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A variety of songs arranged for uke with a leaning to retro pop. New improved look! Enjoy!

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Richard G's Uke Songs Chords for many rock/pop songs. PDFs with chord diagrams. Big Muffin Tabs PDFs with chords and melody tabs. Vermont Ukulele Society Ukulele club based in Bristol, VT. We may do some joint events with this group in the future. Their song library is here. Ukulele Songs. 5,353 likes 5 talking about this. Richard G's - the biggest and best Ukulele song list on the internet.

Richard G Songbook Ukulele

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2012-12-18 09:39:21
What a great bunch of songs!!! So many other sites are stale, but this one is always adding new stuff. 5 stars!

Richard G Ukulele Songs

2012-08-05 08:11:42

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Why is this only #3, easily the best uke site around
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Deciding to learn the ukulele was one of the best things I could have done with my time. It is a bit more interesting than a triangle but still easy to learn and play. It is one of my favourite methods of procrastination as well… so here are my methods and tips when learning how to play a ukulele

1300 Uke Songs

When learning the ukulele it’s best to start off with a cheap one so that you can tell whether it’s for you or not. That’s what I did and when I got the knack of it I invested in a better one. (Side note: cheap ones go out of tune quicker, and are hard to get exactly on the right note due to less quality)

Richard G Ukulele

The tuning of a ukulele is different to a guitar because it only has 4 strings rather than 6. Some people think that ukuleles and guitars are the same thing and if you know one you automatically know the other but this is not true. They are not the same. It’s a bit like Spanish and Portuguese, they have a similar kind of language but they are very different. If you know how to play one it can be easier to learn the other but you might get muddled up and forget where your hand goes for a chord. I do play both instruments so I can tell you that it does happen. After playing guitar for a while my brain gets confused when the F chord appears similar for my hands to do. That is another plus to playing the ukulele; it is easier than the guitar so it can help with the transition to a more complex instrument.

Normally when I tune my ukulele I would go to YouTube and find a video of the chords being played over and over and I would listen and try to match the sound on there. But now I have a better ukulele that has a built in tuner to it which is probably the best investment I have ever made. It’s a real time saver (and I never lose it). I know that you can probably get apps that are tuners or even a real physical tuner that you can get from all good music shops. The chords of the ukulele strings are G C E A and when I typed them out just then I actually heard the note that string plays, so after a lot of tuning it might even come naturally. This picture should show you the strings on the ukulele (not my photo).

After buying and tuning your ukulele you are probably wondering whether I am actually going to explain how to play this thing. Luckily for you I am bored enough to continue with this blog post so I will tell you. When I started to learn I went on the internet to find out where to start. I came across chords diagrams everywhere and the first thing I would tell you is to print out a couple of these and stick them on your wall. I use one like the one bellow (again, not mine), but you can just type ukulele chord chart in to Google and see if you can find the right chord you’re looking for.

When learning songs at this stage, it’s best to start with simple songs. If you master the chords C, G, Am, and F you can play about 100 different songs just by playing the same chords. Just check out The Axis of Awesome 4 chords song if you haven’t already. It just shows how music artists can’t really be bothered sometimes so they just pick the easiest chords to hand, and who can blame them really.

I don’t expect that you will remember all of the chords or even be able to do all of them so what I can say is to just try it out and only do the chords that your hands find comfortable to play. I think the next thing for you to do is to maybe go on some websites that have some songs you might know for you to figure it all out. It is pretty easy to pick up. Here are my favourite websites that I use; ukulelesongs, Richard G;s ukulele songbook, ukuleletabs, and Doctor Uke (although it is a bit temperamental at times)

I also like this website that has all of The Beatles songs with the ukulele chords

Richard G Songbook Ukulele

Chrome home. And if you happen to like Adventure Time, these are great for that


Also you should look at as you can select a filter for just the ukulele chords to show up and it works well. I found it really helpful. Just type up a song or an artist and something is bound to come up unless it is really really obscure.

That is basically all you really need to know about playing a ukulele. Let me know how you get on and hope it all goes well for you!