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Apache Tomcat is one of the most widely used web application servers in the world. It is an open-source project of Apache Software Foundation. It is written in Java. It is used for implementing servlet containers and Java Server Pages (JSP) in Java. Tomcat calls the servlet's destroy method to smoothly remove the servlet. This action is triggered either by a state change that is being listened for, or by an external command delivered to Tomcat to undeploy the servlet's Context or shut down the server. Combination of components. It's the moment every gardener dreads - you walk out to enjoy your beautiful garden and are met by plants that have been so chewed up that they are unrecognizable. Tomcat® Repellents Animal Repellent Ready-To-Use protects your landscape and garden from this greenery assault. Tomcat is normally defined as a reference implementation of the Java Servlet and the Java Server Page (JSP) Specifications. It basically executes Java servlets and renders web pages which include JSP coding. It is available on the Apache site in both source and binary versions.

For the Tomcat job perspective, you may be asked a number of questions like up gradation, server maintenance, managing users and about the new features. Apache Tomcat and Apache http server were created for the different porpoises but most of the times people confused about their functionality just because they solve the same issues. Along with the tomcat interview questions preparing for the other necessary segments like default ports, web containers and Apache Tomcat is also beneficial.

Here is a list of most commonly asked tomcat interview questions so that you can prepare for your next job interview. Keep one thing in mind that just by reading you won't get the fundamentals so make sure you also know the functioning associated with Tomcat. An eligible candidate also knows the installation, virtual hosting functions and security of web server. If you have practically worked over it then this will prove to be an add-on.

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Below are the list of Best Apache Tomcat Interview Questions and Answers

Tomcat It

1) What is Apache Tomcat?

Apache Tomcat is also referred to Tomcat Server which is developed by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). It is an open-source Java Servlet Container. Tomcat executes various Java EE specs comprises of JavaServer Pages (JSP), Java Servlet, WebSocket and Java EL and gives you a 'pure Java'. It provides you with an efficient HTTP web server environment in which Java code can operate.

Tomcat is managed and maintained by open community developers under the aegis of Apache Software Foundation.

2) What is Tomcat?

Tomcat is a basically a web server and a java servlet container from Apache Foundation. It can be used solitary as well as with the web servers. Most of its recent versions are static content with the speed same as http. It uses the request message exchange pattern to solve the web servers and pages.

Tomcat It Support

3) What is a servlet container in Apache Tomcat?

It is a component of a web server that is interacting with Java servlets. It is also held responsible for the management life cycles of servlets, mapping a URL for a particular servlet and assuring that the request has always the genuine access. Servlet containers also handle the request from servlets, Java server pages files and many other including the server side code.

4) What is Catalina in Apache Tomcat?

Once Jasper has done the compilation it converts JSP into the servlet and allows Catalina to handle further. Catalina is a Tomcat's servlet container. It also implements all of the specifications for Java server pages and servlets. Catalina is a Java engine which is built into Tomcat providing an environment for the servlets to run efficiently.

5) What is Tomcat cluster?

In order to manage the large applications Tomcat cluster is used. It is used more efficiently for load balancing and for managing most of the traffic, Apache Tomcat cluster is utilized. For the Tomcat server, it can provide multiple instances based on its content.

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6) What is Tomcat high availability?

It is a feature which is added in Tomcat in order to facilitator schedules of system upgrades without actually affecting the live environment. By dispatching the live traffic request from the main server to a temporary server on an entirely different port this is done. It is terminated until the main server is upgraded on the main port. It is a very beneficial feature to deal with the request on a high traffic web application.

7) Do you have any idea about the history of Tomcat?

Start Tomcat Service

Tomcat initially started as a servlet reference which was implemented by James Duncan Davidson. He was known as a software architect at Sun Microsystems Group. He was the person who started helping to make the open source project and work as a fusion for Sun Microsystems and Apache Software Foundation. The most tragic part of Tomcat with the development of this and another Apache was that a software automation tool also got developed as a side effect.

8) Who according to you is responsible for the Tomcat Foundation?

The Apache Software Foundation is an organization that looked after most of the open source projects. Jakarta is the name of the Java-based project on this foundation and Tomcat is a web server which is handling server data off Java. Tomcat is basically a part of the Apache Jakarta project and a reference for the implementation of servlet and JSP standards.

9) What do you understand by Tomcat default port and can it used SSL?

The default port allocated for Tomcat is 8080. Well, it can be changed by editing the file under the conf folder name in the Tomcat install directory server.xml. By changing the property to the desired port connector port =”8080” and then restart the Tomcat so that it can save changes can be implemented.

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Tomcat can use SSL but for that, you need to make some configuration. You have to do the following tasks-

  • Generate a keystore
  • Then add a connector in server.xml
  • Restart Tomcat

10) What is the server server.xml configuration file mean?

The server.xml file is the main Tomcat configuration file which is responsible for specifying the entire setup and Tomcat configuration while startup.

11) What does web.xml configuration file means?

This file is derived from the servlet specification in Tomcat. It contains information which is used to deploy the components on web applications or servers.

12) What do you understand by Tomcat-users.xml configuration file?

Under the Tomcat-users.XML configuration files, the entire Tomcat users are specified and defined. It is located in the conf folder in the server root of Tomcat.

13) What is a connector and how is it used in Tomcat?

The connectors in the Apache project are a part of the project itself providing web server plug-in for the connection of web service with Tomcat and all the other back-ends. The consequent supported Web Servers are-

  • Apache http server with a plug-in named mod_jk.
  • Microsoft IIS with a plug-in named ISAPI redirector.
  • iplanet web server with a plug-in named NSAPI redirector.

14) What is Jasper?

The name of the Tomcat JSP engine is Jasper. It passes the JSP files for the compilation of them into Java code as servlets. With the running time, it detects all of the changes in JSP files and recompiles them often. Jasper is also the Java server pages Handler and internally it deals with the necessary compiling.

15) Tell us something about Coyote?

A connected component for the Tomcat's project is Coyote, which supports the HTTP 1.1 protocol as a web server. It allows Catalina to act as a basic web server by serving the local files as HTTP documents. It also deals with the incoming connections for a server with the specific TCP port and forwards the request messages to the Tomcat engine. Once a response is received it forwards it back to the client.

16) What is a host and context in Tomcat?

The host is an element in Tomcat. It is an association in a network name for the server. Context, on the other hand, is an element which represents a web application, running with a particular virtual host. Web applications are based on the Web Application Archive (WAR) file or correlating directory which is having all the unpacked contents specified with the servlet description.

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Other fundamentals

Tomcat it free

Apache Tomcat is also referred to as Tomcat server. It is an Open source java container servlet which was developed by Apache software foundation (ASF). Its features are as-

  • It is an absolute lightweight application.
  • It provides freedom as it is an open source project.
  • More stability to the server.
  • Enhanced security levels.

Some Pros

  • Its installation is easy and runs over a single application deployment.
  • Easy deployment of applications in prod.
  • Its integration with eclipse is easy.

Some Cons

  • It is entirely Java based.
  • Making changes in the server configuration is a tricky job.

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