Sophos Xg 125 Firewall


You can reimage hardware, virtual, and software appliances.

Sophos XG 125 & XG 125W Firewalls Sophos XG Firewall brings a fresh new approach to the way you manage your firewall, respond to threats, and monitor what’s happening on your network. If there is multiple firewall rules from VPN to LAN zones, then put the above firewall rule at the top of the list as described in Sophos XG Firewall: How to change firewall rule order. It is possible for the remote host to access the internet via the XG Firewall. The Sophos XG 125 firewall appliances are ideal for small businesses, branch offices, remote locations and retail. Call a Specialist Today! Call a Specialist Today! 877-352-0546 Free Shipping! Toggle navigation. Central Endpoint: Intercept X Advanced with EDR.


You use a bootable USB flash drive to reimage the device.

Sophos xg 125 firewall software
Caution Reimaging deletes all the data on XG Firewall. Save a recent configuration backup.

Reimage XG Firewall

You can reimage XG FirewallStand by me doraemon 1080p download free. with any firmware version.

Sophos Xg 125 Firewall Pro

Use a bootable USB flash drive and reimage the device.

Sophos Xg 125 Firewall Specifications

  1. Download and burn an ISO image to a bootable USB flash drive.
    1. Go to Sophos Licensing Portal and sign in.
    2. Go to Network Protection > Download Installers and select the required hardware, virtual, or software installer.
    3. Download balenaEtcher, a free tool to create a bootable USB flash drive.
    4. Run balenaEtcher and accept the license agreement.
    5. Insert a USB flash drive in your endpoint device. Select the firmware image you downloaded.
      Note The USB flash drive will be formatted. You'll lose all data on it.
    6. Click Flash and wait for the tool to create a flash drive that can restart the firewall, and wait for validation.
  2. To reimage XG Firewall, do the following:
    1. Power off XG Firewall.
    2. Optional To monitor the installation, connect an SVGA monitor to the SVGA port of XG Firewall.

      If it doesn't have an SVGA port, use an LCD panel to monitor the installation.

    3. Insert the bootable USB flash drive you created in XG Firewall.
    4. Power on XG Firewall.
    5. To enter the BIOS, press the Delete key when XG Firewall is starting. Make sure USB Key is the first boot option in the BIOS.
    6. Save and exit the BIOS.

      The firewall restarts.

    7. Sophos Firmware Installer starts reimaging XG Firewall.
    8. Monitor the installation.
    9. After the firmware is installed, remove the USB flash disk and type y to restart XG Firewall.
    10. XG Firewall restarts with the default configuration.
    11. Sign in and restore the configuration you want.