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It’s easy to spend a day (or two) exploring North Carolina’s wine trails. Take a tasting tour through small towns, meet local wine makers and sip a variety of unique blends.

Shallow FordWine Trail

Nestled in the Yadkin Valley, these four vineyards sit only minutes apart.

Southern GatewayWine Trail

Find out how to pair your favorite wine with dinner, learn about the winemaking and production process, and ask your burning questions about wine or grapes at the different winery tours and events held throughout the year. A great place for group tours, corporate functions, or a wedding, the Finger Lakes wineries make a great place to host events.

  1. Start building a wine tasting itinerary, locate the winery or tasting room of your favorite wines, or find inspiration to plan your next wine country experience. Download the complete map of wineries, appellations, and towns.
  2. Sip, Swirl and Savor the Flavor of the Region. Tour the Lake Erie Grape Belt’s more than 30,000 vineyard acres along a 50-mile Lake Erie wine trail, including 23 wineries known collectively as Lake Erie Wine Country, plus the Grape Discovery Center in Westfield, NY. Growers in Chautauqua County produce approximately 65% of New York State’s total annual grape harvest, which is then used in.

This wine trail pairs well with the section of the Historic Barbecue Trail that also runs through Lexington.

Wine Tour Map Traverse City

Swan CreekWine Trail

Wine Tour Map Kelowna

Visit four wineries within 5 miles of each other just west of Winston-Salem.


Uwharrie MountainsWine Trail

Iphoto 9.0 full download. Enjoy a selection of European varietals and blends made from native muscadine grapes.

Yadkin RiverWine Trail

Explore five Yadkin Valley wineries along the Yadkin River just outside of Winston-Salem.

On this site, you can quickly and easily find all the details you need to book your wine tour in France - anywhere in France!
You'll find a map below showing all the wine tour regions throughout France - just click on the France region you’re interested in and you’ll find what wine tours are available, plus a host of information on the region. Why not check out the French Wine Tours page for an overview of the wine tour regions.


The great thing about visiting vineyards during wine tours in France is that you are seeing a way of life that, in essence, has changed very little in centuries - a way of life in which man and nature combine in harmony to produce great wine – a constant pleasure in an uncertain world.
So, if you’re thinking of a holiday including some wine-tasting, or want to do some more concentrated tasting, Wine Tour France will make an excellent destination.
If you're already here in France and are looking for a day's wine-tasting, get in touch by email or phone ('Contact Us'), we can often arrange last-minute visits!
If you're staying in Paris (or going to be staying in Paris) take a look at the Alsace and Champagne Wine Tours pages. Our local guides there can help you plan and arrange a wine tour in their areas - no need for a car.


All the wine tours in France available via this site are run not by big commercial operations or by out-of-town winetour companies, but by local people, living on the spot, all of whom speak English; some also offer accommodation.
This means that you get access to hard-to-find local vineyards, chateaux and restaurants and get a real taste of the local way of life in your area.

This New Year we're offering a great new range of one-day tours in the Bordeaux region. The tours are planned so that, if you're staying in Bordeaux, you'll have plenty of time for a leisurely breakfast and be back in time for an evening meal in town.

On Wednesdays, we visit St Julien
On Fridays, we visit Margaux

Wine Tour Map Of Tuscany Italy

Wine Tour Map

Wine Tour Map Of Michigan

Prices: 70 euros a head (30 euros for under-16s). There is a 10% discount for groups of 4 or more.

Wine Tour Map

For details of these, and other tours in the Bordeaux area, please Click Here to visit the BORDEAUX / WINE TOURS page