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  1. The Doll In The Garden Pdf free. download full
  2. The Doll In The Garden Pdf Free Download Free
  3. The Doll In The Garden Pdf
  4. The Doll In The Garden Pdf Free Download Pdf
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Some of you asked when we were going to add some instant download printables to the shop, so here are the first ones. They’re rather time consuming to design and make up to scale. Surprisingly time consuming in fact, but there are more to come. In fact, there are a couple of knitted patterns in the making too.

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The kits are PDFs, ready to download, print out and make up yourself. No waiting weeks for the slow boat from Australia’s ever slowing postal service.

All you need is a printer, scissors (or better still, a sharp craft knife) and glue. Print out the sheet, follow the instructions and cut out the pieces, glue them together and they’re ready to use!

Miniature sewing patterns have proven very popular, inspired by real patterns, edited and scaled to 1/12 scale. . Ready for your miniature sewing room, haberdashery shop, or even on a shelf in your sewing room!

Sewing Patterns from the 1930’s decade onwards are currently available, but check the store for other decades, as I’m always working on new things.

1930’s sewing patterns

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18 sewing patterns from the 1930s PDF instant download kit

1940’s sewing patterns

1950’s sewing patterns

The Doll In The Garden Pdf free. download full

1960s and 1970’s sewing patterns

20 sewing patterns from the 1960’s and 1970s PDF instant download kit ( ACCESSORIES NOT INCLUDED)

1960’s and 1970’s sewing patterns are also available made up for you, with a miniature pattern box to put them in.

Gardening Instant Download PDF patterns

There are also miniature garden items. Peter Rabbit’s own seed supply is another instant PDF download kit of six seed packets, each packet has a different design, and label and is printed front and back of the pack when they are made up.

You can get Peter Rabbit’s 6 seed pack printable PDF, download instantly, here (the box is not included in the PDF):

The made up miniature has a small wooden crate for the seed packets to sit in. You can get the seed packet with wooden box made up for you, here.

Vintage Seed Packets

12 vintage vegetable seed packets are ready for you to download and make up from this instant download PDF.

Or have them made up for you. Get the ready made packets here.


There are several PDF instant download books for you to make up too.

The Doll In The Garden Pdf Free Download Free

The Botanist’s Repository (abridged)

The very abridged version of the Botanist’s Repository is part of a botanical book originally published in the late 1700’s. Get the PDF instant download kit here.


The Doll In The Garden Pdf

Or, Divine Miniature’s bestselling made up book of the Botanist’s Repository, with 56 illustrated and written pages, is available here.

The Doll In The Garden Pdf Free Download Pdf

Beautiful Butterflies

The Doll In The Garden Book online, free

See more ways to decorate your dollhouse with some of our previous articles:
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And don’t forget to check out the store. We add things all the time.

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