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Hi, I've got 2 sites. One has a Cisco 881 and the other has a Sophos UTM. I configured a Site-to-site IPsec tunnel between the two devices, the tunnel is up but there's no traffic flowing from the cisco to the sophos. When I ping from the sophos to Cisco I see my decap packet count increasing.

Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) policies specify a set of encryption and authentication settings for an Internet Key Exchange (IKE).

  • In Sophos XG Firewall version 17 the ability to have an IPsec tunnel with IKEv2 has been implemented.This article explains how to enable IKEv2 for IPsec VPN connections. Previously IKEv2 was not supported on Sophos XG Firewall and this update allows enhanced compatibility and improved security. The following sections are covered.
  • Failed to establish IKEv2 VPN tunnel on ASAv with Sophos Firewall Configured the following on ASAv: object network LOCAL. Host object network REMOTE. Host nat (inside,outside) source static LOCAL LOCAL.
  • VPN: IKE V2 Support lprikockis01 over 7 years ago last 'rumor' I heard (admittedly from someone who works for Sophos but who knows.) is that there are some major upgrades to the ipsec infrastructure (StrongSwan) planned for v10. Most likely 10.0 is a year or more.

You can use policies when setting up IPsec or L2TP connections. The default set of policies supports some commonly used VPN deployment scenarios.

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  • To duplicate a policy, click Duplicate .
Tip Hardware acceleration is available for IPsec VPN connections on XG 125 Rev.3, XG 135 Rev.3, and XG 750 appliance models. It is turned on by default. To turn it off, go to the command line console.

General settings

Key exchange
Internet Key Exchange (IKE) version to use. IKEv2 requires less bandwidth than IKEv1 and has EAP authentication and NAT traversal included, among other improvements.
Authentication mode
Mode to use for exchanging authentication (phase 1) information.
Key negotiation tries
Maximum number of key negotiation trials.
Allow re-keying
Allow the negotiation to be initiated automatically by either peer before the current key expires.
Pass data in compressed format
Pass data in compressed format to increase throughput.
SHA2 with 96-bit truncation
Available only for IKEv1. Enable truncation of SHA2 to 96 bits.

Phase 1

Key life
Lifetime of the key, in seconds.
Re-key margin
Time, in seconds, of the remaining life of the key after which the negotiation process should be re-attempted.
Randomize re-keying margin by
Factor by which the re-keying margin is randomized.
DH group
Diffie–Hellman group to use for encryption.
Algorithm combinations
Combination of encryption and authentication algorithms to use to ensure the integrity of the data exchange.

Phase 2

PFS group
Perfect Forward Secrecy group (Diffie–Hellman group) to use to force a new key exchange for each phase 2 tunnel.
Key life
Lifetime of the key, in seconds.
Algorithm combinations
Combination of encryption and authentication algorithms to use to ensure the integrity of the data exchange.

Dead peer detection

Sophos Ikev2

Ikev2 Sophos Xg

Dead peer detection
Check at specified interval to see whether peer is active.
Check peer after every
Interval, in seconds, at which peer is checked.
Wait for response up to
Time, in seconds, to wait for a peer response.
When peer unreachable
Action to take when peer is determined to be inactive.