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Exact time now, time zone, time difference, sunrise/sunset time and key facts for Zulu Time. The Military Time Clock shown above defaults to military time based on your current local time showing you what time it is in military time right now where you are. Keep in mind that the current military time clock on this page features a colon (“:”) between the minutes and the seconds. Here’s a crystal clear look at why now is the optimal time for Gen Z to begin investing for the long run, including hard-dollar examples of the fortunes that can be potentially made.

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Formats a time value using U.S. English time formatting conventions.


A custom-formatted time value. If no mask is specified, returns a time value using the hh:nn tt format. For international time formatting, see LSTimeFormat.


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Date and time functions, Display and formatting functions


Function syntax

See also

CreateTime, Now, ParseDateTime, LSTimeFormat, DateFormat


What Time Z

ColdFusion 10: The mask 'm or M' for minute is deprecated. Recommended 'n or N'.

ColdFusion MX 6.1: Added the mask character L or l to represent milliseconds.

ColdFusion MX:

READY Tools - Time Conversion Table

  • Changed the way extra characters are processed: this function processes extra characters within the maskvalue differently than in earlier releases, as follows:
    • ColdFusion 5 and earlier: the function returns the time format and an apostrophe-delimited list of the extra characters. For example, TimeFormat(Now(), 'hh:mm:ss dog') returns 8:17:23 d'o'g.
    • ColdFusion MX: the function returns the time format and the extra characters. For example, for the call above, it returns 8:17:23 dog.
      If the extra characters are single-quoted (for example, hh:mm:ss 'dog'), ColdFusion 5 and ColdFusion MX return the time format and the extra characters: 8:17:23 dog.
  • Added support for the following mask parameter options: short, medium, long, and full.


24 Hr Zulu Time




A date/time value or string to convert


Masking characters that determine the format:

  • h: hours; no leading zero for single-digit hours (12-hour clock)
  • hh: hours; leading zero for single-digit hours (12-hour clock)
  • H: hours; no leading zero for single-digit hours (24-hour clock)
  • HH: hours; leading zero for single-digit hours (24-hour clock)
  • n: minutes; no leading zero for single-digit minutes
  • nn: minutes; a leading zero for single-digit minutes
  • s: seconds; no leading zero for single-digit seconds
  • ss: seconds; leading zero for single-digit seconds
  • k: hour in day (1-24)
  • K: hour in AM/PM (0-11)
  • l or L: milliseconds, with no leading zeros
  • t: one-character time marker string, such as A or P
  • tt: multiple-character time marker string, such as AM or PM
  • short: equivalent to h:mm tt
  • medium: equivalent to h:mm:ss tt
  • long: medium followed by three-letter time zone; as in, 2:34:55 PM EST
  • full: same as long
  • z: Time zone in literal format, for example, GMT
  • Z: Time zone in hours of offset (RFC 822 TimeZone), for example, +0530
  • X: Time zone in hours of offset in ISO 8601 format. The following are the three ways of using 'X':
    • X: +05
    • XX: +0530
    • XXX: +05:30

Zulu Time In Chicago


When passing a date/time value as a string, enclose it in quotation marks. Otherwise, it is interpreted as a number representation of a date/time object.Database query results for date and time values can vary in sequence and formatting unless you use functions to format the results. To ensure that dates and times display with appropriate formatting, and that users of your ColdFusion application are not confused by dates and times displayed, Adobe recommends that you use the DateFormat and TimeFormat functions to format date and time values from queries.


Z Time Now Zulu Time (Coordinated Universal Time)


07:26:56, UTC
07:26:56, +0000
07:26:56, Z
07:26:56, Z
07:26:56, Z