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To be fair, DCEU seemsto have a comeback recently with some good shows and movies like the 2018 TVshows Titans, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman.And with the reveal of Shazam 2019and especially Joker 2019, DCEU fans and movies in general are quite intriguedto see how DCEU will “redeem”themselves. Starting with 2019 Shazam this year, let’s have a Shazam review andsee how good DCEU is performing this time!

Who is Shazam?

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Frankly speaking, the name Shazam may not be as popular as other famous figures like Superman and Batman. But in DC hero pantheon, he is one of the most prominentheroes especially in the Justice League.

Originally, Shazam was actually called Captain Marvel (yes, and he was called like that way before MarvelComics’ introduction of their own CaptainMarvel a.k.a Carol Denver). Hisorigin is pretty much the same throughout DC history: He is a young orphannamed William Joseph “Billy” Batson who wandered FawcettCity as a newsboy. But then one day, he met a powerful wizard named Shazam who chose Billy to be hischampion of good. When Billy shouts the name “Shazam”, he will transform into an adult superhero with the powersof 6 deities: S – for the wisdom of Solomon, H – for the strength of Hercules,A – for the stamina of Atlas, Z – for the power of Zeus,A – for the courage of Achilles, and M – for the speed of Mercury.

At first, Shazam was known as Captain Marvel for quite a longtime until Marvel created their own version of Captain Marvel. Ultimately, DChad to officially name this character as… Shazam in order to avoid copyrightconflict with Marvel Comics.

What is 2019 Shazam?

Shazam Chrome

Similar to what MCU did, DCEU also learned the same plan byproducing movies to introduce DC characters, featuring films like Wonder Womanand Aquaman. 2019 Shazam is no different as it brings Shazam to the live-actionlandscape for the first time ever.

Judging by the trailers, it seems they still keep Shazam’sorigin story mostly similar to his comic counterpart. In short, Billy Batson (played by Asher Angel) is still an orphan;however, he seems to be a troublemaker. He also got adopted by a number offamilies in the past, but due to his distant personality, he could not getalong well with any of those foster families. Even so, his life finally changeswhen he gets adopted by the Vazquez family. Here he meets Freddie (played by Jack Dylan Grazer) – a fellow foster kidof Vazquez family who is a big fan of superheroes. Then one day, Billy rides asub-train but soon found the train to arrive at a bizarre underground cave.Here he meets Shazam (played by DjimonHounsou) – a proclaimed powerful wizard who grants him the power to becomea powerful grown-up superhero (played by ZacharyLevi). Suddenly gaining superpower is one thing, but what is Billy supposedto do with this “gift”? In that case,who can be a better advisor than his fellow foster friend – Freddie?

2019 Shazam starts on air on April 5, 2019 and so far, theearly reviews are saying that Shazam 2019 is really in a good shape. And sowith no further ado, let’s get onto 2019 Shazam review!

Before we get into the details, we have to say this: 2019Shazam is an extremely fun movie! It is so great for what it is! And as manypeople can already guess: this film purposely targets children audience. Thefilm really understands what it wants to be and how to meet its viewers’expectation.

If you already had a good time watching 2019 Shazam trailers, you will “have to” prepare because the movie itself even has much, much more funny moments. There are so many comedies that… to certain extent it may feel overwhelming. By the way, let’s remind us all that Shazam is a comedy-centric film, it is about comedy over action. And therefore, if you wish to see more flashy battles and actions, you will probably be disappointed.

So does that mean the visual is not great? Well not really. Although the budget for Shazam is quite low (about $80-$90M), the visual throughout this film is good enough in overall. Adobe illustrator 2020 mac free download windows 10. It may not be all that flashy and fancy like what we commonly see in superhero movies. But, the visual, the style, and the CGI look quite decent and they will not be a bothering. Also talking a bit about of style, many people also point out that this film resembles a lot like the classic superhero films back in the 70s-80s. It feels light-hearted and fresh, which makes it surprisingly fitting among the superhero-film landscape nowadays when there are so many heavy-themed superhero movies (not to mention Shazam’s release date is between Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame).

Now let’s discuss about the story and characters. As mentioned, 2019 Shazam tells an origin story of a DC hero named Shazam. His real identity is Billy Batson – an orphan who is known to be a troublesome kid. He was adopted by a number of foster families until he joins the Vazquez family where he meets Freddy – a fellow adopted kid who is a big superhero fan. One day, Billy “accidentally” arrives at a mysterious cave where he meets Shazam – a powerful ancient wizard. The wizard chooses Billy as his champion and bestows him the power to become an adult superhero when shouting the word “Shazam”. That said, Billy is still a 14-year-old schoolboy and for that reason, there will be lots, lots of things for him to learn about his newfound power and of course, his self.

First off, we have to commend Zachary Levi in this film. Heis so excellent and funny in this movie. As the matter of fact, he is the “comedy-central”. Every time he appears,we know that “good stuffs” arecoming. And although he does look silly (also he is really a “jerk” sometimes), it is perfect sincethis is a comedy superhero film about 14-year-old child transforming into agrown-up superhero.

Asher Angel also does a good job playing as Billy Batson’s true 14-year-old self. There is a nice balance between Levi and Angel, yet to be honest; Levi is so much of a show-stealer that we kinda miss him when he does not appear.

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Aside from the extremely fun comedy aspect, there are also emotional moments in the film. Most of those emotional scenes come from Billy’s foster family. The Vazquez family feels gentle and caring. They provide a strong emotional support especially for Billy, given the fact that Billy has a serious family issue in the past.

So what about Dr. Sivana – the main villain of this filmthen? In overall, Sivana is actually a decent villain. He has a properbackground story and there is a clear reason for what he does. He does notsuffer from “MCU’s villain problem”in which the villains tend to be extremely boring with no coherent story orpersonality. The biggest gripe with 2019 Shazam’s villain though is that: thereare so many things happened to Sivana which are now showed on screen. Itcreates a pacing issue in which audience finds it difficult to keep track onwhat’s really happening.

Aside from this problem, some people also feel that the musicin the film somehow does not match the context all the time. However, this canbe considered as small nitpick given the fact that this film is reallyself-aware. This film knows what it is doing, it knows its target audience andfor that reason, we can ignore a number of its problems and still have a greatfun with this film.

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In the end, 2019 Shazam is definitely an extremely fun,light-hearted movie in which people can have a great time with it. And despitesome of its issue like the pacing and probably the music, all of those issuescan still be ignored due to how funny and self-aware this movie is. Honestlyspeaking, this movie can easily be one of the best DCEU films to date. And forthat reason, the final verdict for 2019 Shazam is an 8/10!

And what about you?What do you think of Shazam 2019? Feel free to share with us and for now, thankyou and stay tune for more news in the future!

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