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Trying to install the Epic Games Launcher so I can download and use Unreal Engine, asked Epic Games support about this and they redirected me here (odd since I would think that this is an issue with the launcher itself and not Unreal Engine?).

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Basically, every time I try to use the launcher, it gets stuck on an updating screen and gives me a SU-MD-HSH error. https://imgur.com/oKzBaAB

First, you will need to download the Unreal Engine plug-in for Agora.io SDK from their community repository here and then open it in your previously downloaded Unreal Editor. Agora SDK for Unreal. According to Epic, Unreal Engine 4 features full support for OS X and they seem to be working on adding compatibility for platforms like Steam and Unix and emerging devices like the Oculus Rift. Unreal Engine 4 is also getting HTML5 support and Mozilla just previewed the engine’s famous Soul and Swing Ninja demos, running in Firefox at near.

website says,

'Exit the Epic Games Launcher entirely. Navigate to the following directory: /Users/{user name}/Library/Preferences/Unreal Engine/EpicGamesLauncher/Mac/ Open the Engine.ini file in a text editor. Edit the file to include the following: [Launcher] ForceNonSslCdn=false

Note: If the file has the above entry saying true change it to false. If you don't see the above entry at all in the file then copy and paste it into the file. Save the file. Try launching the Epic Games Launcher.'

however, there's no engine.ini file in the launcher files. https://imgur.com/t8WGPlE

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the launcher multiple times now, and I've experienced the same exact thing every time. Please help

The newly announced cross-platform Unreal Engine 5, coming to Mac and iOS, utilizes new rendering techniques to achieve a whole new level of realism and detail.

Two new technologies will be introduced in the Unreal Engine update, which will enable game designers to make games with more detail and better design.

The first technology detailed is called 'Nanite.' The new feature allows artists to use film-quality source material with no limit to the number of polygons used. To put it simply, photo-realistic assets like rocks and buildings will be able to be rendered without a limit to detail. Jitsi meet download. Epic says that these high resolution textures and objects will make a game world feel more alive, allowing players to sink into cinematic experiences that they control.

Scenes like this were only possible during cutscenes before

The second technology called 'Lumen' is a new global illumination solution. Lumen will perform all lighting calculations in real time to prevent annoying conditions like 'pop-in' where shadows and details show up well after they are supposed to.

Unreal Engine 5 uses Lumen to accomplish realistic lighting

Unreal Engine Download For Making

To take full advantage of Unreal Engine 5, developers will need the latest in gaming hardware like the upcoming Playstation 5, or an advanced gaming PC. That doesn't leave other gamers out though, as the new engine works with all current consoles and iOS, Mac, and Android devices too. While you won't be able to achieve the same cinematic quality as those high end machines, a game using Unreal Engine 5 on your iPhone or iPad will still benefit from these new technologies.

The press release from Epic Games detail an early 2021 preview phase with a full release in late 2021. Developers who license Unreal Engine now can get started developing their games, as the next version will be fully forward compatible.


To show their commitment to the next generation in gaming, Epic will release Fortnite on next generation consoles and update the game for Unreal Engine 5 in mid-2021.

Unreal Engine Free Download For Mac

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