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The hair care industry has seen a 3% expansion in 2012, adding revenue upwards to $49 billion with 15 billion units sold. By 2015, the market is expected to hit almost $58 billion. Should auld aquaintance be forgot.... This would provide the industry with a 18% expansion in just five years. Currently the EU holds 35% of the global market share with Procter & Gamble holding the top global position with more than 24% of the overall market value. The following selection of shampoo slogans have been seen in past hair advertisements and meant to inspire your own unique tagline.

Shea Baby Raw Shea Bar Soap is made of 100 percent pure unrefined shea butter, meaning it’s loaded with vitamins A, E and F, and the best baby soap for little ones with sensitive skin, eczema or diaper rash. Butt Shea Baby doesn’t just benefit your child: A portion of the profits helps provide education and medical care to kids and moms in. A soap, in essence, is the salt of a fatty acid. A soap molecule consists of a polar ionic hydrophilic end (“water-loving’ end) and a nonpolar, hydrophobic end (“water-hating” end). When soap is mixed with water, its molecules arrange themselves in the form of roughly spherical aggregates of 60 or so molecules. Shop for Soap and Shampoo at REI - FREE SHIPPING With $50 minimum purchase. Curbside Pickup Available NOW! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

A Breath of Fresh Air For Your Hair.
A Care Full of Nature.
A Crystal Touch For Your Hair.
A life full of Beauty.
A Moments of Shiny Hair.
A more elegant.
A power that cares you.
A shampoo so rich you only need to lather once.
A totally organic experience.
Add Some Shine to Your Style.
Always smooth.
An incredible rebirth for hair.
Be Beautiful Today.
Be Dynamic.
Be Everyone Today.
Be everyone you are.
Be Young ,Be Charming.
Beautiful hair is my look.
Because you’re worth it.
Choose only Curly Hairs.
Dandruff, What is That?
Do the style. Not the damage.
Everyday, is A Good Hair Day.
Expert care for demanding hair.
Expert Care For Your Hair.
Extra volume shampoo.
Feed scalp. Feed beauty.
Fights germs. Fights dandruff.
Find your blend.
For hair that shines with all its strength.
For Hair That You Love.
For healthy scalp and hair.
For radiantly alive hair.
For the healthy hair you love.
Fresh Life, Fresh hair.
Full of Exceptional Hair Care.
Full of Wildest Fantasies.
Get A Silky And Smooth Touch.
Get Extra Volume of Your Hair.
Get The Next Level Shampoo For Your Hair
Get The Secret Hair Therapy.
Give your hair just the right level of care.
Hair Beauty Full of Nature.
Hair fail control.
Hair so healthy it shines.
Hair So Strong. So Long.
hair that shine your day.
Haircare for the real world.
Have you had your daily serving?
Healthy Hair is Your Choice.
Healthy makes it happen.
Healthy natural dynamic.
Healthy Scalp for Healthy Life.
Healthy, shine….
I have switched, naturally.
I never knew you had dandruff.
Irresistibly Smooth.
Its Smart Women’s Choice.
Just Fabulous Hair.
Let nature go to your head.
Let the best of you shine through.
Let Yourself Bright.
Let’s Your Beauty Breathes.
Life is better with a little texture.
Live flake free.
Longer. Stronger. Better.
Makes hair stronger.
Making Your Hair Happy.
My glory from your style.
My Hair, My Passion.
Never dries, it beautifies.
No dandruff. Just fabulous hair.
No more tears.
Not Just Imagine. Prove That.
Nourished hair. Beautiful hair.
Now you can say goodbye to frizz.
Our glory from your style…
Protection for Hair.
Prove It Yourself.
Redefine The Hair Beauty.
Refresh Yourself Today.
Repair and Protect.
Revitalize yourself.
Right Level of Care.
Rock Your Hair Today.
Rock your senses.
Say goodbye to tangles.
Sexy Silk Full of Bottle.
Shine is Full of Love.
Shine the future.
So beautiful, charms from the inside out.
So Bright, So Charmy.
Spirit that so Strong.
Splash of Dew.
Spread The Love With Your Hair.
Stay faithful.
Stay Shine With Fine.
Step out beautiful everyday.
Strong is beautiful.
Stronger hair. Stronger you.
Stronger. Shinier hair inside out.
Super Shine is Super Fine.
Switch to Nature Today.
Take care.
Take your hair to paradise.
That’s how confident.
The Best And Perfect Care.
The Bright Hair For Bright Future.
The bright hair I like.
The deeper conditioner.
The joy of best hair.
The King of Royal Care.
The king of royal jelly.
The secret of beautiful hair.
The Secret of Long Hair.
The unbeatable body building system.
Turn heat into beautiful hair.
Unbottle your wildest fantasies.
Unleash the beauty of nature.
Wear your hair with pride.
We’re worth it too.
Where your beauty breathes.
You try, you decide.
You won’t believe it’s a dandruff shampoo.
You’ll love your hair.
25 Shampoo Industry Statistics and Trends You Need to Know About

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For those that spent countless hours and money maintaining the beauty of their hair, the following interesting list of facts about your hair may get you thinking about its many useful characteristics. Human hair can be used to make additives that is found in food such as pizza crusts and bagels, as well has found to be used for amino acids in soy sauce production.

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Q.Do I really need a bunch of different products to clean my laundry, dishes, body, hair, etc.? In the interest of using fewer products, especially when I travel, is there one product that would be best for all of the above areas? Why are there different products for dishes and laundry anyway? Why are there different products for hair and body? Is it all marketing?

Pittsburgh, PA

A. Dearest Beth,

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Cleaning up really should be such a simple task: Take something dirty, add water and soap, swish it around a bit, and boom, it’s clean. But anyone who has ever been down the cleaning aisle knows that we’ve managed to make it a lot more complicated than that.

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On a recent shopping trip, I counted different, specialized soapy products for one’s hair, face, body, hands, dishes (two kinds there – one for handwashing and one for dishwashers), white clothes, dark clothes, delicate clothes, dogs with regular skin, and hamsters with eczema. (I may have made that last one up.)

It’s easy to look at this parade of bottles and think, as you have done, Can’t I just buy one and be done with it?

The answer: Well, sort of. Under all their muck-busting claims and spanking-fresh scents, these cleaning products all basically do the same thing: Grab grease and dirt and wash them away. But there’s a surprising amount of chemistry going on under all these suds, and carefully calibrated ingredients in the different formulas really do give you different results. That’s not to say all these ingredients are necessary or even healthy, Beth, but they are different.

The most basic distinction comes down to soap versus detergent. Soaps, technically, are made from natural fats or oils combined with an alkali (traditionally, lye). And they do scrub away our undesirables – but their main weakness is a tendency to react with minerals in water to form a nasty soap scum residue. Detergents battle this problem by adding chemicals called surfactants, which keep soap scum at bay, reduce the surface tension of water, and attack grease on a molecular level – all of which boost their cleaning powers. These days, most of the cleaners you mention – laundry, shampoo, dishes – are actually detergents.

From there, like graduate students choosing their thesis topics, detergents become even more specialized. When you shampoo, it’s a detergent that actually washes oil out of your tresses. But we’ve all come to expect more from our shampoo than just a clean coif, so added ingredients condition hair for shininess, increase lather, and toss in color and fragrance. (Your hair doesn’t have to smell like apples to be clean, but many of us just can’t quit the idea that sweet scents equal good hygiene – and that’s marketing.) Similarly, body wash products often contain extra moisturizers because plain soap or detergents can be drying.

It’s the same deal with the detergents we apply to our roasting pans and grass-stained jeans: Basic surfactants do the dirty work, but extra chemicals give us more targeted results. Dish soaps are often much harsher than the ones we take into the shower, with added bleach and a higher pH to break down food chunks. And laundry detergents may contain stain-fighting enzymes and polymers much tougher than what we need to use on our bodies, plus bright dyes for the illusion of blindingly white whites.

All this is to say that you certainly could use one do-it-all detergent, Beth, as long as you’re satisfied with your results. You might have to give up a touch of glossiness in your hair or brightness in your T-shirts, but all your washables would still get squeaky clean. I’m not in the business of pushing particular brands, but you’ve probably already heard other green-minded people singing the praises of Dr. Bronner’s castile soaps for everything from hair-washing to toilet-sudsing. That could be a good one to try, even if you decide to simplify your soaps only whilst traveling.

And if you opt to keep your cleaning products diversified, I should note that all of these added ingredients we’ve been talking about – and indeed, some of the surfactants themselves – may pose some troubling risks to the environment and our health, from the hormone-addling phthalates we see in scented soaps to laundry-soap substances that pollute our waterways. As always, I point you to the Environmental Working Group and GoodGuide to help suss out the safest, greenest choices. And if you want to know exactly what goes into your potions, plus save money and reduce packaging (yay!), you can always go the DIY route. Here are some tips on making your own shampoo, laundry detergent, and dish soap.

May you find the simplest detergent that meets your needs and be done with it! There’s only so much brain space we should devote to soap, after all.



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