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Return Fire is a brilliantly conceived thrill-a-minute war sim offering dynamic sound, over 100 levels, and intense two-player machine-gun fun. Its tireless combination of mayhem and strategy make it a must-have for PlayStation owners.

Battle Frenzy

By strategically deploying tanks, helicopters, jeeps, and armored assault vehicles, you must find the enemy's flag and return it safely to your base. That goal sounds easy but gets increasingly complex with each mission because of heavy fire, decoys, and traps. The control is easy to learn, and every vehicle has special abilities and weapons. The AAV drops mines, the jeep is amphibious, and the helicopter can destroy enemy installations.

When you draw up battle lines for the two-player mode, be prepared for some of the craziest and most mind-numbing action you'll ever play. You can defeat your opponent not only by capturing their flag but by destroying all their vehicles. Be prepared for a war in your living room as well as you scream back and forth about the game until someone claims victory. The vast number of levels increases the two-player fun because you'll never fight the same battle twice. Each new map needs added strategy, causing every fight to be different, and ultimately giving you more bang for the buck.

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The graphics are reminiscent of Jungle Strike, with a -overhead view that allows you to zoom in and out at any time. Tremendous attention was paid to visual details, such as buildings that don't blow up but crumble to the ground.

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Apocalypse Now


Never before has sound been so instrumental to a game's success than in Return Fire. Each vehicle has its own classic number accompanying it, including 'The Ride of the Valkyries' for the helicopter and 'The Flight of the Bumble Bee' for the jeep. Discover the flag and you're greeted by the 'Hallelujah Chorus.'


The bloodbath battle barrage known as Return Fire proves that war can also be heaven. This is one of the best PlayStation games of the year.


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  • Run over soldiers in the barracks before they escape and throw grenades at you.
  • In the two-player mode, destroy the bridges that surround your opponent in order to limit the options of vehicles.
  • Completely demolish the building the flag Is In, or the jeep woni be able to pick it up.
  • Use the helicopter to fly reconnaissance and try to find possible locations for the Rag.
  • Use the AAV to clear a safe path for the jeep by taking out all enemies in the road between the flag and your base.
  • Eliminate all the missile silos with your tank or AAV so you won't be fired upon while looking for the flag tower.

Return Fire PDF Free Download

Overall rating: 9