War Thunder Press Account


Ever wonder what is the Golden Eagles why and what can be thanks to him? I Already you explain, it simple. Golden Eagles is a special currency in the game War Thunder with which we have literally everything – weapons, aircraft, equipment, tanks, other vehicles, a premium account and much more. Manufacturers have created this currency, and through it they want to generate profits for their own needs.

  • All items that can be bought or sold at the Market are displayed in the game and can be used in your War Thunder account. These items can be found in your inventory along with your other items. You can find them by going to “Store” → “Inventory.” Select an item and click on “Use” to use it on your account.
  • War Thunder is the most comprehensive free-to-play MMO military game dedicated to aviation, armoured vehicles, and naval craft from World War II and the Cold War. Join now and take part in major battles on land, in the air, and at sea, fighting with millions of players from.
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Special offer

  • “Ultra” bundle – price 83.97€ / FREE
  • “Heavy Armor” bundle – price 59.95€ / FREE
  • “Close Air Support” bundle – price 48.77€ / FREE
  • “Royal Guard” bundle – price 85.46€ / FREE
  • “Wings of Victory” bundle – price 119.15€ / FREE
  • “Tracks of Victory” bundle – price 82.37€ / FREE

Amount of Golden Eagles

War Thunder Press Account For Sale

  • 150 GE – price 0.99 € / FREE
  • 500 GE – price 2.99 € / FREE
  • 1000 GE – price 5.99 € / FREE
  • 2500 GE – price 13.99 € / FREE
  • 5000 GE – price 24.99 € / FREE
  • 10000 GE – price 49.99 € / FREE
  • 15000 GE – price 71.99 € / FREE
  • 20000 GE – price 94.99€ / FREE
  • 25000 GE – price 114.99€ / FREE

Free War Thunder Jet Accounts

Premium Account

  • Premium account 20 days – price 7.49€ / FREE
  • Premium account 20 days + 1500 GE – price 15.99€ / FREE
  • Premium account 60 days – price 19.99€ / FREE
  • Premium account 20 days + 3000 GE – price 21.49€ / FREE
  • Premium account 100 days – price 26.99€ / FREE
  • Premium account 180 days – price 39.99€ / FREE

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