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SongBook Chordpro for iOS runs on all iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices with iOS 8 or later. It is compatible with iOS 13 and the latest iPhones and iPads. When you upgrade to a new version, all songs and settings will be preserved. You'll find the complete version history at the bottom of this document. [email protected] More apps by this developer Product features All your songs together in one universal digital songbook Displays chords and lyrics clearly and concisely for easy playing Full pdf support for playing from sheet music. . 30 day free trial. SongbookPro replaces all the hassle of carrying and organizing your chord charts and lyrics with a simple app on your windows laptop or tablet. A fantastic tool for guitarists, bassists, vocalists or anybody using chord charts, lyrics or sheet music, SongbookPro. I just got a new iPad for using SongBook. With no experience in this, I see that on this forum people are using SongBook+. As I went to download that, I find that there is also a SongBook Pro. Which one are people here using? Is there much of a difference? I can't tell, except the SBPro is only $5.99 and SB+ has a monthly/yearly/forever price. Please understand that Songbooks Online is NOT a source for actual Karaoke Songs. It is designed as a modern means of replacing the hard to find, and often harder to read, PRINTED Songbooks commonly found at Karaoke Shows, and used by patrons to choose their song requests.

Rather than carry around sheets of paper for everybody, fumblingand trying to find the right song sheet etc., you can use yourcomputer to help automate this process.

Geometry dash icon maker. A chordpro file (signified by a .pro extension) is not a fancy fileformat, but it gets the job done and is easy to edit with any editorlike notepad. You can google 'chordpro' and read all about the formatif you like.

If you have a iPad or a Android tablet you can have all of yoursongs with you wherever you go. Linkedwith DropBox and everybody canbe on the same page. Worst case you have all of the music you know atyour fingertips. There are two apps, one for iPads(OnSong)and the other for Android and PCs(Songbook)that will work with .pro file to render them nicely on your iPad orAndroid tablet. And Songbook also works on your Windows PC whereyou can print out copies of the songs if you inist on dealing withpaper.

Finally, you could go to my website and render any of the songs inmy Songbook using the web (described below).

Chordpro file format

You can goto you'll see a list of all the files in that directory, the .profiles of the songs I have. You can click on any of them but what youwill get is an unrendered version of the .pro file. For example: Ifyou click on Brown Eyed you'll see:

You see things like {t:Brown Eyed Girl} (title) and {key:G} as wellas embedded tags for the chords ([G], [C], etc). Doesn't look aspretty right? But when you include the webchord.cgi portion you arerunning a script named webchord.cgi which reads the file from theparameter chordpro (that's why you need the portion)and then reformats stuff into HTML that looks pretty, centering thetitle of the song, putting the chords over the words and bolding thetext between {soc} and {eoc} (start of chorus, end of chorus). Sogiven the above SongTitle='Brown Eyed Girl' we can formulate the URLto render it thusly:

Songbook Pro Eyed

You can do the same thing for the other songs there too.

Songbook Pro App Tutorial

I should just write a quick script that gets all of the .pro filesin the directory songbook/Songs and then formulates a page of linksthat have the webchord.cgi links to render them like:

  • ..

You have to fill in the <SongTitle> portion of the link. So, forexample, you take:<SongTitle>.pro

Songbook Pro Manual

pop it into the address bar of your browser then change <SongTitle>to the title of the song you want to render:


  • URLs are case sensitive! is not the same as
  • Browsers tend to change spaces in a URL to %20. %20 is the octal representation for a space character. So if you see %20 in a URL like Don't fear - they're merely spaces.

Songbook for PC

Songbook Pro Files

You can get a Windows PC version of Songbookat Itwill run on your PC and render songs like:

Songbook Pro Foot Trigger

It's $20 and you can even print out your stuff if you still usepaper or need paper for other people.