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  • Free Kids Books. Categories: Age 2-5 Years, All FKB Books, Danielle Bruckert, Dyslexic Font, Early Reader, Grade K and Pre K, Non-Fiction, School Projects, Seasons, Toddlers. All Seasons is an early reader, rhyming book about seasons aimed at kindergarten children.
  • Download Tchaikovsky The Seasons, Op. 37a in PDF and mp3 for free and without copyrights from
  • Download Tchaikovsky The Seasons, Op. 37a in PDF and mp3 for free and without copyrights from
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Use these Weather and Season Printables during a Weather Unit.

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Printable Weather Chart

Here’s a printable weather chart for kids to fill in by drawing simple symbols on each day of the week. Celestia luna online bot download. There are some simple illustrations kids can use as a guide. (I made these as simple as possible, and last year my students were able to copy these symbols.)

There are two versions: one chart has spaces to record morning and afternoon weather each day, the other chart has one space per day.

Some ideas for using it:

  1. You could have one student be the weather person of the week, and record the weather on the chart.
  2. During a Weather Unit, have every child record the weather each day.

Four Seasons Poster / Cards

This printable can be used as a poster for your Science Center or cut them apart for pocket chart cards or matching cards.

Download: Four Seasons


Weather Cards

Print two copies of these weather cards to make a matching game or a memory game. Or, use them as discussion cards, or on a weather chart or classroom calendar.

Download: Weather Cards

Season Downloads Free

Cloud Chart

This printable cloud chart can be used for kids to take outside and see if they can decide which cloud formations they see in the sky. This is for fun! It’s not appropriate to expect preschool children to learn the cloud names or correctly determine cloud formations. The children can practice observation skills by doing this activity.

Weather Sort & Classify

Season Movies Download

This set contains sorting mats with photo cards of each type of weather: rainy, stormy, cloudy, foggy, sunny, windy & snowy weather. Children sort the cards onto each mat. This is a perfect addition to a Science center during a Weather Unit. This set is available in my TPT shop.

Find more Weather Activities for Pre-K on the category page.

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