on each sheet for a total of 1000 labels. Pres A Ply Label Template 30603 - lasopauni. Pres A Ply 30600 Template TUTORE.ORG - Master of Documents. Pres A Ply Templates - olporbare. Pres A Ply Templates Pres. Label Template Free Printable. 2 product ratings - PRES-a-ply PRES-a-ply Labels for Laser and Inkjet Printers 30603 $12.39 Trending at $13.11 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. PRES-a-ply laser labels are economical and are great for high volume, low-cost printing. Permanent adhesive. Simply format the labels you need and print them out on your laser printer. These labels are compatible with virtually any laser printer as well as the templates in Microsoft word. Showing Pres A Ply Label Templates from's selection of over 1,000,000 discount office supplies for your business and home. Track Shipment Quick Order.

  1. Pres A Ply Label Template 30603 Download
  2. Pres A Ply Label Template 30603
  3. Pres A Ply Label Template 30603 Printable

If you need help setting up your label template, you are in the right place. Below is a list of all our label sizes with a detailed drawing (JPG), a downloadable MicroSoft Word® template (DOC), an Adobe Acrobat® scaled (PDF) label template and template files for use in Adobe PhotoShop® (EPS). Printshop® compatible template files are available upon request. All label templates are free to download.

Using the JPG Detailed Image:
Use the detailed image to view the exact layout of the labels on the sheet, as they have the length and width, top and bottom margins and spaces between the labels clearly marked. You may need to use these if you are using a program that you have to enter the label dimensions yourself.

Using MicroSoft Word©:
Right click on the MicroSoft Word® document and save the template to your computer for opening in Word. If you don't see the label outline, please turn on your Label Gridlines and they will show up.

Using Illustrator®or Inkscape®:
Right click and save the PDF file to your computer for using in Illustrator® or any other designing software as a template to layout out your art. Open the file in your program and lock that as a layer. Create a second layer and input your artwork. Just hide the template layer prior to printing so that the label lines to not print.

Pres A Ply Label Template 30603 Download


Pres A Ply Label Template 30603

TRICK. Print off a few copies of the template on regular paper prior to printing on the label sheets. That way if something is wrong you can troubleshoot without wasting any label sheets. Just remember to Pint off to scale.

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Need help learning how to use Label Templates using MicroSoft Word? Watch this video: Video Help for Word Templates

Pres A Ply Label Template 30603 Printable

Part #SizeDetailed ImageWord Document PDF TemplateEPS Template
05CR1/2' Circle05CR.jpg05CR.doc05CR.pdf05CR.eps
0511/2 x 10510.jpg0510.doc0510.pdf0510.eps
075CR3/4' Circle075CR.jpg075CR.doc075CR.pdf075CR.eps
07153/4 x 1 1/20715.jpg0715.doc0715.pdf0715.eps
07723/4 x 7 1/40772.jpg0772.doc0772.pdf0772.eps
1000CR1' Circle1000CR.jpg1000CR.doc1000CR.pdf1000CR.eps
10121 x 1 1/81012.jpg1012.doc1012.pdf1012.eps
12171 1/4 x 1 3/41217.jpg1217.doc1217.pdf1217.eps
13131 5/16 x 1 5/161313.jpg1313.doc1313.pdf1313.eps
1500CR1 1/2' Circle1500CR.jpg1500CR.doc1500CR.pdf1500CR.eps
15101 1/2 x 11510.jpg1510.doc1510.pdf1510.eps
15201 1/2 x 21520.jpg1520.doc1520.pdf1520.eps
15301 1/2 x 31530.jpg1530.doc1530.pdf1530.eps
16181 5/8 x 1 13/161618.jpg1618.doc1618.pdf1618.eps
1670CR1 2/3' Circle1670CR.jpg1670CR.doc1670CR.pdf1670CR.eps
17111.7 x 111711.jpg1711.doc1711.pdf1711.eps
17551 3/4 x 1/21755.jpg1755.doc1755.pdf1755.eps
17121 3/4 x 1 1/41712.jpg1712.doc1712.pdf1712.eps
1818SQ1.8 x 1.81818SQ.jpg1818SQ.doc1818SQ.pdf1818SQ.eps
19251 7/8 x 2 1/21925.jpg1925.doc1925.pdf1925.eps
2000CR2' Circle2000CR.jpg2000CR.doc2000CR.pdf2000CR.eps
20102 x 12010.jpg2010.doc2010.pdf2010.eps
20162.0625 x 1.6252016.jpg2016.doc2016.pdf2016.eps
20202 x 22020.jpg2020.doc2020.pdf2020.eps
LipBalm2.0625 x 2.15LipBalm.jpgLipBalm.docLipBalm.pdfLipBalm.eps
20302 x 32030.jpg2030.doc2030.pdf2030.eps
20502 x 52050.jpg2050.doc2050.pdf2050.eps
21052.125' x 0.5'2105.jpg2105.doc2105.pdf2105.eps
21112 1/8 x 112111.jpg2111.doc2111.pdf2111.eps
23122 3/8 x 1 1/42312.jpg2312.doc2312.pdf2312.eps
23322 3/8 x 3 1/42332.jpg2332.doc2332.pdf2332.eps
2500CR2 1/2' Circle2500CR.jpg2500CR.doc2500CR.pdf2500CR.eps
25112 1/2 x 112511.jpg2511.doc2511.pdf2511.eps
2517OV2 1/2 x 1 3/4 Oval2517OV.jpg2517OV.doc2517OV.pdf2517OV.eps
25202 1/2 x 22520.jpg2520.doc2520.pdf2520.eps
25252 1/2 x 2 1/22525.jpg2525.doc2525.pdf2525.eps
26052 5/8 x 1/22605.jpg2605.doc2605.pdf26055.eps
26102 5/8 x 12610.jpg2610.doc2610.pdf2610.eps
26122 5/8 x 1 1/42612.jpg2612.doc2610.pdf2612.eps
2615OV2 5/8 x 1 1/2 Oval2615OV.jpg2615OV.doc2615OV.pdf2615OV.eps
2621OV2.647 x 2.1 Oval2621OV.jpg2621OV.doc2621OV.pdf2621OV.eps
27152 3/4 x 1 1/22715.jpg2715.doc2715.pdf2715.eps
3000CR3' Circle3000CR.jpg3000CR.doc3000CR.pdf3000CR.eps
30303 x 33030.jpg3030.doc3030.pdf3030.eps
30503 x 53050.jpg3050.doc3050.pdf3050.eps
3250CR3 1/4' Cirlce3250CR.jpg3250CR.doc3250CR.pdf3250CR.eps
3220OV3 1/4 x 2' Oval3220OV.jpg3220OV.doc3220OV.pdf3220OV.eps
3330CR3 1/3' Circle3330CR.jpg3330CR.doc3330CR.pdf3330CR.eps
34663.44 x .663466.jpg3466.doc3466.pdf3466.eps
3510SQ3 1/2 x 13510SQ.jpg3510SQ.doc3510SQ.pdf3510SQ.eps
35113 1/2 x 113511.jpg3511.doc3511.pdf3511.eps
3520RC3 1/2 x 23520RC.jpg3520RC.doc3520RC.pdf3520RC.eps
3520SQ3 1/2 x 23520SQ.jpg3520SQ.doc3520SQ.pdf3520SQ.eps
35503 1/2 x 53550.jpg3550.doc3550.pdf3550.eps
37473.75 x 4.753747.jpg3747.doc3747.pdf3747.eps
3875OV3 7/8 x 1 15/16 Oval3875OV.jpg3875OV.doc3875OV.pdf3875OV.eps
4000CR4' Circle4000CR.jpg4000CR.doc4000CR.pdf4000CR.eps
40104 x 14010.jpg4010.doc4010.pdf4010.eps
40134 x 1 1/34013.jpg4013.doc4013.pdf4013.eps
40174 x 1 3/44017.jpg4017.doc4017.pdf4017.eps
40204 x 24020.jpg4020.doc4020.pdf4020.eps
4020SO4 x 2 Squared Oval4020SO.jpg4020SO.doc4020SO.pdf4020SO.eps
40254 x 2 1/24025.jpg4025.doc4025.pdf4025.eps
40304 x 34030.jpg4030.doc4030.pdf4030.eps
40334 x 3 1/34033.jpg4033.doc4033.pdf4033.eps
40504 x 54050.jpg4050.doc4050.pdf4050.eps
42554 1/4 x 5 1/24255.jpg4255.doc4255.pdf4255.eps
42114 1/4 x 114211.jpg4211.doc4211.pdf4211.eps
60206 x 26020.jpg6020.doc6020.pdf6020.eps
60406 x 46040.jpg6040.doc6040.pdf6040.eps
69436 3/4 x 4 1/46943.jpg6943.doc6943.pdf6943.eps
70507 x 57050.jpg7050.doc7050.pdf7050.eps
75257 1/2 x 2 1/27525.jpg7525.doc7525.pdf7525.eps
80018 x 18001.jpg8001.doc8001.pdf8001.eps
80138 x 1 5/168013.jpg8013.doc8013.pdf8013.eps
80148 x 1 14/328014.jpg8014.doc8014.pdf8014.eps
80208 x 28020.jpg8020.doc8020.pdf8020.eps
80308 x 38030.jpg8030.doc8030.pdf8030.eps
80108 x 108010.jpg8010.doc8010.pdf8010.eps
8010PS8 x 108010PS.jpg8010PS.doc8010PS.pdf8010PS.eps
80118 x 118011.jpg8011.doc8011.pdf8011.eps
85138 1/2 x 1 3/88513.jpg8513.doc8513.pdf8513.eps
85358 1/2 x 3 1/28535.jpg8535.doc8535.pdf8535.eps
85558 1/2 x 5 1/28555.jpg8555.doc8555.pdf8555.eps
85118 1/2 x 118511.jpg8511.doc8511.pdf8511.eps
4500CD4 1/2 CD4500CD.jpg4500CD.doc4500CD.pdf4500CD.eps
ClickShipUSPS Click n' ship®ClickShip.jpgClickShip.docClickShip.pdfClickShip.eps
Window8 x 10 reversedWindow.jpgWindow.docWindow.pdfWindow.eps