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Some of our Designers have had questions about the banners you can add to your new, soon-to-launch profiles and storefronts. Here are a few pointers on creating an image that will best represent you and your brand.

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Zazzle Logo Maker

Your banner must be greater than 1140 x 315 pixels or 3.8” x 1.05” inches to appropriately fill out the space. Survive in space download for mac. You can upload a larger image if you want to ensure that your banner looks crisp at most resolutions. The important thing to remember is that the image should have an aspect ratio of 76:21.

The image you upload is meant to be a backdrop and it should convey what your overall store or brand is about.

Zazzle Logo Maker

If you’re lacking inspiration on what imagery to feature, think about showing an array of your products or use an image that lends texture or represents the emotions or feelings you want to conjure up when people think of either you or your store.

The design should not contain your logo or the name of your store; it’s already being added in by our template. We also advise against using text of any kind in your banner. Text cannot be translated and, depending on where the text is positioned, it may be cutoff or hidden if the viewer is using a high resolution display.

Because we’re using responsive web design in building your storefronts and profiles, your banner will fluidly change and respond to fit any screen or device size. Your banner will also adapt in size when your browser window is either expanded or made smaller. This is another reason to avoid including text or other important information in your banner, as it may not be visible as the banner automatically adjusts.

Banner image with browser window at 1200px wide:

Same banner image with browser window at 1900px wide:

The darker gradient along the bottom of the banner is also automatically added so that your logo and store name stand apart and are more visible against the background you’ve chosen.

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If you’re not happy with your banner at any time, you can always update it by pressing the ‘Update Banner’ button. This button only comes into view when you roll your cursor onto the banner itself. This button will not appear in ‘preview’ mode.

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Good luck with your banners and we’re excited to see all the personality and flair that comes out in your designs!