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Best Multi-Account Email Client I've tried! I'm a dual OS user (currently Windows 10 & macOS)- and I have been since 1996 (Windows XP & Mac OS8/9). Ever since my company dropped CC:Mail (circa '90s) and migrated to Microsoft Office and Outlook, I've been using it successfully on Windows and Mail on my macOS (ever since Mac OS X 10.6, Snow. Mac owners who use Gmail know Apple's Mail app for OS X is less than perfect when it comes to pushing emails from Google's service. AppleInsider weeded through a forest of third party apps to find.

  1. Notes: You can use Horizon Client for Mac OS X to securely access remote Windows-based applications, in addition to remote desktops. You can use remote Windows-based applications only if you are connected to a VMware Horizon 6.0 with View or later server.
  2. Apple Mail is arguably the best email client for Mac users. This Mac email client is well designed for the Apple ecosystem and works well with OS X and iOS devices. This built-in best Mac email client works well with most of the email providers. This includes Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and more.

Mail User Guide

Email messages that are digitally signed or encrypted can offer enhanced security when sending or receiving email.

Send digitally signed and encrypted emails

A digitally signed message lets your recipients verify your identity as the sender; an encrypted message offers an even higher level of security. To send signed messages, you must have a personal certificate in your keychain. To send encrypted messages, the recipient’s certificate must be in your keychain. Amazon household photos.

  1. In the Mail app on your Mac, choose File > New Message.

  2. Move the pointer over the From field, click the pop-up menu that appears, then choose the account for which you have a personal certificate in your keychain.

    A Signed icon (containing a checkmark) in the message header indicates the message will be signed when you send it.

  3. Address the message to recipients.

    An Encrypt (closed lock) icon appears next to the Signed icon if your keychain contains a personal certificate for every recipient; the icon indicates the message will be encrypted when you send it.

    If you don’t have a certificate for every recipient, you must send your message unencrypted. Click the Encrypt icon to replace the closed lock icon with an open lock icon.


Some mailing lists reject digitally signed messages because the signature is treated as an attachment. To send the message unsigned, click the Signed icon in your message; an x replaces the checkmark.

Note: If for some reason your certificate isn’t associated with your email address, or if you want to use your certificate with a different email address, Control-click the certificate in Keychain Access, choose New Identity Preference, and provide the requested information.

Receive digitally signed and encrypted emails

In the Mail app on your Mac, a Security field in the header area indicates whether a message is signed or encrypted.

  • A signed icon (a checkmark) appears in the header area of a signed message. To view the certificate details, click the icon.

    If the message was altered after it was signed, Mail displays a warning that it can’t verify the message signature.

  • A lock icon appears in the header area of an encrypted message. If you have your private key in your keychain, the message is decrypted for viewing. Otherwise, Mail indicates it can’t decrypt the message. See If Mail can’t decrypt emails.

If you want to include encrypted messages when you search for messages in Mail, set the option in the General pane of Mail preferences. The option enables Mail to search individual words, even though the message is stored encrypted.

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Opera Mail is an email client that works with any POP3 or IMAP mail account

Simple Fast Secure Email Client For Mac Os X 10.13

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Opera Mail is an easy-to-use e-mail client that works with any POP3 or IMAP mail account, including the popular ones like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail and others. Its intuitive and straightforward interface is one of its most important advantages. It also sports the famous tabbed view, a very important and popular invention which was featured first by the Opera web browser. The tabs make navigating your e-mail accounts, its folders and its main settings, a simple and fast job and they enable unique possibilities such as viewing multiple messages at once. Furthermore, setting up mail accounts can also be done with ease.

You can also use this handy and intuitive tool in order to label, filter and organize the messages with ease. Setting rules that sort the messages automatically is a really cool feature which will eventually ensure that your mails are always nicely-organized and tidied up.

Simple Fast Secure Email Client For Mac Os X 10.7

Though easy-to-use and lightweight, Opera Mail doesn’t make any compromise when it comes to the number of additional supported functions and features. Support for web feeds and newsgroups is also available, as well as a handy built-in contact manager.

Simple Fast Secure Email Client For Mac Os Xp

In conclusion, Opera Mail is like any other Opera products: it is reliable, handy, effective and it won’t disappoint you.


  • Supports both the POP3 or IMAP protocols
  • Easy-to-use, tabbed interface
  • Plenty of mail labelling, filtering and sorting possibilities
  • Free
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