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Whatthefont App For Macnewpb
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Whatthefont App For Mac New Pb Codes

It's a special version of Myriad Pro called AppleMyriad. You can usually get away with LuciaGrande if you can't afford to buy Myriad Pro from Adobe (though it does come with Indesign if you have that). I created a theme a while back called Keynote Address that tried to mimic his presentation look. I even sell a Myriad version of it (though you still have to already own Myriad Pro to use it). These days he's changed it up a bit and started using reflections more, but you might want to take a look at Keynote Address anyway, if you like his style. It's at http://www.keynoteuser.com/prothemes/keynoteaddress.html
You can emmulate the look pretty easily with the default gradient theme in Keynote and a font change, plus editing the chart colors if you need to.
There's also this from Keynote Theme Park:
Scroll down to Reflections. It's not exactly like Steve's stuff, but it allows you to get reflections on anything, not just photos like Keynote 3 allows.
Hope that helps 🙂

Whatthefont App For Mac New Pb Free

Apr 30, 2006 4:13 AM

Whatthefont App For Mac New Pb Download

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